Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 728


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“Everyone?” Dougt looked at Ivan in dismay.

“Why? Can’t it be done?” Ivan raised his brows and asked.

“No, of course it’s okay!” Doug shook the head quickly.

Although this is a very difficult job, as long as you choose a good time to make a surprise attack in the middle of the night, and a little luck, you can still guarantee that there is no fish that escaped the net.

“That’s good! You need to pay special attention to these other people. They are all Death Eaters. Remember to act carefully when arrested. Don’t let them have the opportunity to resist.” Ivan said, pulling out wand in the meeting. There was a tap on the table.

Under the action of the deformation magic, several human faces quickly appeared on the redwood desktop, lifelike and unforgettable.

Dougt stared carefully for a while, and immediately promised that he would catch all these people tonight.

The entire meeting lasted for more than an hour. After the battle plan and specific hands-on time were drawn up, Ivan finally announced that today’s meeting is over.

The wizards in the Conference Hall stood up, saluted Ivan respectfully, and then left their seats in an orderly manner.

When the last wizard walked out of the Conference Hall door, the originally dim room suddenly became much brighter.

Sitting in the main seat, Ivan no longer pretended to be pretentious. His tight expression relaxed immediately, and he leaned against the soft back chair very decadently.

“It’s really troublesome…finally got it done.” Ivan rubbed his stiff face and muttered to himself softly.

If possible, he would rather read books and practice magic leisurely when he came home during the summer vacation, instead of organizing a large group of dark wizard meetings to discuss how to fix Knockturn Alley.

It’s a pity that things didn’t go as expected. Voldemort’s resurrection completely disrupted Ivan’s plan, and it also made the stable situation in Knockturn Alley suddenly become chaotic.

In order to eliminate the unstable factors in Knockturn Alley, and to gain enough power to protect himself, he had to consider completing the tasks released by the system to obtain more legendary points.

The most important thing is that the past few days is his last chance to complete the task.

Because according to the information given by Avery, the Dark Lord intends to recruit personnel and expand his influence in Knockturn Alley. Once the other party actually intervenes, his task of reorganizing Knockturn Alley may never be completed.

So the only plan for the present is quick sword cuts through tangled hemp. Taking advantage of Voldemort’s serious injury now, while hiding and training, he will deal with all the opponents in Knockturn Alley in one go…

Thinking of this, Ivan glanced at the system taskbar again, and the information on it really changed a little.

[Become the King of Knockturn Alley

Task objective: rectify Knockturn Alley (third ring)

Task progress: 60% Nine

Task Reward: Magic Mark

Legend value: 3 (achieve the king of Knockturn Alley)

Task description: The one-year period has come, and you finally decided not to forbear, and you will bloodbath the entire Knockturn Alley with thunderous means, sanction opponents, and let everyone worship under your rule…]

Looking at the progress of the task, Ivan clicked nodded with satisfaction. It seems that the direction of his action is not wrong.

It’s just that when he moved his gaze down to see the task description, the corners of his mouth still twitched.

Sure enough, this is the system he is very familiar with……

But this at least proves that what he thought before is not at all wrong. To complete the task of reorganizing Knockturn Alley, it does not require all the wizards of Knockturn Alley to convince him. Relying on some less humanitarian methods, the goal can be achieved. .

Of course, Ivan is not planning to kill all opponents as described in the mission statement, but intends to rely on power and deterrence to allow these people to temporarily recognize his rule.

As for whether these grudge wizards will pretend to obey and regret it in the future, Ivan can’t control it.

After all, he doesn’t really want to rule Knockturn Alley, as long as the mission is completed and the legend is reached, the other Ivan simply doesn’t care.


At one o’clock midnight, in the wizard market of Knockturn Alley, Ivan stood alone on the restored plaza platform and issued the assembly instruction.

Next moment, one after another silhouette appeared in the center of the square out of thin air.

In just three seconds, there are 40 or six wizards!

They are full of energy and fully armed one by one, and they are obviously ready for action long ago.

Many people’s eyes are filled with tension and excitement. After practicing for a whole year, their magic skills have improved significantly. Now it’s time to come in handy.

“Fran, send the task list down!” Ivan said instructed.

Fran should claim yes, and then lower the stack of parchment he held onto everyone’s hands.

Grace took the share that belonged to her, and took a curious look. The map of Knockturn Alley was drawn on the parchment. Five locations were accurately circled, and several names were faintly written.

Grace knew immediately that these people were her goal tonight.

“Wait…Why is your map the same as mine?” Walker on the side came up curiously. He looked at the map in his hand and at Grace’s. There was almost no difference between the two maps.

“Does that still need to be said? This means that we have to act together tonight!” Grace rolled the eyes, looked for it on the parchment, and soon saw a conspicuous sign seven. “Well, it seems we are all from the seventh team!”

Just as Grace thought, when everyone got the map, Ivan on the stage explained it.

Considering that the wizards in Knockturn Alley are not good stubborns, and there may be accidents when acting alone, he plans to split the 40 or six wizards into groups of two or four, and take care of each other for tonight’s operations.

This can not only ensure efficiency, but also avoid danger to a great extent.

“Remember, your actions must be fast!” Ivan looked around the crowd and said solemnly. “Once you start to do something and make a noise, you may be noticed by other wizards, so the time for you is very urgent. I hope that before dawn, you can invite everyone on the list here. ……”

Ivan talked about the precautions of this action, the most important of which is to race against time!

After all, the entire Knockturn Alley is not big. Even if the ruins on the east side are added, it is only equivalent to a large street square that’s all. If there is chaos, it is easy to be noticed.

It’s just that some conflicts in Knockturn Alley are common occurrences. The wizards here have always practiced a matter of no concern to oneself, and they will be happy when they fight outside as long as they feel that they have nothing to do with them. Will slumped to sleep disinclined to pay attention to.

The key to this action is to take advantage of this. Before everyone has figured out the situation, they will catch everything in one net!

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