Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 730


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1 point later, several people walked out of the house carrying their goals.

Due to the urgent task and other targets to be dealt with, Joseph and the others not at all stayed here. After exchanging information with Walker and Grace, Disapparation disappeared in place.

“It seems that we can’t wait any longer…” Grace muttered to herself, who was still staying in place.

Just now, she learned from Joseph that those fast teams had invited three or four goals in this period of time, and they had just settled one.

“Yes, we have to speed up too!” Walker agreed with nodded. He didn’t want to be the last one to complete the task when the time comes.

The two highly motivated people took out the map again and used Disapparation to go to the location of the next target.

According to this, in another room beyond ten meters, Vincent, who was awakened by yelling and breaking the door, slowly lowered the curtain.

While irritated by these people’s congresses at night, which affected his sleep, Vincent was also faintly taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, secretly guessing what happened to the bad luck ghost next door, which would cause it. Such a big battle.

“But what does this have to do with me?” Vincent mumbled secretly, after thinking for a while, he gave up the desire to explore.

There are too many similar things in Knockturn Alley. Many wizards hid in Knockturn Alley because they had a case in their hands, or they got into who was involved. It’s normal to be caught suddenly one day .

Vincent yawned, then lay back on the bed and continued to sleep.

I don’t know how long it has passed. Vaguely, a dull knock on the door reached Vincent’s ear, accompanied by the rough voices of several big guys.

“Open the door, the community will send warmth!”


In a flash of more than an hour, the originally empty square was already crowded with invited people, and all kinds of noisy sounds continued.

Most of the wizards were transported after being forcibly knocked out. Few people can figure out what happened.

Even when they just woke up, some people tried to rally and resist, trying to escape from here.

But it’s a pity that the Law Enforcers have confiscated their wands a long time ago. A group of wizards without wands, no matter how many people there are, they can’t make any waves. The few leaders are the guarded Law Enforcers. Fiercely’s lesson.

Seeing the fate of these “pioneers”, the order on the square was barely maintained. The wizards who were captured temporarily suppressed the rising anger in their hearts and chose to continue to wait and see until things became clear. Decide your position.

About ten minutes later, Walker and Grace dragged the two wizards and appeared on the square. When they realized that they were the last team to arrive, both of them looked a little depressed.

Fortunately, they didn’t wait for a long time, and Ivan didn’t mean to blame them. After all the unconscious wizards from the past woke up, he slowly walked up to the high platform.

The crowd discussing spiritedly underneath suddenly fell silent, and everyone spontaneously turned their eyes to the high platform.

As Ivan moved forward step by step, a coercion gradually shrouded their hearts.

It feels like someone is holding a heavy object on their shoulders, adding weight bit by bit.

Notice the suspicious expressions on the faces of the wizards, Ivan on the stage secretly clicked nodded. The newly acquired bloodline magic is more powerful than he thought. Not to mention the dragonized state, just the extended Dragon’s Might Helped him solve a lot of troubles.

Under the gaze of everyone, Ivan quickly walked to the center of the high platform, opened his hand, and spoke very enthusiastically.

“Everyone, thank you very much for being invited to attend an important gathering this time!”

The Law Enforcer who was watching applauded very interestingly, while the wizards who were caught frowned and looked at Ivan on the stage indifferently.

Vincent, suffocating his stomach, sneered even more. “Do you mean sending someone to break into our house and knock them out and then bring them here?”

Ivan not at all was angry at Vincent’s sudden interruption, but he politely explained it.

“Please forgive me for the rudeness of the Law Enforcers! Because the incident happened suddenly, in order to bring everyone here smoothly, it is usually necessary to take some special measures to avoid…some people with bad intentions Take the opportunity to escape!”

As Ivan spoke, his eyes turned slightly to the right. The Death Eaters in Shining’s memory are now tied up with rope and thrown under the platform, looking very miserable…

Vincent couldn’t help shivering as he watched this scene, his tone was slightly reduced, and he asked. “Then your Excellency Wrahles took so much thought to invite us people here, what are you going to do?”

Ivan looked around at the crowd and spoke in a gentle tone. “Now all the wizards in Knockturn Alley are here. I invite you to come today to discuss the future of Knockturn Alley…”

The future of Knockturn Alley?

In the square, the wizards who heard these words showed mocking and disdainful expressions, but Ivan didn’t pay attention to them, but continued to speak.

“I have heard people say that Knockturn Alley is a shelter for a group of pitiful persons, and some people think it is a concentration camp for villains and dark wizards. However, since the beginning of Knockturn Alley, chaos and killings have always been here. I believe that none of you will oppose this…”

Ivan suddenly paused when he said that, and turned to look towards Vincent. “Vincent, if I remember correctly, your wife died in a Knockturn Alley duel three years ago.

It was a battle that had nothing to do with you. It was caused by a conflict between several wizards. They fought near your house, and it hit your wife, which led to her unfortunate death…”

“Although you have successfully avenged her, but the dead cannot be restored after all. I think that is not the result you want.”

Vincent’s expression suddenly became a little gloomy, and Ivan’s words were equivalent to forcibly revealing the scar that he had buried in his heart for a long time…

Ivan not at all meant too much excitement for Vincent, and his gaze quickly turned to another wizard. “Mark, I heard that your child was almost taken away, and he almost died at home?”

“What on earth are you trying to say?” Mark’s face became a little unsightly. If he hadn’t had a wand in his hand and there were use spellers staring at him, he would have done it a long time ago.

“Good question!” Ivan clicked nodded, and he looked at the wizards in the audience and spoke word by word. “I think Knockturn Alley has been in chaos for too long, and a brand new order is needed here!”

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