Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 590


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After setting up this age line, Dumbledore officially announced that today’s dinner is over.

Karkaroff and Maxime were worried about checking Dumbledore’s magic before leaving, until they confirmed that the effect of the age line was exactly similar to what the old professor said, and that they were so powerful that they couldn’t even crack them, so they left with confidence.

As soon as the headmasters left, the auditorium suddenly became very noisy, and everyone was talking about the Goblet of Fire and the champion candidates placed on the high platform…

“I was still thinking about who is responsible for the selection of champions this morning. It would be bad if Professor Dumbledore came to choose the people himself. Didn’t expect is just an age line!” Fred’s eyes beamed, confident Speaking full, he thought that a rigid identification magic impossible could stop him.

“Yes! It seems that the ageing agent we prepared in advance is going to work!” George was also very happy. Fortunately, he made a bottle of ageing agent a few days ago. Busy preparation, it must be too late!

After the two were happy for a while, they did not forget to share their joy with Ivan.

“I think it’s not that easy to cross the age line set by the professor…” Seeing the excitement of the brothers, Ivan politely exhorted them. Put the beard.

“Really? Then wait and see tomorrow, this method must work!” George and Fred De did not pay attention to Ivan’s remarks at all, and said with confidence. They thought Ivan would not use this method, but One less competitor.

Ivan shook the head secretly and stopped talking to persuade him. Anyway, Dumbledore didn’t attach any destructive magic to the age line. Even if the attempt failed, he would suffer that’s all.

Thinking of this, Ivan turned his head and looked at the Goblet of Fire on the high platform. He had some ideas to break the age limit. I don’t know if it will work…

But thinking about it, Ivan not at all plans to start trying immediately.

There are too many people here now. If his method is successful, others will follow suit. It is equivalent to slap Dumbledore in the face in public—know that the old professor just finished setting up the Flag!

Ivan wondered if it would be better to sneak over in the middle of the night, so that no one would see it in case of failure!

“Let’s go, don’t look, let’s go back to the common room!”

Based on this, Ivan pulled up Hermione, Harry and Ron who had missed Goblet of Fire, left the auditorium together and walked towards the common room of Gryffindor.

Along the way, Harry and Ron were discussing how to break through the age line set by Dumbledore. If they think George’s method is useful, they can try it when the time comes.

As he approached the door of the common room, Ron curiously asked if Ivan had any good ideas.

“Who knows, I don’t have any clues yet, maybe I will think of a way later!” Ivan shrugged, half true half false said.

“Then if you think of something, remember to tell me…” Ron said distressedly, and he thought he might have gone wrong.

Harry was more shy and didn’t feel embarrassed to speak like Ron did, but his eyes were fixed on Ivan.

“Have you forgotten? What I can do doesn’t mean you can do it!” Ivan glanced at them and said helplessly.

Harry and Ron opened their mouths to say something, but when they remembered the homework of the Defense Against the Dark Arts class, they shut up.

“Ivan, Harry, Ron! You guys don’t waste your time, Professor Dumbledore said that less than 17 years old is absolutely impossible to cross that line!” Hermione unable to bear interrupted the discussion. .

Compared to Harry and the others who fantasizes about winning the Triwizard Cup and bringing glory and bonuses, Little Witch is keenly aware of the dangers of this game.

Especially when I heard that many people died in the Triwizard Tournament in previous years, Hermione felt even more disturbed.

Although she knows Ivan’s magic level is very high, she still can’t help but worry a little.

Now that Ivan is so keen on becoming a champion, Hermione naturally wants to stop it.

It was so noisy and arguing for a long time, and only after returning to their respective dormitories did they stop.

“By the way, Ron, don’t you like Krum and Fleur? Then you plan to compete?” When I was about to go to bed, Ivan suddenly thought of something and looked towards Ron curiously and asked.

“Fleur? Who is that?” Ron didn’t answer for a moment, but asked strangely.

Hermione is not there, and Ivan doesn’t bother to pretend that he doesn’t understand Fleur, and speak casually. “Of course it is the girl from Beauxbatons. I asked someone to find out. It looks like she should be a half-veela…”

“Veela? I know, no wonder she is so beautiful…” Ron muttered to himself.

However, after a brief stupefaction, Ron quickly recovered, he looked towards Ivan and said hesitantly. “Even if I like Fu… What does Krum have to do with becoming a champion?”

“I think they should be the best students of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. They will most likely become the champions of their respective schools.” Ivan reminded him that he was very curious that Ron would do in front of idols, Goddess and his own glory. What kind of choice.

Ron was stunned, he had never thought of this, but he had to admit that what Ivan said was very likely to happen, and he fell into entanglement for a while.

His adoration of Krum is true, and his fascination with Fleur is also true, but Ron can’t let go of the honor and bonus that Goblet of Fire brings.

Seeing that Ron was really thinking about it, Ivan scratched his head, he was just joking.

“Forget it…you think about it slowly, I’ll go to bed first!” Ivan yawned tiredly, ignored Ron, and lay on the bed with the quilt and was ready to go to sleep.

He has to get up in the middle of the night to do things, so he has to rest early today.

Just as Ivan was sleeping in a daze, he suddenly felt that someone was shaking himself. He encouraged his eyes to open, only to realize that it was Ron.

At this time, Ron has a determined expression, as if he had just made a difficult trade-off, his voice became a little hoarse “I have already thought about it, Ivan! For the sake of Hogwarts’ honor, even Krum and Fleur have become champions, and I will never let them!”

After several hours of deliberation, Ron believes that concession is the performance of the cowardly. Only by just and honorable defeating the opponent and winning the Goblet of Fire can we win the respect of the idol, the favor of Goddess and the 1000 gold Galleon bonus !

Ivan expression looked at Ron weirdly, resisting the desire to complain, and said earnestly.

“Go to sleep, you have everything in your dreams!”

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