Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 687


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“What the hell are you talking about? Does Mr. Crouch have a son? Why does he put Harry’s name in Goblet of Fire?” Seamus couldn’t understand Ivan’s words at all, and asked confusedly. Tao.

But what Ivan not at all explained, his attention has been attracted by the names of the people in the headmaster room.

After scanning Marauder’s Map a few times, Ivan turned his head and looked towards Harry, and said solemnly. “Go! Let’s go to Professor Dumbledore now. He happens to be in the office. I will explain things about Barty Jr. until the road I will explain to you in detail!”

Harry clicked nodded and didn’t change his clothes, so he ran out of the bedroom with Ivan in this pajamas.

“Wait for me! I’ll go with you too!” Ron yelled hurriedly, and immediately followed along.

On the way to the headmaster room, Ivan took the time to explain what happened a few days ago, and there is no need to hide it now.

After listening to Ivan’s story, Harry and Ron were both shocked and unable to speak for a while. After a while, Ron seemed to have recovered and stammered.

“You mean that Professor Moody was controlled by Imperius Curse before? How could this be possible? He is Legendary Auror and caught that many dark wizard!”

Harry can’t believe it. He has seen Moody’s performance during this period of time. It’s not an exaggeration to say that he is the best Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, even more how Moody is also to himself. Very good, last time he kindly said something to help him smash Malfoy.

“Harry, have you forgotten? The more brilliant the dark wizard, the better at composing lies, such as Professor Quirrell of First Year. If he didn’t show his feet, who would believe that he did that many bad things?” Ivan Reminded.

Harry and Ron were speechless, but quickly and depressedly asked Ivan why not tell them earlier.

Especially Harry was even more struggling with this. He thought that since Voldemort wanted to arrest him, he should at least have the right to know, but now Barty Jr. -Crouch is dead, he just knew it was. The other party intends to frame himself.

“At first, I’m just guessing. If I say it in advance, but I accidentally guessed it wrong in the end, wouldn’t it be shameful…” Ivan shrugged, confusedly explained.

Harry still intends to ask again, but the entrance to the headmaster room is close in front of him, so he has to hold back the temporary doubt in his heart.

“Chilled lemon juice!” Ivan said to the huge Gargoyle in front of the door.

To facilitate reporting in an emergency, Dumbledore has told him the password for entering and exiting the headmaster room in recent months.

The huge Gargoyle roared and moved slowly to make way for a passage. Ivan and the others immediately walked up the spiral staircase.

Before they entered the headmaster room, the fierce arguing inside came out first.

Harry and Ron vaguely heard the voices of Fudge and Umbridge.

Ivan is not surprised at all. He has already seen these two people and some Auror names on Marauder’s Map.

Walking upstairs, Ivan unexpectedly saw a bunch of people standing in the headmaster’s office.

The one headed is the current Ministry of Magic Cornelius · Fudge, he will be pointing at the corpse of Barty Jr. -Crouch on the ground, frowns said.

“Albus, so you came to me this time to tell me that this unclear corpse is Mr. Crouch’s son, Barty Jr.? That Death Eater who died in Azkaban more than ten years ago?

And he also planned a conspiracy, put Harry’s name in Goblet of Fire, intending to use this game to send Harry to you know who? ”

Fudge looked at Dumbledore with a look that you seemed to be teasing me, like a patient with severe Alzheimer’s.

However, Dumbledore didn’t mean cracking a joke at all, he said seriously.

“I know you might have a hard time accepting this, Cornelius, so I have asked Alastor to invite Stinchcombe over, and he will tell you if this is true!”

“I think you It shouldn’t be that Stinchcombe is willing to risk staying in Azkaban for a lifetime and lie to you? This is more absurd than what I told you, isn’t it?”

Dumbledore’s words were extremely sharp, and under his gaze, a heavy pressure enveloped everyone’s heart.

Fudge lost his former composure, he looked around all around in a slightly flustered manner, as if expecting someone to stand up and refute Dumbledore’s words.

But all Auror cowered. Even Umbridge, the normally most active, did not move. Her mouth seemed to be sewn on, tightly closed, speechless.

Fudge took a few steps back nervously until he stood in the crowd, and seemed to feel more at ease.

But irritation followed. Fudge regarded this pressure as Dumbledore’s provocation to himself, opening the mouth and said forcefully.

“Albus… to be honest, I don’t know what you are doing… Barty Jr. is dead long ago. Two Aurors watched him get buried in the ground with their own eyes!

You know who is the same. He died that night long ago. Everyone in the magic circle knew this. He will never come back! forever and always! “

Fudge yelled hysterically, every word seemed to be forcibly squeezed out of his mouth.

Dumbledore’s expression became more and more disappointed, he opened his mouth and planned to continue to persuade him, but before then a familiar voice rang first.

“No, you are wrong, Mr. Minister!”

The sudden words interrupted the conversation of several people, and everyone heard the reputation.

Harry, who was stuck in the door, struggled to get rid of the two Aurors who were blocking him, and bravely stood in front of everyone.

Ivan helpless because of his recklessness, but still followed along, he chose to be there at this time just to listen to some useful information, not specifically to be a target.

“Oh, Mr Potter, and…Wrahles, why are you here? Albus didn’t tell me, he will invite you two to come to testify.” Fudge narrowed his eyes and said flatly. Ivan and the others came. The timing is too coincidental.

As for Ron at the back, he was directly ignored by Fudge. He only remembered that it was a Weasley Family kid.

“Voldemort is still alive, Mr. Minister! I saw him with my own eyes!” Harry’s first words shocked everyone present.

Fudge’s whole person is dumbfounded, and the Aurors also seem a little nervous.

But Harry didn’t mean to stop at all, he continued eagerly. “He is coming back soon and is planning to slaughter a muggle village to restore his power. If we can’t stop him in time, then everything is over!”

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