Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 729


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Because of the tight time, Ivan not at all discussed the details of the battle. After a brief reminder, he looked around at the crowd and signaled that they could go!

The wizards gathered in the square immediately took action. After establishing their teams and goals, they all displayed Disapparation and disappeared in place.

The whole process is efficient and fast, and it only took less than half a minute. Watching this scene, Ivan secretly nodded.

Compared with a year ago, these wizards have indeed grown a lot, and they are no longer like a patchwork of miscellaneous army, with a certain degree of organization and discipline.

It seems that Aysia has not trained them less this year. It is no wonder that Dougter confidently said that in the case of group fights, Law Enforcers can beat twice as many Auror.

Thinking of this, Ivan suddenly realized that he already had an extremely large power, second only to Ministry of Magic, even the Death Eater Legion that Voldemort had just rebuilt, or Dumbledore’s Order of the Phoenix. How inferior.

It’s a pity that magic circle is different from muggle world. The level of personal use spell ability can directly determine the outcome of a small battle.

Ivan has not forgotten that Dougt once told him that the Ministry of Magic arranged a beheading operation against Voldemort in the last wizard war. The Auror dispatched and the rebels that spontaneously participated in totaled fifty. Name wizard!

Everyone is an elite honed in the wizard war!

However, even such a resistance team was still defeated by Voldemort!

Because there are no survivors, no one knows whether this battle was done by Voldemort alone or someone leaked the information in the middle. Voldemort beating somebody at their own game summoned his servants to come to the field to fight against the siege…

In contrast, Ivan prefers the former.

Because with the increase in strength, Ivan feels that ordinary wizards are no longer a threat to him.

In the case of duel, it’s not a problem to hit ten Auror in one go. This is still limited to too little magic power, let alone Voldemort.

For this level of wizard, the role of the sea tactics is very limited.

This also means that even if Law Enforcers have outstanding battle strength, their biggest role is to help him contain the large number of Death Eaters, and it is difficult to provide him with much help in high-level battles.

Just as Ivan was thinking about it, a subtle explosion in the distance and the light of fire came into view, pulling his floating thoughts back…


At the same time, two figures appeared out of thin air in the street on the east side of Knockturn Alley.

“Well, it should be here. According to the intelligence, the wizard we are going to invite this time is living alone. There is no other person in the family. He is of average strength and is the best one to deal with.” Grace looked at He said enthusiastically with the map on his hand.

“But how should we invite him? Just knock on the door and ask?” Walker scratched his head and asked puzzledly.

The smile on Grace’s face suddenly froze. She hadn’t thought about this problem at all before she came, and now she has heard Walker mention it and realized it.

In the middle of the night, if someone suddenly invites you to a place, it is unlikely that anyone will agree to it…

“Anyway, give me a courtesy first, then try to speak, what if the other party is easy to talk to?” Grace hesitated for a long time, and finally spoke.

Walker is a little worried about beating the grass to scare the snake, and being run away by the opponent, but it is not easy to get in directly… After all, there is more than this room nearby.

After the two discussed, Grace stepped forward and knocked hard on the door.

dong dong dong ……

After a while, no one responded.

Until the two frowns wondered if there was no one inside, a husky and nervous male voice rang.


Grace felt a shock, cautiously said. “Yes, sir, we are the Law Enforcer of the wizard market. Your Excellency Wrahles sincerely invites you to meet in the wizard market immediately…”

Grace’s words seemed to make the wizard inside relaxed, but his words quickly became a little annoyed and said very impatiently.

“I’m not interested…Hurry up, don’t disturb me to rest!”

Walker’s face suddenly darkened, and Grace was also a little angry.

It’s just that they also know that it is very impolite to come over in the middle of the night to disturb others’ sleep, so they plan to persuade a few more words.

But just as the two were about to speak, there was a burst of space fluctuation behind them.

Grace held the wand and turned her head very vigilantly, but her tight expression quickly relaxed, because Disapparation came over with three Law Enforcers, and Joseph at the back was carrying one on his shoulders. The unconscious wizard of the past.

“Grace? Walker? Haven’t you figured it out yet?” Joseph looked at them both in surprise.

“Josell? Why did you come here?” Walker said unexpectedly. The goals of each team are unlikely to coincide.

“Hehe…does that still need to be said? Of course it is because his wife is inside!” Joseph pointed to the unconscious wizard on his shoulder and said with a strange smile.

Walker and Grace are both a little confused. The information they got is that the owner of this house should be a wizard who lives alone.

The faint voices of a few people gradually spread to this small room, and there was soon a harassment inside.

“Go on, don’t let them run!” Noticing this, Joseph didn’t hesitate at all, waved wand and broke the lock with a door opening curse, and then rushed in directly with the wizard on his shoulders. .

The other two Law Enforcers were also very decisive. Without saying a word, they rushed into the house with Joseph.

Next moment, fierce shouts and fighting sounded from the room.

Walker and Grace hurriedly chased after them, but after such a short time, the battle was over.

When the two rushed into the house, it was a mess. In addition to Joseph and the others, there were also a man and a woman two wizards on the ground. They looked untidy and seemed to have just gotten dressed. , But this will have passed unconsciously.

Josell was telling a Law Enforcer to take the fainted witch with him, then turned his head and looked towards the two people who walked in, and enthusiastically stepped forward to patted Walker’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, I won’t take credit for your work, I have already caught this person for you, no thanks!”

Looking at the wizards who fell on the ground unconsciously in the past, Walker and Grace looked at each other in blank dismay. If they remember correctly, Lord Wrahles asked them to “invite” people to the wizard market… Is it really good for you to “invite people” like this?

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