Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 591


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In the middle of the night, in the Gryffindor bedroom, Ivan quietly turned up from the bed, glanced at Harry and the others who were still sleeping, opened the door gently, and walked towards the auditorium.

As he thought, at this point in time, the silent auditorium was empty.

The door is open, and the young wizards who tried to get up in the middle of the night to throw papers like their own thoughts have already come.

In Ivan’s entrance, all around looked a little dark. The only light source was the large goblet placed on the high platform, and blue and white flames were constantly spitting out from the mouth of the cup.

“Try the easiest first!” Walking straight to the edge of the age line, Ivan thought to himself, took out a piece of parchment with the name written in advance from his pocket, and then crumpled the paper into Tuan, aimed at the mouth of the cup.

The distance of three meters is not too far. Ivan is still very confident of his quasi-head, so he just threw the paper ball in his hand.

The ball of paper was spinning in the air away from the hand, and it passed the age line very smoothly and fell into the blue and white flames.

Just when Ivan thought he was going to succeed, the flames suddenly rose, lifted the ball of paper, and finally deflected and fell to the ground.

“Well, it doesn’t seem to work!” Seeing this scene, Ivan touched his chin and muttered to himself.

However, Ivan didn’t care too much about this defeat. He waved wand and cast the Accio curse summon Goblet of Fire, but the cup was completely motionless. He had to recall the ball of paper that had fallen on the ground first, and continued to try other methods.

For example, use Transfiguration Spell to make an owl flying through the air with a note.

Unfortunately, Ivan soon discovered that the changed owl couldn’t even break through the age line. No matter how high it flies, as long as it enters the age line, it will be shaken by a magic power.

The rest of the attempts also ended in failure. Even if he tried several times to make the paper ball fall into the Goblet of Fire, it would be quickly thrown out by the blue and white flame.

Obviously, in addition to the age line set by the old professor, Goblet of Fire itself has also been given a recognition magic. The high probability is that the paper that people put into the Goblet of Fire will be accepted. Other creatures will not work.

Ivan even suspects that must personally put his name in it.

Don’t look at Barty Jr. -Crouch in the original time and space who signed up for him without Harry’s consent, but this guy will be a kind of strong efficacy Confundus Charm. Even the number of participating schools can be changed. It is not difficult for Goblet of Fire to mistake him for Harry.

“This is deliberately embarrassing me!” Ivan muttered to himself.

The age line with the recognition ability of Goblet of Fire is really tricky, and it is difficult to perform magic on a powerful magic item at a distance of three meters.

He originally expected Dumbledore to leave some obvious loopholes for himself to drill, but he didn’t expect the old professor to be so cruel, he blocked all the paths he thought of.

Thinking of this, Ivan frowned involuntarily, is it possible that you want to apply for help?

The way he can think of now is to find a powerful adult wizard, such as Professor McGonagall, let her impose Confundus Charm on Goblet of Fire and put her name in it-just like Barty Jr. -Crouch Do that.

However, Ivan feels that according to Professor McGonagall’s staid temperament, she will only give herself some advice at best, and I am afraid that she will not be able to help cheating directly.

Tap Tat Tau…

Just as Ivan was thinking about it, there was a sudden sound of footsteps outside the door.

Someone is here? Ivan thoughts move, looked back, then took out wand and nodded on his chest, muttering softly.

“DisillusionmentCharm~(Disillusionment Charm)”

A cool, water-like film suddenly enveloped the whole body, and Ivan’s silhouette disappeared in place.

The sound of footsteps outside the door is getting closer.

After a while, a wizard who looked 17-18 years old stepped into the auditorium. He wore a nightgown and looked around carefully, and saw that there was no one in the dim auditorium. This was relaxed and hesitant. Walk towards Goblet of Fire.

Ivan, who is invisible, holds wand and stares at each other’s every move.

To come here at this time, there are usually only two possibilities.

The first is that I want to participate in the top three but I am not confident about my ability and worry about being laughed at, so I only dared to secretly put my name into Goblet of Fire in the middle of the night.

The second is to do things, controlled by Voldemort and want to do something on Goblet of Fire, or which Death Eater came in under the guise of infiltrate.

Ivan quickly ruled out the second option, because the young wizard did not at all perform extraneous actions. After standing in front of the Goblet of Fire for a long time, he hesitated and took out a sheet with the name written on it. The parchment paper was thrown into the Goblet of Fire.

The blue and white flame immediately engulfed the parchment, which means that his identity as a champion candidate was recognized by the Goblet of Fire.

After finishing all this, the young wizard seemed to have laid down some burdens, slowly relaxed, and then prepared to leave with anxiety and expectation.

Perhaps because he was too anxious when he turned around, the young wizard accidentally bumped into the table in front, knocked his thigh on the sharp corner, and he gasped in pain.

The Goblet of Fire placed on the table was also affected and shook slightly.

Ivan, who was observing in the dark, was keenly aware of this, and his eyes lit up. Goblet of Fire seemed not at all to be fixed magic by Dumbledore!

Does that mean…

Ivan had an idea in his mind, and cancelled the Disillusionment Charm on his body, blocked the door, and greeted enthusiastically.

“Good evening, senior!”

“Who?” A person suddenly appeared in the dark, quiet auditorium, frightening the wizard.

With a brush, he took out the wand that was pinned to his waist, tremblingly pointed to the front, and after seeing Ivan’s face clearly, he asked uncertainly.

“Are you…Wrahles? Why are you here?”

“Do you know me?” Ivan raised his eyebrows, a little surprised. He didn’t know him.

“Of course! You are the pride of our Gryffindor… We haven’t had a house cup for many years before you came to school. Every year Slytherin crushes us, and Quiddich…” the young wizard said excitedly Follow Ivan’s past deeds.

“The ability to win the house cup is the result of the joint efforts of everyone in Gryffindor. I just did something that should be done.” Ivan said modestly.

“By the way, I want you to do me a favor? Can you?” Ivan asked with a smile. He didn’t expect the other party to be suspicious of his admirer, which is much easier.

“What is busy?” The young wizard was stunned, looking a little at a loss.

Ivan pointed his finger at Goblet of Fire on the high table, and spoke. “Very simple, take that cup over! I want to register for the competition!”

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