Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 592


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“Are you going to compete?” The young wizard looked at Ivan curiously, then suddenly realized something, and said in surprise. “Wrahles, have you found a way to break the age limit?”

“No, I’m not at all to crack it… but it doesn’t prevent me from participating in the competition, does it?” Ivan shook the head, said with a smile.

The young wizard is completely confused and doesn’t understand what Ivan means. If you want to participate, you must cross the age line and cast your name in…

Wait for the age line…

At this time, the young wizard remembered that Ivan’s previous request was to let himself take out the Goblet of Fire!

“This…this is okay?” The young wizard cry out in surprise of Unable to Bear.

“Try to understood it?” Ivan pointed to the Goblet of Fire on the table and said.

Although it is only a guess, he is 80-90% sure that it will work.

At the evening banquet, Ivan didn’t see Dumbledore performing magic other than the age line.

“Then I will give it a try!” The young wizard clicked nodded, ran to the side of Goblet of Fire quickly, stretched out his hand with a hint of anxiety, and took the Goblet of Fire very smoothly. stand up.

“It’s too easy!” The young wizard held this huge goblet and crossed the age line set by Dumbledore, his excited voice trembling. “I can’t believe it, we cracked the magic of Professor Dumbledore.”

“It’s just a trick that’s all! I can’t do it, I can only use my brain!” Ivan laughed, which is a misunderstanding of thinking.

Because of the words the old professor said at the banquet, most people will focus on how to cross the age line, but they will not think that Goblet of Fire can actually be taken out!

While speaking, Ivan unfolded the parchment in his hand and put it into Goblet of Fire. This time the blue and white flame not at all threw the paper out, but directly swallowed it in.

“You are so smart, Wrahles!” The young wizard said admiringly as he watched Ivan successfully compete.

He is not at all because of the simplicity of this method. If it weren’t for Ivan’s reminder, he would not have thought of this.

As for whether Ivan will become his own competitor after running for the election, the young wizard doesn’t care. He knows that he has little hope of becoming a champion, otherwise he won’t sneak over in the middle of the night.

I just worry about being seen by others and laugh at him overestimate one’s capabilities.

After successfully putting his name into Goblet of Fire, Ivan did not forget to remind the young wizard to keep it secret. If this method is spread, a large number of young wizards will follow suit and cause chaos in the auditorium.

In that case, Professor Dumbledore will surely trouble them!

【Ding, a new mission has been generated! 】

Just as Ivan was thinking about it, the system prompt sounded through his mind.

Ivan hurriedly opened the task list and took a look. As he thought, this time it was about Goblet of Fire!

[Task: Defeat Goblet of Fire

Task objective: Participate in the Triwizard Tournament and win the championship!

Task reward: legendary value*3

Task description: This is a major event jointly organized by the three major magic schools in Europe. The selected champion will go through many tests until it wins!

Mission note: You are keenly aware that this is an excellent opportunity to become famous throughout Europe…]

Looking at the new mission, Ivan couldn’t help being moved.

How long has it been?

Finally there is a task that looks normal!

Not to mention that this time the reward is still very rich, three legendary points!

As long as it is completed, plus the remaining legendary points from last school year, he can immediately perform the fourth Bloodline fusion.


2nd day, Saturday morning, Ivan took a good rest, and slept until ten o’clock before waking up from bed. After a brief wash, he walked slowly towards the auditorium.

Before stepping into the hall, Ivan heard a loud noise coming from inside, and then two familiar silhouettes flew from the front and fell heavily on the floor in front of him.

The dull sound of landing makes it hurt even to hear it.

“George, Fred…Good morning, the way you say hello today is really special!” Ivan looked at the Weasley brothers who were lying on the ground and moaning in pain. He immediately understood what was going on and smiled. teased.

“Hi, Ivan, good morning!” George got up from the ground with difficulty, touched his still aching shoulder, and grinned in response.

Fred on the other side was also ready to speak, but before he could speak, a burst of azure smoke appeared on his chin, and a large thick white beard suddenly grew out of a sudden.

“My God, Fred, you have a beard!” George witnessed this magical scene with his own eyes, and curiously stretched out his hand and grabbed it, and then discovered that this should be a real beard, not a blind trick.

“Hiss~Can’t you be lighter? Don’t you do the same?” Fred De slapped George’s hand angrily, and saw George grow a beard like himself, he immediately reached out and grabbed it, wanting revenge come back.

The two quickly became a group.

“I should have reminded you, Mr. Weasley!”

Just then, a low, amused voice came from behind them.

Ivan turned his head and looked over, Dumbledore was walking out of the auditorium.

The arrogant George and Fred stopped hurriedly, appearing somewhat guilty.

Dumbledore not at all meant to punish them, looking at the new look of the two with interest, eyes gleaming.

“I suggest you both go to Ms Pomfrey. She is already taking care of Fawcett Young Lady in Ravenclaw and Mr. Summers in Hufflepuff. They are also determined to increase their age like you. a little.”

“But I must say, their beards are far less beautiful than yours!” Dumbledore said jokingly, then looked towards Ivan again.

At the banquet in the auditorium last night, he saw that Ivan intends to become the champion of Hogwarts and participate in this year’s Triwizard Cup.

Dumbledore has no objection to this.

As a headmaster, he naturally hopes that the champion representing Hogwarts can beat the other two magic schools in the competition and win honor for Hogwarts.

So when arranging the age line, he deliberately left a weak spot that is hard to find. He intends to wait for Ivan to think and meditate to no avail and ask McGonagall for help, and then relay it to the other party through McGonagall so that Ivan can crack it in public. .

This not only convinces the public, makes those young wizards who are not enough age speechless, but also silences Maxime and Karkaroff.

But now that the plan has not yet been implemented, Dumbledore is surprised to find that Ivan’s face is not half of the expression of confusion and distress he envisioned, but rather relaxed, as if he was confident.

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