Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 684


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Sunday, evening,

After finishing the last class, Ivan not at all returned to the bedroom to rest as usual, but walked out of the castle towards the Forbidden Forest.

When I arrived at the agreed place, Ivan suddenly found that Luna was already waiting there.

She turned her back to herself and stood quietly under the tree of Whomping Willow. She was wearing a weird gown with many decorations, and a wreath made of vines and flowers was leaning. On her head.

It is foreseeable that Luna will be stared at with weird gazes most of Luna’s walk along the way, but this attire unexpectedly fits the entire Forbidden Forest, as if she should have been in the Forbidden Forest.

“It looks like I’m late again this time…” Ivan took a few steps forward, apologizing.

“No, you just came, I just finished talking with this Whomping Willow…” Luna turned around after hearing the voice, and stared at Ivan with pale blue eyes, her tone erratic Said.

Ivan was stunned. It was a bit difficult to understand how Luna chatted with a Whoping Willow. Although this thing would actively attack those who approached and touched it, wizard Scholars generally believed that it was just the instinctive reaction of Whoping Willow. .

So when I saw that Luna was not doing any protection, just standing under the tree so carefree, Ivan was really worried that Whoping Willow would suddenly attack the little witch.

Perhaps guessing Ivan’s thoughts, Luna stretched out his hand and stroked the tree, explaining it. “Whomping Willow is just afraid of us hurting it, if it can feel that you are in good faith, then it will definitely not hurt you!”

Ivan was dubious, and curiously stepped a few steps into the attack range of Whomping Willow, but the tree still stood there quietly, without any movement.

“Look, it’s easy, isn’t it?” Luna faintly said.

Ivan clicked nodded and said with a smile. “Yeah, this is really amazing!”

Luna also showed her face and smiled, and then as if thinking of something, she said happily. “By the way, I haven’t had time to congratulate you!”

“What?” Ivan asked a little puzzled.

“Congratulations on defeating Merpeople, Giant Squid and Grindylow, and saving the champions and hostages in trouble. That’s really amazing!” Luna praised in an extremely exaggerated tone.

Ivan didn’t know how to answer for a while. To be honest, he didn’t think his performance in the second game was outstanding at all. It can only be said that the opponents were too hip to make him really. Can’t raise interest.

“In addition, you also defeated a Dragon and rode on it for a round, just like the dragon Knight in the story!” Luna said briskly as if humming some kind of ballad.

Ivan became even more embarrassed when Luna talked about Norbert’s affairs, and quickly interrupted. “Okay, don’t praise me, aren’t we going to find the fairy tree and Crumple-Horned Snorkack?”

“Yeah, what are we waiting for?” Luna nodded, with a little excited expression on her face, pulling Ivan’s wrist and ran into the Forbidden Forest.

Ivan didn’t expect Luna’s mood to change so quickly, but she also restrained her from running, only pointing the way by her side.

“You went wrong, you are right here!”

“Is that so? But I think I should go there to find…”


It’s almost six o’clock in the evening, and the sky is gradually dimming, the dense jungle obscures the afterglow of the sunset, all around are dark, only a little sunshine can fall down the gap between the leaves .

Luna seems to have been wandering in the Forbidden Forest so late for the first time, but she was very interested, pulling Ivan all the way to a trot, until the physical exhaustion was almost exhausted, she panted and slowed down.

Unconsciously, they have stepped into the depths of the Forbidden Forest. They can’t see anything except shrubs and bushes. Luna even wonders if she is lost, but she is not worried at all, turning her head to look at Ivan in a hurry Asked. “Are we there yet?”

“Alright!” Ivan glanced at the completely dark sky, felt that the time should be almost time, and then pulled Luna in the opposite direction and ran to the side.

After passing through a bush, the front suddenly becomes open.

“We’re here, that’s it!” Ivan stopped and turned to look towards Luna, only to find that Little Witch was completely stunned, with a pair of beautiful blue eyes staring wide, staring at him intently Only exists in imagined scenes.

In front of her is a deep sea of ​​flowers. Countless blue and purple flowers cover every corner of the field of vision. Every petal is shining with a faint fluorescence in the night like a magic power.

A tall tree stands in the center of the sea of ​​flowers!

It has almost three people in a hug, which is more than twice as thick as the distant trees. The dense branches and leaves are like a “big umbrella”. The surface of the “umbrella” is blue and purple. Luna only noticed when I took a closer look. It is a bunch of blue and purple flowers, and from time to time you can see petals falling from the sky.

It is obvious that the sea of ​​flowers on the ground is falling from the trees.

Luna stared blankly for a long time. Just when Ivan thought that something went wrong and the scene did not meet expectations, little witch suddenly moved. She carried the hem of her robe and ran straight into the sea of ​​flowers.

The whole land seemed to have been awakened, and countless little elves with pointed ears, hidden under the petals, flew out one after another, bright fluorescence from their wings, lighting up the entire night sky.

“Zong Xian…they are Xian Xian!” Luna recognized it instantly. She stepped on the petals and shouted happily, as if someone had used a strong efficacy curse on her.

Those tracers were attracted to Luna and circled around her.

Perhaps she was really too happy. Luna closed her eyes, and Alone circulated in the flowers without feeling. She seemed to use this place as the stage for Become Saint’s Christmas Eve, and the surrounding Xian Xian was very happy to accompany her on the beat.

Ivan not at all disturbs little witch’s interest, just sit on the ground covered with petals and enjoy Luna’s solo dance-this is a fairy tale that belongs to her alone…

It can perfectly restore Luna’s imaginary scene. In addition to the contribution of Legilimens, the transfiguration level 7 is indispensable. If it were before the fourth hemolysis, Ivan would definitely not be able to do such a huge thing. The scene is deformed!

The consumption of magic power is also a big problem. Before the Transformation Tracer Fairy Tree, he almost squeezed his magic power.

However, it is precisely because of the high difficulty of use spell that his transfiguration proficiency has improved a lot, which is a surprise to Ivan.

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