Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 604

It’s a pity that everyone doesn’t seem to like to listen to her preaching, and her persuasion always ends without disease.

Even, Hermione vaguely felt that she was isolated, and the only people who could barely count as friends were Harry, Ron, Ivan, and the girls in the same bedroom.

However, things are counterproductive!

A few days later, she accidentally heard Ron’s whispers behind her back, and then she realized that her last few friends were probably just what she wished to think.

This made Hermione couldn’t hold back her emotions anymore. She hid in the girls bathroom and cried for several hours, and even missed the Halloween party.

After crying for a long time, Hermione heard a violent noise in the corridor outside. It didn’t stop for a long time. She wiped away her tears and went out, and at first glance she saw it standing in the corridor. Troll on the other end!

Before this, she had only seen this disgusting and huge monster in books, but now she appeared in front of her alive, fear made her forget to run away, only to watch Troll step by step. Step closer.

At that moment, Hermione thought she was going to die…but Ivan didn’t know where he came out, holding her to avoid the wooden stick that Troll waved…and easily used a few deformed iron thorns as traps , Successfully killed this huge monster!

Tense, hesitation, fear, gratitude, and a little inexplicable emotion filled Hermione’s mind.

Little witch wants to keep thinking about it, looking back at the scenes of her and Ivan after that, but her subconscious mind is urging her to wake up quickly…

Ivan, who watched all this simultaneously, was deeply moved. He didn’t expect himself at first to be such an image in Hermione’s mind.

Thinking about it carefully, I really meant to bully the little girl a bit and suppressed Hermione.

Of course, he didn’t mean it. In the final analysis, he earned academic points to improve his strength.

I can complete Troll within half a year of enrollment. Pre-preparation, usual practice, and reserved academic points are all indispensable!

Ivan still remembers the thrilling battle at the time. If the experience card mode is not enough, I am afraid he can only flee in a hurry.

But after looking back through Hermione’s memory, Ivan realized that from the perspective of an onlooker, he was so handsome at the time!

Whether it is a quick counterattack after rolling and dodge, or an accurate calculation of the impact of iron thorns, restricting Troll’s actions seems so perfect, in one go, a few seconds after the front and back fight, Troll has fallen on him At the feet.

Ivan is very narcissistic thinking, and at the same time experiencing the complex emotional changes of Little Witch at the time.

However, just as Ivan was looking forward to the follow-up, the dream world suddenly became very unstable, shaking like an earthquake, and finally the entire world shattered…Ivan’s consciousness was also kicked out.

When Ivan came back to his senses from the sway, the system’s beep sounded through his mind.

【Ding, after a period of practice, Legilimens’ proficiency has greatly improved, and the current Level 3 (781800)! 】

Hermione was panting heavily and sweating on her forehead. It is not easy to forcefully resist Legilimens with willpower. This is still when Ivan did not force magic, otherwise her resistance would be nothing. Meaningless.

“Hermione, are you okay?” Ivan hurriedly asked concerned about the increase in Legilimens’ proficiency without being happy.

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