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Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 601


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“Excuse me, please spread out!” Cedric turned his head and said to the young wizard gathered in the vicinity.

Everyone retreats very wisely, and no one wants to be affected by the battle between the two.

However, none of them left, and they were all curious about who could win this duel.

“Hermione, you will be the referee!” Ivan said.

Little witch seemed a little worried. The professors would deduct points for a duel in the auditorium, but at Ivan’s request, Hermione walked to the side and started to bow the two according to the duel process, and then read it out loud. The countdown.


Hermione waved her right arm.

Cedric on the field immediately took a few steps back at the fastest speed, and at the same time tapped his chest with wand, and said.


The invisible magic power shield surrounds the body, protecting Cedric.

This is the Shield Charm that he mastered after hard practice last year. It allows people to have no disadvantages in the duel and take the lead!

It’s just different from what Cedric had imagined. Ivan not at all immediately launched an attack, just standing still looking at him, holding the wand lightly with his right hand without any movement.


This was the first reaction that came to Cedric’s mind, but he quickly put this idea behind him. He had heard a lot of rumors about Ivan in school, and the other party would never be so embarrassed!

Apart from this, only possible is contempt!

The opponent may simply not put himself in his eyes, so he will appear so light in the battle…

Thinking of this, Cedric couldn’t help being a little angry, for the first time he was looked down upon like this!

“Expelliarmus~ (Expelliarmus)” Cedric quickly pulled out wand, pointed at Ivan, and shouted loudly, and crimson’s beam flew out from the top of wand.

The distance between the two parties was less than four meters, and the beam of light almost jumped!

At this time, Ivan slowly pointed wand at him, and without seeing him chanting the spell, the scarlet’s beam bounced back at a faster speed. Cedric’s body had already made an evasive action, but couldn’t dodge it.

Fortunately, the Shield Charm released earlier played a role at this time and resisted the attack this time.

But Cedric didn’t relax at all, his heart directly mentioned his throat, because the 2nd spell beam was already in front of his eyes, directly breaking open the magic power shield that had just been weakened, and hit him firmly.

Does he not have to chant a spell?

At the critical juncture, Cedric’s face suddenly changed, and he was very puzzled. He didn’t hear Ivan chanting the spell from beginning to end, only vaguely saw Ivan wave wand twice.

The thoughts in his mind flashed, and at the next moment, Cedric felt his body fly out, embarrassedly bumped into the long table of the Hufflepuff house behind, sweeping the empty plates and candlesticks on the table to the ground.

At the same time, the wand in Cedric’s hands also got out of his hands, spinning in midair, and finally fell into Ivan’s hands.

The students who were watching were stunned and watched this scene in disbelief.

They might have thought that Cedric would eventually lose because of a loss to Ivan, but they didn’t expect the battle to end so quickly. The moment of the official engagement, Cedric was knocked out!

In the crowd, Krum and Fleur also looked at Cedric who fell on the long table with amazement. Compared with most unseen young wizards, they saw too much from this short battle.

Especially Ivan’s silent and instant magic twice made them feel extremely shocked.

Use spell silently? !

Fleur thinks so, in the heart chanting the spell silently and releasing the magic. She can also do it, but she usually needs to maintain a very focused state, and the preparation time is longer than the chanting!

However, Ivan was obviously not the case when using spell just now. It was very easy to write, and after releasing the protection spell, he silently cast the Disarming Charm again for a while, which does not meet the characteristics of silent use spell that needs to be prepared in advance. .

Unless, the other party uses a more high-end use spell technique!

But how is this possible?

If you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes, Fleur would never believe that this is what a Fourth Year young wizard can do…

“Cedric, are you okay?” Hufflepuff’s young wizards stepped forward anxiously to help Cedric up after a brief stupor.

A few people still stand in front of Ivan, seemingly to prevent Ivan from doing anything to Cedric.

Ivan scratched his head, feeling whether he was too heavy to start, but he really wanted to speak of which he had already kept his hand, and gave Cedric a chance to shoot first, so that the opponent would not be too embarrassed.

At this time, Cedric stood up with the support of everyone, but his face looked very pale, and the gaze looking towards Ivan was full of complex colors.

He didn’t think he would lose so thoroughly, he couldn’t even make a little resistance!

More excited than Cedric is the young wizards of Hufflepuff. They came to contain Ivan with great enthusiasm just to prove that Cedric is the real champion!

Now that their pride in Hufflepuff is so easily defeated, most people find it difficult to accept the result.

Some people even think that Ivan is cheating, or that Cedric did not perform well. They are clamoring for another comparison!

Listening to these people, Ivan frowned, then looked towards Cedric. “Why, do you plan to compare with me again?”

“No, no need to compare, I lost! I don’t think there will be any change in the result even if I try it a few more times…” Cedric rubbed his still aching chest, shook the head with a wry smile.

“By the way, I didn’t hear you chanting a spell just now. Have you been able to use spell without a spell?” Cedric expression grave asked. He, like Fleur and Krum, couldn’t believe a Fourth Year young. Wizard can be such a high-end skill.

“So, you came at an untimely time, I just practiced this time!” Ivan clicked nodded.

Since Nicholas Flamel learned about the mystery of magic, he has been trying the spellless use spell technique for this period of time.

For those frequently used magic, Ivan has been able to smoothly release without cursing, that is, the power of magic will be weakened a lot, at most, it will be used to abuse vegetables or beat opponents by surprise in official battles.

“Amazing!” After getting Ivan’s confirmation, Cedric was completely convinced, sighed and praised, then turned around again, looking towards the students gathered all around.

“It’s all gone, you should see that I am inferior to others! Ivan-Wrahles is indeed better than me to be the champion of Hogwarts!”

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