Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 602


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After Cedric spoke, Hufflepuff’s young wizard was no longer happy and had no choice.

Fleur and Krum saw that there was no excitement to watch, so they turned and left, but both seemed a little worried because they found that Ivan’s magic level was higher than they expected.

“I’m sorry, it took you some time, Wrahles!” Cedric said apologetically.

“It’s nothing, I also benefited a lot from fighting you just now…” Ivan shook the head. Cedric confessed that he was a little surprised by the loss, so he casually said something greeted.

It was only after speaking that Ivan realized that his words were wrong, as if he was a bit mocking the other person.

After all, the battle is over in an instant, there is no benefit at all…

“In short… I hope you can successfully win the championship on behalf of our Hogwarts!” Cedric said with a wry smile, and then greeted the young wizards of Hufflepuff to leave with him.

At this time, the young wizards around Gryffindor gathered together excitedly, and George patted Ivan on the shoulder, looking very excited.

“Ivan, you are so amazing, you defeated Cedric so easily! I want to see who dares to question our Gryffindor champion now!” George said admiringly.

Ivan was also a little happy, but not because he defeated Cedric, but because he found that the number of his followers in the taskbar had changed from four to fourteen…

This means that after the battle just now, my strength and tolerance have successfully convinced some people.

Ivan has always had a headache about how to accomplish this task, but now I have found a way, as long as I act as a multitude.

The Triwizard Tournament in the near future will be a good platform, which means that you may be able to complete your two tasks at the same time!

“What happened here? What are you all doing around here?”

Just as Ivan was thinking about getting happier, Professor McGonagall who received the news had already rushed over. As soon as she entered the hall, she saw the messy scene at the Hufflepuff long table and the Gryffindor young wizards gathered together.

“Professor, it’s like this. Just now Cedric of Hufflepuff insisted on a duel with Ivan in the auditorium…” Seamus hurriedly explained.

Of course, he is on Ivan’s side, all kinds of cheering and jealousy wanting to shift the responsibility to Cedric.

Although it is true…

“Even so, you shouldn’t agree to a duel with him, Wrahles! Especially since you can’t fight in the auditorium, and you have broken so many things… Hufflepuff and Gryffindor deduct 10 points!” Professor McGonagall was very dissatisfied. As he said, he waved wand to repair the broken candlestick and round basin.

Gryffindor’s young wizards are a bit angry, and it’s Hufflepuff who is obviously the one to blame. Why do they want to deduct points?

Ivan doesn’t care, he can see that Professor McGonagall is already show mercy, and it is the most basic to change to the usual 20 points deduction!

After restoring the broken objects, Professor McGonagall stopped mentioning the duel, but looked towards Ivan and spoke.

“Wrahles, Headmaster Dumbledore, let me tell you that Mr. Crouch and Mr. Bagman will give the champions preliminary guidance in the next cubicle in the afternoon… Don’t miss the time!”

“I will go, professor!” Ivan replied.

McGonagall clicked nodded, then looked away from Ivan and turned to the others. “Well, what are you still gathering here to do, do you have anything else to do today?”

Under the scolding of McGonagall, the young wizards watching the excitement dispersed one after another, and Ivan was able to calm down.

He turned his head and looked at the little witch who hadn’t left. Thinking of his plan to practice Legilimens, he brace oneself asked again. “Hermione, the thing I said before… I wonder if you agree with it?”

“Is that magic that important?” Hermione pursed her lips, her expression a little disturbed.

“Yes! It’s more important!” Ivan said helpless. If it weren’t for this, he wouldn’t ask Hermione for help.

“What about the time? When do you need to practice…practice that magic?” Hermione stammered a bit.

“How about the evening? Wait for me on the roof of the tower!” Ivan thought for a while and said.

Hermione hesitated for a while, but nodded agreed.


In the afternoon, after dinner, Ivan counted the time and arrived in a compartment not far from the auditorium according to the instructions of Professor McGonagall.

Pushing open the door, Ivan found that he was the latest one to come. Fleur, Krum and the others have all arrived.

Harry was also standing aside, but his expression was not so good. Ivan knew for a moment that he must have hit a wall with Ron, and this time he didn’t win the match.

However, this is what he expected. If Ron was very caring after learning that they became champions, he would instead investigate whether Ron was controlled by someone…

After a while, Bagman and Crouch opened the curtain and walked out of the back room.

“Now that everyone has arrived, let’s officially start!” Bagman glanced at several people and said. “The First Stage competition will be held on November 24. You need to complete a task in front of all students and referees!

What I can reveal now is that this level tests your courage! I hope you can show enough courage when facing it…”

Bagman looked at the several champions in front of him with a little playfulness, talking endlessly about the various precautions of the game, but did not disclose the specific content at all, showing the curiosity of Harry and the others All hooked up.

“It’s up to you to say it, Stinchcombe!” Bagman spoke for ten minutes, consciously speaking almost, then looked back at Crouch.

“Ah? Oh! Good!” Crouch looked a little absent-minded, as if he had just awakened from a dream, he hurriedly clicked nodded, and then he was confused. “Where did you just say? Bagman?”

“What the hell is going on with you? Stinchcombe? The past few days were absent-minded?” Bagman frowns asked dissatisfiedly.

“It’s not that you don’t know, there are too many things to be busy recently… I haven’t slept well the past few days! Otherwise, it’s all up to you!” Crouch sighed and explained.

Bagman understood nodded, Crouch not only had to deal with the affairs of Goblet of Fire, but also had to take care of the troubles of the cooperation department. It was indeed very busy.

Thinking of this, Bagman no longer had trouble with Crouch, and he explained the rest of the things by himself.

Ivan secretly remembered Crouch’s aberrations in his heart, and decided to wait until he had practiced Legilimens before starting the investigation from Crouch!

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