Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 595


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“Professor, you told us that those who want to participate must write their name and school on a piece of parchment and put it in Goblet of Fire. I have done it!”

Ivan looked towards Dumbledore and finally added. “At the banquet last night, you didn’t say at all that the Goblet of Fire could not be taken out, did you? I personally reported the name according to the entry method you gave, should this count?”

This…this also works?

The young wizards in this remark couldn’t help feeling a bit ridiculous. They thought about it for a whole day, and they used all kinds of methods, but there was nothing to do with that age line, but Ivan was so easy to get around!

George and Fred De are even more pounding, annoyed that they hadn’t thought of this method in the first place.

Karkaroff and Maxime are a bit difficult to accept, but after thinking about it, I have to admit that Ivan’s method can indeed avoid restrictions.

They extremely suspect that this obvious loophole was specifically reserved by Dumbledore for Ivan to use in the competition.

But when the two looked towards Dumbledore, they found that the centenarian’s face was also full of consternation, and it didn’t look like it was pretending.

It took a long time for Dumbledore to react, speaking annoyedly. “This is indeed my omission…”

“Professor, my magic level is far inferior to yours, so I can only play some tricks!” Ivan humbly replied.

“This is not a shameful thing, Wrahles! Wisdom is also important to the wizard! Speaking of which you have taught us all… Sometimes the strength of power is not the decision The key.” Dumbledore looked towards the young wizards under the stage, and said with emotion.

Karkaroff and Maxime watched the two sing together as if they were acting. They were furious, but even if they were not happy, they could only hold them in their hearts.

Because the method was thought of by Ivan himself, it can be regarded as breaking the limit set by Dumbledore in a sense.

Plus the rules that cannot be changed after Goblet of Fire’s champion is confirmed, they are all clear, so no amount of refutation is meaningless.

pa pa pa …

Just when everyone was silent, a round of applause came from the Ravenclaw long table, Ivan turned his head, and suddenly found that it was Luna who was applauding.

Little witch is still so maverick today, with a large chain of wine stopper necklaces hanging around her neck, wand is so casually pinned behind her ears, it looks weird, so that the people next to it are deliberately A distance from her.

Just after Luna’s sudden applause, as if contagious, sparse applause soon sounded everywhere in the auditorium.

First Hermione, then Dumbledore, Harry, Seamus…the applause in the auditorium became louder and louder, and finally everyone clapped.

Most of the students put aside their prejudices and recognized the identity of Ivan champion, many of them shouted booingly.

“Awesome, Wrahles, I knew that age line must not be difficult for you!”

“The champion of Hogwarts, the hero of Gryffindor!”


The applause and cheers in the auditorium made Ivan sighed in relief. He knew that he had gained the approval of everyone.

This is also the reason why he deliberately asked questions in the auditorium yesterday, just to build momentum so that everyone knows that he intends to participate. When he becomes champion, he will not be as abrupt as Harry in the original time and space, and can minimize the voice of opposition. .

After making a noise for a while, Dumbledore coughed slightly, interrupting the harmonious atmosphere, and he said loudly.

“Well, it’s not too late to celebrate later. Now that our three champions have been selected, please follow the previous arrangement…”

Dumbledore hadn’t finished speaking, and the Goblet of Fire next to him suddenly changed. The long tongue of fire rose to a height of half a meter, and a piece of parchment with its charred corners slowly fell from the air.

The sudden change attracted the attention of young wizards to the past.

Isn’t the selection of champions over? Why is there still paper coming out.

Ivan immediately thought of something. He swept his gaze to the teacher’s bench, staring at Moody and Stinchcombe-Crouch, but couldn’t find any weak spots on their faces.

Dumbledore subconsciously grabbed the parchment and glanced at it. His expression became very serious. He looked at it carefully and confirmed that it was correct before reading it out loud.

“The fourth champion-Harry-Potter!”

After Dumbledore pronounced his name, everyone was shocked. The auditorium was quieter than when Ivan was elected just now, and everyone didn’t understand why the fourth champion appeared.

As the person involved, Harry was even more stunned. His brain was blank. He wondered if he had misheard, or he was just dreaming…

“It’s not fair, it’s cheating. Only one contestant is allowed in a school!” Karkaroff was completely angry. He hit the table in front of him with a punch, and the violent voice recalled in the auditorium.

“I need an explanation, Dumbledore!” Maxime said angrily with a blue face.

If Ivan is not old enough to forcefully participate in the Triwizard Tournament and is still within their tolerance, then the two champions in Hogwarts now appear unacceptable!

Dumbledore ignored their questioning, but calmly looked towards Harry and asked. “Have you put your name in Goblet of Fire? Harry?”

“No, Professor, I didn’t put my name in, and I don’t know why this happened…” Harry shook the head quickly, explaining anxiously.

However, Harry’s explanation was too pale, and almost no one wanted to believe it. All kinds of questioning eyes made him very uncomfortable.

He turned his head in a panic to ask his friends for help, “Ron, Hermione, you should know that I stayed with you all the time last night, and today is the whole day, I don’t have time to put my name in. !”

Hermione clicked nodded and explained a few words to testify to Harry, but unfortunately not many people listened.

Ron was a little absent-minded and kept pouting his mouth without speaking.

“Enough, don’t explain! Who knows if you guys are in collusion…” Karkaroff yelled and interrupted Harry and the others, then looked towards Ivan again, with chills in his eyes.

“And here is another person who can compete against the rules, isn’t he? Who knows if he threw someone’s name in!”

“I don’t do this. The previous Triwizard Tournament tournaments are very dangerous. I’m impossible to let friends who are not strong enough to take risks!” Ivan retorted.

Afterwards, Ivan looked at Karkaroff sarcastically, without any mercy.

“In addition, please use your mind to think about it. There are many students who have put their names into Goblet of Fire, but the candidates for the champion are fixed. It doesn’t make sense to choose four champions. It should be someone What did things move…”

“Goblet of Fire is a very powerful magic item. Don’t you think two 14-year-old children can do this?”


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