Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 686


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“Yes, we are friends!” Luna clicked nodded, said briskly, then put Crumple-Horned Snorkack into the jar, and then curiously asked Ivan for advice on raising this strange creature. matter.

“Grass and leaves are good for eating. As for the others, I haven’t tried it, so you have to find out for yourself.” Ivan replied with a smile.

The two of them just walked and talked, and they finally separated formally at the intersection of the tower and returned to their dorms.

It was already past ten o’clock in the evening when Ivan walked through the door of the bedroom.

The room was very dim, with only a few candles lit on the wooden table. Harry lay on the bed early, rarely, while Seamus and Neville leaned against the window and talked coldly what a joke.

Ivan said hello to a few people who were still awake, and was about to go to bed. After a few days of busy life, I spent another night with Luna today. He was already too sleepy.

However, when I happened to pass Harry’s bedside, Ivan vaguely noticed a cold wave of magic power, and he turned his head and glanced subconsciously.

On the bed next to Harry, wrapped in a quilt, closed his eyes tightly, his face was full of painful expressions, his mouth was whispering, the lightning-like scar on his forehead was fainting The light is like a nightmare.

Ivan frowned, stepped a few steps closer, and stood in front of Harry’s bed. A whispering whisper came into his ears.

“no! You can’t do this…”

“He is very angry…the servant is dead…he is coming back…killing everyone there…”

Harry murmured unconsciously, shaking his head from time to time, his expression getting more and more painful, and the big beads of sweat kept slipping and soaking the pillows and bedding, like a convulsion.

Ivan’s face became more serious. Although he didn’t know what Harry was dreaming about, the information revealed by these dreams made him a little uneasy.

is it possible that Voldemort has learned about the death of Barty Jr. -Crouch, so he is very angry about killing someone to vent his anger?

Some doubts surfaced in my mind. Ivan desperately wanted to ask questions, but didn’t dare to wake Harry up casually, worried about interrupting the dream and missing any key information.

For Harry’s particularity, he couldn’t be more clear. As one of Voldemort’s Horcrux, Harry would unconsciously enter Voldemort’s brain at some point to browse memory fragments, or share his vision with other Horcrux to see some Secret information…

Although it was clearly mentioned in the original time and space that Voldemort could take advantage of this in turn, using Occlumency to construct false illusions.

But Voldemort hasn’t resurrected yet. It should be impossible to detect Harry’s peeping, so the credibility of intelligence is still very high now.

Just as Ivan was thinking about it, Harry, who was lying on the bed, opened his eyes suddenly and sat up suddenly, panting heavily, sweeping around in a panic, shouting frantically.

“Where is Professor Dumbledore? Where is Professor Dumbledore?”

While talking, Harry felt his scar start to hurt again, as if he had been burned by a fire, and immediately let out a painful wailing.

The Seamus people who heard the shouts were startled, and jumped out of the bed without wearing their shoes, worrying about Harry’s bedside.

“Are you okay? Harry?” Seamus shook Harry’s shoulder vigorously to make him awake.

“Or your scar hurts again? Should we take you to the school hospital?” Ron also asked quickly.

“No, I’m fine, and I don’t have to go to the school hospital. I’m going to find Professor Dumbledore now.” Harry shook the head, hurriedly turning off the bed.

“But it’s so late now. The professor should have rested. If you have something, it is better to go to him tomorrow…” Seamus didn’t quite understand why he made a fuss about nothing. Asked. “Did you have a nightmare? Harry?”

“That’s not a dream!” Harry shouted angrily.

“Then did you see something?” Ivan asked solemnly.

“Stinchcombe-Crouch is dead! Voldemort is very angry that he has been torturing who with Cruciatus Curse…the snake…I became the snake again!” Harry’s words were very hasty, he wanted desperately Describe the picture in my mind more clearly, but for some reason it becomes intermittent when it comes to my lips.

But Harry added diligently. “Voldemort…Voldemort also said that he wants to kill more people! Use their blood to restore power, he wants to kill everyone in a muggle village!”

After the voice fell, the whole bedroom fell into a strange silence. Ron, Neville, and Neville were all shocked by Harry’s words.

“You just said you know who?” Seamus looked at Harry in horror, and unconsciously stepped back two steps, almost hitting the sharp horn on the bedside.

“Did you dream about that person again?” Ron knew a little bit more, so he wasn’t as frightened and flustered as Seamus.

Just for Harry’s words, Ron still expressed doubts. “You said that Mr. Crouch is dead? How could that be possible? I saw him staying in the castle well yesterday.”

“But I really heard Voldemort’s own words!” Harry said eagerly, looked around and then turned his gaze to Ivan who was thinking about things, and said again. “Ivan, don’t you have that map? Shall we understood if we look at it?”

Ivan regained his consciousness and solemnly clicked nodded. He also wanted to see if both Crouches were dead, so he took Marauder’s Map out of his pocket.

next moment, the plain and white picture of the entire castle appeared in front of everyone.

Ron glanced around the map, and soon saw Stinchcombe -Crouch on it, slowly relaxed, said with a smile. “Look, Harry, Mr. Crouch is still in the staff common room, so you just have a nightmare.”

Harry was a little confused, he looked at the name on the map for a long time without replying.

Just when several people thought that the matter could be concluded, Ivan suddenly spoke.

“No, I’m afraid what Harry said is correct. There is indeed a Stinchcombe-Crouch dead, but that is Mr. Crouch’s son Barty Jr., who infiltrates into Hogwarts before trying to put Harry’s name in In Goblet of Fire.”

“So Professor Moody caught him that day?” Harry suddenly thought of Moody’s abnormality a few days ago and asked anxiously.

“The same can be said…” Ivan gave Moody a bit of face, but he was thinking about how Voldemort got this information?

Is it because of what spell was put on Barty Jr. to detect his life or death, or did he tell him specifically?

Not many people know this information now…

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