Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 594


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In order to welcome Halloween, the entire auditorium was decorated with a dark and terrifying look.

A large group of black bats wandered around in midair with pumpkin lanterns in their mouths, and the bright candlelights became much dimmed. Ghosts that are usually hard to meet have popped up and passed by young wizards. Say hello.

The long tables of the four houses are already full of people. The Goblet of Fire, which was originally placed in the middle of the high platform, was moved to a place not far from the teachers’ bench.

The young wizards each and everyone in the audience were fidgeting, whispering something, their eyes constantly turning to Dumbledore sitting on the teacher’s bench, anxiously waiting for the moment when the champion candidate was announced.

After Ivan sat down, Hermione asked curiously.

“Ivan, what is Professor McGonagall doing with you?”

“Let me help decorate the castle!” Ivan replied casually.

Harry and Ron on the side also approached. They were curious whether they had crossed the age line set by Professor Dumbledore.

“How should I put it, I signed up last night!” Considering that the results will be announced soon, Ivan told the truth, and then he continued without waiting for the excited two to speak.

“You slept too hard in the middle of the night, and I can’t wake you up. Goblet of Fire needs to vote in person. I can’t do it even if I want to help you…”

Ivan’s explanation successfully blocked Ron’s mouth, but Ron still complained in his heart that Ivan was really not friends enough, and even if such an important thing was deadlifted, they had to be pulled over.

Harry was also somewhat disappointed, but soon adjusted his mindset.

Though he often imagines in his heart the scene where he will become champion and win the championship these days, he also knows that his abilities are not enough. Being champion will probably only embarrass Hogwarts.

While several people were talking, the originally noisy hall suddenly became quiet. Ivan looked towards the stage and found that Dumbledore had stood up from the position of the teacher’s bench.

This means that it is time to announce the results!

The young wizards in the audience looked around, and even Ivan was a little nervous.

Dumbledore walked to the table where the Goblet of Fire was placed, looked at the clock on the wall, looked around the crowd and said.

“Probably a little while! Before the official announcement of the results, I have to say one more thing-after the name of the champion is announced, I hope they will walk to the top of the auditorium, walk along the staff desk, and enter the next door That room… they will get preliminary guidance there!”

Dumbledore pointed to the door behind the instructor’s desk and gestured. Seeing that everyone was listening, he clicked nodded with satisfaction, took out the wand from his arms, and waved it sharply.

In an instant, all around went dark. Except for the candles in the pumpkin lanterns, the rest of the candles went out, and the auditorium fell into a half-bright and half-dark state.

Correspondingly, the flames of Goblet of Fire strung together quickly, turning into a dazzling crimson, and the fire star of the crackle splashed and spewed out a piece of charred parchment.

Dumbledore reached out his hand to take it, took a look, and pronounced the above loudly.

“Durmstrang’s Champion-Viktor ·Krum!”

Slytherin’s seats rang out with a particularly warm cheers, and many people applauded on the long tables of other houses. They are all loyal Krum fans.

For example, Ron seemed very excited. He was so excited when he heard Dumbledore say Krum, as if he had read his own name.

Dumbledore raised his palm and pressed it down. When the applause and conversation subsided, another piece of parchment flew out under the thrust of the flame and fell onto Dumbledore’s hand.

“Beauxbatons’ Champion-Fleur Delacour!” Dumbledore yelled.

Fleur’s face was full of smiles, and she stood up from the long table in Ravenclaw gracefully, and the boys in the auditorium applauded warmly.

A few seconds later, the fireworks of Goblet of Fire turned red again, and the fire star burst out.

The young wizards in the audience looked at the goblet nervously and excitedly. They all knew it was the Hogwarts champion’s turn next!

The third piece of parchment quickly flew out.

“Hogwarts’s champion–” Dumbledore said loudly, his face showing a surprised look just right, his gaze turned to Gryffindor’s long table, and he said word by word.

“Ivan -Wrahles!”

Under the focal point of ten thousands, Ivan Shi Shiran stood up and gestured to all around nodded.

The noisy auditorium suddenly became silent, and the young wizards present stared at Ivan with wonder, doubt, and respect.

Fleur and Krum, who have not yet walked out of the auditorium, also stopped and turned their heads.

“Wait…” Karkaroff patted the table and got up from his seat, looked at Ivan and then glared at Dumbledore. “Albus, if I remember correctly, according to the regulations, the candidate for champion should be an adult wizard over 17 years old, not a 14-year old kid!”

“Don’t be impatient, Karkaroff, you remember correctly… As for why this happens, then I have to ask Mr. Wrahles!” Dumbledore said with interest.

Although he knew that McGonagall had already approached Ivan and should know how Ivan crossed the age line, Dumbledore never asked.

The unknown is sometimes a pleasure.

Ivan can’t see the slightest panic on his face, he replied with expression freely.

“That’s because I wrote my name and the school I represented on a piece of parchment, and invested it in Goblet of Fire within the specified time.

Obviously, Goblet of Fire recognized me as the best student among all the candidates, and I deserve to be the champion of Hogwarts! “

Ivan’s words are undoubtedly a bit arrogant, which made many senior students glared at them, but they couldn’t refute them, and they were aggrieved for a while.

“We’re not asking this, Mr. Wrahles, you haven’t answered how you crossed that age line!” Karkaroff frowns asked reluctantly. He suspected that Dumbledore secretly opened the back door for Ivan.

The young wizards in the auditorium were also curious, each and everyone stared at Ivan, waiting for his answer.

“No, you misunderstood, I can’t crack the magic of Professor Dumbledore!” Ivan shook the head, faithfully replied.

There was an uproar on the field. This time not only Karkaroff, but also Maxime stood up and questioned Ivan’s cheating to obtain the championship place. Many young wizards who failed the election were also afraid to cancel Ivan’s champion status. !

Faced with the people’s doubts, Ivan remained calm and composed. He pointed to the Goblet of Fire on the high platform and said.

“Who said you must crack the age line to put your name in? Just ask a student who meets the conditions to take out the Goblet of Fire?”

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