Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 727


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Ivan’s words were extremely sharp, and Avery was stunned very quickly, he couldn’t believe Ivan’s words.

“This is absolutely impossible…you are lying!” Avery expression yelled frantically, struggling to jump on it.

However, Fren on the side was always vigilant. Avery just took a move and grabbed his back collar, kicked him to the ground, and forced him to the floor.

Avery twisted her body vigorously, trying to break free of Fren’s restraint but could not do anything. In the end, she had to pierce her head with difficulty, staring fiercely at Ivan with a pair of eyes fiercely, and said angrily.

“You must be lying to me. The Dark Lord is invincible. He is more powerful than any living wizard. You just managed to escape that’s all in the hands of the master that’s all. I saw how you fled in embarrassment…”

“I don’t have to lie to you.” Ivan sighed while looking at Avery shook the head. “Think about it, Avery… I guess you waited all night in the cemetery that night and didn’t wait until the Dark Lord came back from victory?”

Under Ivan’s question, Avery’s heart gradually sank to the bottom, and the memory in his mind slowly emerged.

As Ivan said, the night a few days ago, after the Dark Lord went to hunt and kill Harry Potter, he never returned to the cemetery, but gave them instructions through Dark Mark, ordering them to disband and leave there temporarily. .

In the next few days, he did not see the Dark Lord again. Voldemort’s instructions were all communicated through Severus-Snape…

“He was seriously injured, of course he dared not meet you in person!” Ivan read Avery’s thoughts and continued mockingly. “Voldemort doesn’t want to let you know that the so-called Dark Lord is a powerful wizard that’s all! He, like everyone else, is injured and killed…”

Hearing this, Avery’s body trembled involuntarily. He couldn’t believe all this, but all the evidence pointed to the fact that the Dark Lord really lost…

When I realized this, Avery seemed to have completely lost his vitality, lying limp on the ground, only repeating “impossible…this impossible, Dark Lord is invincible” in his mouth.

The wizards who watched this scene felt a chill, and their fear of Ivan became more profound.

Just now Ivan and Avery’s conversation, they heard clearly, even the stupid people can realize that their leader Lord Wrahles and the resurrected Dark Lord have already met.

Although the specific details of the battle are still unknown, one thing is certain, that is, Voldemort was badly injured in the battle and was forced to hide, but Ivan stood here fortunately.

It is obvious who wins and loses…

But there are also many people who question this. After all, Ivan’s age is too deceptive, and the fear caused by the Dark Lord is deeply rooted.

If Avery’s expression did not seem to be false, and he received a strong Cruciatus Curse, no one would simply believe the fact that the Dark Lord was defeated…

“Pull it down!” Seeing Avery, whose Willpower was about to collapse, Ivan suddenly lost interest, waved his hand and ordered Fren to take him away.

“Yes, Lord Wrahles!” Fran said respectfully with a little awe, then dragged Avery’s heel down.

At this time, Ivan turned his head and looked towards the people in the Conference Hall, stretched out his hand for a gesture, and said. “Sit down, everyone! Now we can start talking about business…”

Ivan’s gentle tone dissipated a lot of the depressive atmosphere on the court. The wizards gathered in the Conference Hall relaxed and sat down obediently and honestly on their chairs.

Dougt and Isiah sit in the positions of Ivan’s left and right hands, and the other wizards are also subconsciously following the two and are faintly divided into two factions.

On the left are the pureblood wizard and Dougert’s friends. The poor wizards and werewolf from Knockturn Alley are sitting on the right.

It’s worth mentioning that the place next to Esiah was empty, and no one dared to sit down. It was probably reserved for Fran.

Ivan did not interfere, silently saw this situation in his eyes, and then expressed freely inquiring about what happened in Knockturn Alley during the time he was away.

Asiah didn’t conceal the slightest bit of concealment, and said everything in detail, and Dougt added.

In general, Knockturn Alley was fairly flat this year, and the wizard market resumed operation after some management, which greatly alleviated the previous lack of funds.

The training of personnel is also going on every day. Now 60% of the wizards have successfully mastered the Shield Charm, and the number of Law Enforcers has increased to more than 20 in one go, each of whom is an experienced combat player.

“Even the striker of Ministry of Magic, in the case of one-on-one combat, it will not be the opponent of Law Enforcers! If it is a group battle, Auror will be able to fight with twice as much!” Dougt Said very proudly.

This remark doesn’t mean anything to exaggerate.

Although the Law Enforcers have only been trained for about a year, their daily training intensity is several times higher than that of the Ministry of Magic hitters. Even more how they have a good foundation and are duels. The field raise upwards the selected winner.

If we can recruit more staff, Dougte is even confident to directly compete with Ministry of Magic!

“Very well, you did a great job!” Ivan glanced across each Law Enforcer one after another, and said with appreciation.

Law Enforcers all straightened their chests, like soldiers under review. When Ivan spit out these words, they all felt that this time of hard work was worthwhile.

Walker asked boldly. “Your Excellency Wrahles, we have been waiting for a whole year, when will we have a big action?”

The wizards present also looked towards Ivan, be eager to have a try. Since this year, they have nothing to do except patrol, train and collect intelligence every day, and they are coming out of illness. Up.

“Since you all can’t wait, let’s set it to tonight!” Ivan nodded nodded, then turned his gaze to Dougert and asked.

“How many wizards are there in the entire Knockturn Alley?”

“The people who have been here for a long time, besides us, there are about one hundred and sixty people…” Dougt hesitated and replied.

Ivan thought about the conditions for the system task [Rectify Knockturn Alley], and quickly made a decision. “What you have to do tonight is to bring everyone in Knockturn Alley to the wizard market. I have a few words to say!”

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