Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 689


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In the face of the tough law enforcement Auror, Crouch not at all meant to resist, but relaxed, and extended his hands to allow a few people to shack themselves, and even asked casually.

“It seems that you finally figured it out, Cornelius, are you planning to arrest me for favoritism?”

“It’s suspected murder Bertha Jorkins! She has been missing for almost a year, and you are the last to see her!” Fudge snapped.

Crouch’s expression suddenly froze, and he looked at Fudge in disbelief. “I think Dumbledore should have explained to you, I just used a powerful Obliviate on Bertha Jorkins, and then she went all the way to Romania, you know who…”

“You know who killed her?” Fudge first said what Crouch wanted to say, then continued. “Who knows if you are lying? I prefer to believe that you want to push all this to you know who!”

“It just so happens that there is a corpse with an invisible face. I suspect that she is Bertha Jorkins!” Fudge indifferently told Auror to take the scorched corpse away.

Dumbledore watched the movements of Fudge and Auror, a little anger appeared on his face, he knew he could not count on the assistance of Ministry of Magic.

“Ah! I almost forgot…” Fudge led someone to the door, suddenly remembered something, and turned his head and looked towards Ivan. “Wrahles, if I’m not mistaken, you should have been there at the time, and you just found this corpse, right? So you should follow along and make a transcript.”

Ivan laughed at Fudge’s remarks. How could he fail to see that Fudge was threatening him and wanted him to make a perjury to completely characterize this matter as Crouch’s murder of Bertha Jorkins.

Otherwise, it’s not that you happened to find the corpse, but that you and Crouch participated in the murder…

But Ivan is not terrified. He is very clear about his reputation in the magic circle, plus Dumbledore is here, Fudge wants to convict himself for nothing so easily, so he said ruthlessly .

“I think you need to make up for relevant knowledge, Minister Fudge!”

“Barty Jr. died of suicide. You only need to use the flashback spell to check the wand he used to understand this. It has nothing to do with me and Mr. Crouch!”

“In addition, I also need to remind you Minister that even if you can’t see your face, professionals can tell the age and gender of a person based on their bones!

The difference between male and female pelvis is the most obvious feature. If you are willing to make a dissect for the dead at the scene, you will immediately know that the dead is actually a wizard, not the so-called Bertha Jorkins!

Muggle’s existing genetic technology can also help you confirm his identity. Just send it to be tested, and the muggles will accurately tell you that the corpse in front of you is Mr. Crouch’s son Barty Jr.! “

Ivan analyzed, then looked at Fudge contemptuously, and spoke. “Excuse me, do you still have any questions that I need to help answer?”

Fudge was choked directly, and couldn’t reply for a long time.

“Wrahles is right.” Moody also said in help at this moment. “I heard Crouch said that Auror followed when his son was buried, and I must be able to find the exact burial site of the body. If you don’t believe me, you can dig up the grave and have a look and confirm it further!”

“That was more than ten years ago, who will remember the specific location where it was buried…” Fudge shook the head replied impatiently.

“If they happen to forget, my penis can help them remember!” Dumbledore said suddenly, blocking Fudge’s last excuse.

But this also successfully angered Fudge. He looked at Dumbledore, then turned his gaze to Ivan, Moody, and Harry, his expression gradually becoming a little sordid.

“Very good…very good! It seems that you are determined to go against me, right?” Fudge said angrily.

“The only thing I want to deal with is Voldemort! It’s not at all so difficult to find out the truth if you want, Cornelius.” Dumbledore said solemnly.

“I will send someone to investigate the whole story! There is a meditation basin in the Ministry of Magic, and you don’t need your help!” Fudge gnashing teeth said, then looked at Umbridge and the others.

“Let’s go!”

Hearing this, the Aurors were relieved, they didn’t want to stay here for a moment, and hurriedly brought Crouch and Barty Jr. corpses followed along.

When this group of people walked out of the headmaster room, the room suddenly became empty.

“Professor Dumbledore, shall we just let them take Mr. Crouch away like this?” Ivan is worried that Fudge will kill people directly after he returns. There is a precedent in the original time and space.

“Don’t worry, Wrahles, Stinchcombe will be fine.” Dumbledore said relievedly.

“If he had the guts to kill Stinchcombe, he wouldn’t be afraid to be like that!” Moody sneered.

Crouch’s identity is very unusual. He is a pureblood wizard himself. He was formerly the director of the Executive Department. He has a lot of friends in Ministry of Magic. Fudge must go through a formal trial if he wants to convict him.

Thinking of this, Moody turned to look at Dumbledore, and then asked without thinking. “Regret it? Albus?”

Dumbledore remained silent. Of course, he knew what Moody was asking. The current Minister of Magic Fudge was recommended by him…

“If you happily accepted the position of Ministry of Magic, there will be that many things now…” Moody grumbled dissatisfiedly.

After the Wizard War ended, Ministry of Magic sent people to Hogwarts more than ten times to ask Dumbledore to be the head of Ministry of Magic, but they were rejected without exception, so Fudge was finally selected.

“It’s not the time to talk about this, Alastor!” Dumbledore didn’t want to talk more on this topic. He turned the topic and looked at Harry, asking him to repeat his dream experience.

Harry clicked nodded, remembering hard, trying to speak as carefully as possible about everything he saw through the snake’s perspective.

Dumbledore pondered for a long time, and his expression became very solemn when he heard that Voldemort was about to slaughter the entire muggle village to restore his strength.

“Do you think that would be true?” Harry asked nervously.

“It is possible that some profound dark magic ceremonies require death sacrifices.” Dumbledore’s browse tightly frowns are together. Compared with this, what makes him care more about Voldemort from whom he learned about The news of Barty Jr.’s death…

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