Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 683


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After lunch, Harry and Ron were still guessing about Professor Moody’s movements last night, so Ivan and Hermione, who were quiet, had to hide in the library to avoid being questioned by the two.

“Shall we continue to practice magic today?” Hermione sat next to Ivan, holding a thick book, and asked.

“No, let’s read a book, I just want to find some information.” Ivan also got up and took a few books about biological transformation from the shelf on one side, and looked through it.

Because he was busy investigating the affairs of Barty Jr. and Moody, he almost forgot about it.

Fortunately, the poor Crumple-Horned Snorkack not at all starved to death. He put some grass and leaves and the corresponding drinking water in the pot in advance, enough for Little Brat to eat for a week.

After observing the past few days, Ivan has finally determined that Crumple-Horned Snorkack will never change back to its original form—it was a real biological transformation.

He tried to use the Transfiguration Spell on Crumple-Horned Snorkack again to turn it into a button.

The entire use spell process went smoothly without any obstacles. It is no different from other creatures in the past. After a while, the magic power disappears, and the button will revert back to Crumple-Horned Snorkack.

After several experiments, this poor Little Brat was made a little nervous by him. Ivan was very worried about accidentally killing him, so he let him go and didn’t continue to toss.

All afternoon, Ivan kept searching for information related to high-end deformation magic.

Since his transfiguration has been upgraded to level 7, the increase in proficiency has become like a tortoise crawl, and normal magic exercises have had little effect.

So he needs to find the key to biological transformation and understand the principle. If he can really crack it, his transfiguration may be raised to an incredible height, and the benefits it brings are self-evident. Not to mention the distance, at least he can have endless wealth.

After all, he can create creatures out of thin air. Isn’t that turning stones into gold with no difficulty?

Wait, turn the stone into gold…

Ivan touched his chin, pondered for a while, and quickly threw the book in his hand to one side, took an old book from the shelf on the other side, and opened it.

“Ivan? Are you looking for something?” Hermione also noticed Ivan’s abnormality and asked curiously.

“Do you think it is possible for the wizard to transform a piece of wood into a completely non-existent creature, creating a new species?” Ivan flipped through the book and said casually.

“How is that possible? Professor McGonagall told us at the beginning of school that magic cannot change the nature of things!” Hermione retorted, thinking that even Professor Dumbledore would not be able to do such a thing, then It’s incredible.

However, Ivan shook the head, pointing to a certain line of the page in his hand, and said with certainty. “No, it is possible! Alchemy can do similar things.”

Hermione leaned forward and took a look, and read the sentence:

“Ancient alchemy involves the refining of Philosopher’s Stone, which is a kind of God Rare Item quality with amazing functions. Among them, the most commendable effect is turning stones into gold and making immortality potion…”

“This shows that it is possible to completely transform one thing into another…at least Philosopher’s Stone can do this.” Ivan raised an eyebrow and said excitedly.

Obviously, according to the above record, Philosopher’s Stone can convert matter, and it is completely changed, otherwise it would be impossible to record such a large book.

Because a piece of gold is not at all or at worst, many wizards can use transfiguration to do this, but it is only a temporary change. It may be possible to fool the muggle. If you dare to use it in the magic circle, you must Will be caught on the spot.

Although this is a little different from my original biological transformation, both of them have completely changed the nature of matter, and there may be some connection…

After consulting these many materials, Ivan has become more and more aware of how difficult it is to do this. Converting matter and creating creatures should originally belong to the realm of God. No wonder Nicholas-Flamel would say that Philosopher’s Stone is the ultimate alchemy Creation…

“It seems to be correct, but Ivan…what are you looking for this information.” Hermione stopped arguing with Ivan after seeing the description of Philosopher’s Stone, but said jokingly. “Are you planning to make a Philosopher’s Stone?”

“That may be!” Ivan laughed.

Some time ago, his alchemy had reached the limit of level 6. After returning from this summer vacation, he just asked Nicholas-Flamel to find a breakthrough method. In that case, he might have his own Philosopher’s Stone next year.

Hermione thought that Ivan was joking, so she pretended to beg Ivan when the time comes to give herself a piece of gold.

The two chatted and flipped through the books, and they stayed so leisurely until the evening, and then Pack went to the auditorium to enjoy today’s dinner.

Although I haven’t been able to find too many key clues all afternoon, Ivan is still in a good mood.

Because now there is no need to worry about the dark wizard lurking in the dark, and there is no messy crafty plots and machinations, every day is flipping through books and bickering, this is the pleasant campus life he expects.

After dinner, Ivan went straight back to the bedroom, took out a quill and started writing to Luna.

【I found some news about the Xianxianshu and Crumple-Horned Snorkack. If we have time, we can meet under the tree of Whoping Willow the day after tomorrow-your faithful friend Ivan-Wrahles! 】

After writing the content of the letter, Ivan glanced at it and confirmed that there were no mistakes or omissions, so he called in Marx and told him to send the envelope to Luna.

The last time I was able to resolve the misunderstanding with Hermione smoothly, thanks to the help of little witch, Ivan naturally took this favor in his heart.

It just so happened that he got a living Crumple-Horned Snorkack. He had to take care of it regularly and couldn’t find out anything. It’s better to treat it as a gift to Luna and let her raise it for herself, and ask when needed. Luna just borrow it.


After sending the letter, in the next two days, besides daily class and reading materials in the library, Ivan went to the Forbidden Forest to find a more suitable venue for renovation.

With Crumple-Horned Snorkack, how can there be no trace of the fairy tree?

Although it is very difficult to create a fairy tree that only exists in the imagination and will bloom beautiful flowers out of thin air, the seven-level transfiguration is enough for Ivan to overcome various difficulties.

Of course, this trace fairy tree is different from Crumple-Horned Snorkack, it cannot exist forever, everything is only manifested by magic power…

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