Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 603


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The guidance to the champions lasted an afternoon, and they were not put back until the evening.

Along the way to the auditorium for dinner, Harry kept complaining that Ron didn’t listen to persuasion at all.

After a fierce quarrel in the morning, their relationship has risen from an awkward friend to the point where it is now close to breaking up.

Ivan has a helpless face. He has no good idea, he can only count on Ron to calm down for a few days and wake up himself.

After having dinner in a hurry, Ivan found an excuse to dismiss Harry, and then took Hermione onto the roof of the tower, preparing to practice magic.

Just as he had imagined before, there was no one here, and it was very quiet. At this point in time, there is no need to worry about someone coming in suddenly during the use spell.

“Do you need me to do anything?” Hermione looked a little nervous, her hands and feet cramped not knowing where to put them.

“No, don’t… Just stay where you are, stay relaxed, try not to resist, my technique may not be very skilled…” Ivan said soothingly.

Hermione was even more flustered when Ivan said this. She looked around nervously, looking for a way out.

She thought, if Ivan has to do something to herself after a while, then she will immediately run towards the door!

But Ivan’s position happens to be facing the door, and his strength is far inferior to Ivan. After thinking about it for a while, Hermione finds that his probability of leaving is minimal.

Apart from this, you can only jump directly from the tower by surprise!

But it is very high here, and there are several dozen meters away from the ground. If you can’t accurately grasp the time to release the slow fall technique, then she will definitely die!

Thinking of this, Hermione became entangled. Will she run or not?

Ivan simply didn’t know the weird idea that came up in Little Witch’s mind, but the explanation of each minding their own business.

“The spell I will use on you later is called Legilimens, which can read your current thoughts or past memories…

If you feel uncomfortable in the process of use spell, or if there is something that you don’t want me to see, resist it and I will stop immediately! “

The magic is about to be used soon, and Ivan no longer conceals the mysterious and secretive, and tells the specific situation.

“Memory?” Hermione’s expression was a bit weird, and I realized that I just wanted to cross it. The privacy Ivan said before turned out to mean this, and I was ashamed to find a place to sew in…

“What’s wrong?” Ivan was a little surprised at Hermione’s reaction.

“Nothing…” Little witch hurriedly shook the head. Seeing that Ivan didn’t seem to notice what she was thinking, she couldn’t help but relax secretly in her heart.

Only soon, Hermione thought of the curse Ivan was about to cast, her face became a little hesitant, and she asked, “Unable to bear”. “What do you do with this magic that reads memory?”

“Do you remember the guess from yesterday? I thought, just like you thought, you know who’s subordinates might have come in infiltrate, planning something by our side, just like Chino back then!” Ivan half The words true half false explained.

“So you want to learn Legilimens and tell who you know who sent it?” Hermione understood Ivan’s purpose at once, and her thoughts of rejecting Ivan became much weaker.

“Yes, that’s right!” Ivan said with a smile, then lifted wand slightly, keeping her eyes on Hermione. “Are you ready?”

Hermione took a deep breath and clicked nodded.

Legilimens is a magic. She once saw some related explanations in a book. She felt that she would only need to think about some childhood things in a while.

“Then I am coming!” Ivan waved wand to Hermione, and said softly. “Legilimency~ (Legilimens)”

Ivan’s erratic voice seemed to have some kind of magic power, Hermione’s brain became a little confused, her eyes kept facing each other with Ivan, and the memories came up like a tide.

At the same time, Ivan felt that his thoughts seemed to be sucked into the body of little witch, and scenes of fragmented memories appeared before his eyes.

The first thing that catches your eyes is a very cozy little room, with pink curtains and beds, and all around there are various plush dolls and toys.

And what attracted Ivan’s attention most was Hermione lying on the bed with a quilt, or Hermione as a child.

She seems to be only about eight-nine years old, with a pair of brown eyes very agile, listening to Mrs. Granger next to her reading a muggle fairy tale book.

When Mrs. Granger talked about Princess, when she was persecuted by her stepmother and locked up in a small dark room, little Hermione’s face was full of worried and scared expressions, her hands tightly pinched the corners of the quilt, and her body curled up as much as possible. In the quilt.

Ivan unable to bear laughed out loud. In the eyes of an onlooker, Hermione looked so cute at this time!

But as a bystander, Ivan didn’t act as if it didn’t exist, and Mrs. Granger still told the story in the book softly.

The final result is that a kind old witch uses spell to rescue Princess from the small black room. The escaped Princess meets Prince from a neighboring country, and the two live a happy life.

“Mother…in this world, is there really magic?” Little Hermione asked curiously and enviously.

Mrs. Granger laughed. There is magic in Hermione world. In fact, everyone is a wizard.

Little Hermione may have really believed it, so he also read spells indiscriminately after the wizard in the story, and looked serious.

Mrs. Granger covered her mouth and smiled.

But when Little Hermione finished reading spells, where she pointed her finger, some stuffed dolls, cups and teapots and other small objects seemed to be guided by some guidance. They were suddenly thrown into the air and hit them uncontrollably. On the ceiling, they were scattered on the ground.

One of the teapots almost hit Mrs. Granger’s head.

Little Hermione was stunned. Mrs. Granger was stared wide-eyed, and was still in shock, but she still hugged Hermione immediately to comfort her, Mr. Granger soon broke in from outside…

“Is it the explosion of the magic power of the young wizard?” Ivan muttered to himself, no wonder Hermione remembered it all the time, it was indeed impressive.

The memory came to an abrupt end here, and the memories after that were all short-lived memory fragments, all things that made Hermione very happy or very sad in life.

Ivan reviewed these memories with Hermione, sharing her joy and sorrow. This feeling is very wonderful, as if watching Hermione grow up slowly, experiencing the subtlest emotions in her heart. funeral music.

Until the day she was eleven in her memory, Hermione received the admission notice from Hogwarts…

Ivan raised his mind and was very interested. He knew that Hermione would meet him soon, so he was curious to see what he would be like from another angle…

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