Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 690


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“Wrahles, did you and Miss Granger tell anyone about Barty Jr. during this time?” Dumbledore asked.

Ivan hesitated to shook the head. He was very aware of the importance of confidentiality, so he was usually cautious, and Hermione shouldn’t talk about it casually.

And Harry and Ron only learned about Barty Jr. -Crouch today, and they were at most half insiders before.

“Albus, it should not be the problem with these children!” Moody frowned, solemnly said. “Barty Jr. has only been dead for a week. Even if a student happens to learn this news, it is absolutely impossible to reach that person’s ears so quickly.”

Voldemort nowadays can be said to be a lonely person, and the source of the news is very closed, so someone must have specifically told him the news.

“Could the Ministry of Magic reveal it?” Ivan immediately thought of this.

In his opinion, the Ministry of Magic’s intelligence network is similar to a sieve. For example, the Triwizard Cup held this year was originally a very secret event. As a result, many people knew the news in advance before the school started, Doug Te even analyzed from some intelligence that one of the games might be related to Dragon…

So Ivan wondered if it was the senior official of that department who had turned to Voldemort and became the Dark Lord’s internal correspondent.

However, just as Ivan was thinking this way, Dumbledore vetoed his guess. “There is no such possibility. I only told Fudge about Barty Jr. tonight.”

“That’s weird. According to this, we should be the only ones who know the news…” Moody raised an eyebrow, glanced over Ivan and Harry, and then looked at Dumbledore. , And then spoke again. “Is it Stinchcombe? Or maybe he told who?”

Ivan also thinks it is possible. The only people who knew about this before were Dumbledore, Moody, Hermione, Crouch and himself. If they hadn’t revealed it here, it would have been Crouch!

“I don’t think Stinchcombe would say it lightly! Maybe Voldemort put Barty Jr.’s warning magic to let him know all this…” Dumbledore interrupted several people’s guesses. Urgent, they need to unite as much as possible, rather than unprovoked suspicion!

“In short, the most important thing now is to find out the location of the village and prevent the tragedy from happening.” Dumbledore added.

“But since England is so big, how can we be sure where you know who is going to attack?” Ron asked puzzled.

Harry only knows that you know who is preparing to launch an attack, but he doesn’t know the specific location of the village at all. He doesn’t even have any clues, which is impossible to find.

“Voldemort is now inconvenient to move, and his strength has not been fully restored. It is not so easy for him to kill a muggle village…so he must choose a suitable location to avoid causing a large-scale riot to interrupt the ceremony!” Ivan Muttering to himself.

Muggle is not stupid. It’s not that he doesn’t know how to resist and run away in the face of danger. Not to mention people, even if thousands of pigs are thrown into a village, they can’t be killed in a few days.

Moody felt reasonable, so he followed Ivan’s thinking and continued to analyze. “So Voldemort will try to choose small villages in remote places. There are certainly not too many muggles living in them. It is more suitable for dozens or hundreds of people. This way we can exclude locations with overwhelming majority!”

Dumbledore nodded and nodded, “One more thing to note, Tom is a person who likes nostalgia, so the location he wants to attack can almost be locked!”

“Do you mean the village where Tom grew up?” Ivan was speechless, and he could naturally guess where Dumbledore was talking about.

But it is only because of knowing that I feel shocked. People with a little bit of conscience will not go crazy and slaughter their childhood growth.

But Voldemort is obviously an exception.

During Second Year, Ivan learned about Tom’s awful childhood from the Horcrux diary. Presumably the Dark Lord had no good feelings about it.

“Yes, if Voldemort really intends to cause a massacre, this is the most likely place!” Dumbledore said solemnly.

When he was investigating Horcrux some time ago, he visited the village once. It was sparsely populated, facing the sea, and surrounded by mountain ranges and cliffs. Even if something terrible happened, the muggle government would not be able to support it for a while. .

Thinking of this, Dumbledore turned his head and looked towards Moody. “Alastor, since Cornelius can’t count on it anymore, we can only do it ourselves.”

“It’s time to do this, Albus!” Moody grinned. “Do you need me to find them all?”

“No, I’ll let Fawkes be responsible for notifying them…” Dumbledore shook the head, Moody is now a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts. Normally, he needs to prepare for the lesson. Contact this kind of trivial matter to Phoenix. Just do it.

“Professor Dumbledore, what about us? What should we do?” Harry hurriedly asked, who had not been able to intervene.

“All you need to do is stay in school and protect yourself!” Dumbledore replied earnestly.

“But…” Harry opened his mouth and wanted to retort.

“Your safety is as important as protecting the village, Harry!” Dumbledore interrupted Harry’s words. “We can’t be sure if Voldemort is actually planning a massacre, or that it is just a cover, so Both hands must be prepared…”

Continuing without waiting for Harry to respond, Dumbledore again told Ivan and the others not to disclose what happened tonight, so as not to leak the news again.

“Professor, can I tell Hermione the news?” Ivan asked suddenly. He thought that with Hermione’s cleverness, he must be able to extract a lot of information from Harry and Ron. It is difficult to hide her from her. Very high.

“Of course, Miss Granger is also a trustworthy person!” Dumbledore nodded nodded.


After ten minutes, Ivan, Harry and Ron walked out of the headmaster room together and moved towards the common room of Gryffindor.

Along the way, the few people had a worried expression. Harry and Ron were still immersed in the shocking news that Voldemort wanted to slaughter the village and resurrect.

Ivan is a helpless sighed, knowing that his leisurely campus life is about to end before it starts, and Voldemort really does not stop for a moment!

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