Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 731


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“I know that among you there are lowly thieves, wicked thugs, and dark wizards who study taboo magic and are not tolerated by the world. You are very comfortable here, and even take the initiative to create chaos and enjoy it…”

“But I think there are more people who are tired of those unreasonable fights. They don’t want to be stained with blood of strangers in front of the house. They don’t want their children and relatives to have to face it when they walk on the street. The risk of death…I’m fed up with Powerhouse’s endless exploitation of the weak!”

“The perpetrators have never had the slightest sympathy, as long as they think you are weak and deceptive, they will take away your only ration without mercy…”

Speaking of this, Ivan’s tone became more and more high, he looked towards the moving faces in the audience, and spoke again.

“So…my friends, it’s time to make a change. Knockturn Alley desperately needs an order!”

“From today, we will no longer have to worry about walking outside the door and being affected by an unknown duel, being stolen from the meager hard-earned income, let alone being bullied by mobs…

We will live in a brand new place, a new home where chaos is abandoned and order! “

Ivan’s words resounded in everyone’s minds like Hong Zhong.

Many dark wizards showed uneasy expressions on their faces. They looked at all around in horror, and the emotions of more people had been aroused by these words.

Just as Ivan thought, the largest number of people in a slum is the poor. Most of them grew up here, and a few migrated from other places and settled here.

These people are the victims of the chaos in Knockturn Alley. According to outsiders, they are a group of cockroaches and mice hiding in the corner, a group of… people completely abandoned by the magic circle!

No one hates the chaos here more than them, and no one expects order more than them.

To complete the task of reorganizing Knockturn Alley, Ivan understands that he must try to win the support of these people!

However, as Ivan was talking, a very discordant voice suddenly rang.

“Even Ministry of Magic can’t control it here, so what are you?”

Ivan’s speech stopped. He heard the sound and looked over. It was a middle-aged wizard in his thirties with a gloomy expression on his face.

“This is a good question! It’s just that I don’t like someone interrupting me when I am talking, understand?” The smile on Ivan’s face did not change, he was still so polite.

This made the Law Enforcer onlookers shiver.

Only the middle-aged wizard showed a somewhat disdainful expression on his face. He thought Ivan’s reaction was a cowardly and fearful expression, but before he could speak again, Ivan on stage suddenly had no warning Waved wand.


A burst of hard to describe pain instantly swept through his body. The middle-aged wizard who was still aggressive before fell to the ground in the next second, twisting his body crazily, his nails pierced deeply into his palm, and his mouth came out. one after another sad howl…

at first, the wizard was still quite strong, even gritted his teeth to lower his voice as much as possible, but after Ivan increased the use spell, his willpower collapsed immediately and turned to lowliness. , Humblely begged Ivan’s forgiveness…

However, no matter how the other party pleaded, Ivan’s expression did not change in any way. Use spell did not waver, just watching the wizard struggling painfully on the ground in silence.

Ivan slowly put away the wand until the other party slid like a dead dog.

The whole square is quiet and scary.

Crowd Chinese Sente looked at the middle-aged wizard who was tortured unconscious not far away, then looked at the silhouette on the high platform, filled with a hint of chill in his heart.

The rest of the wizards looked at Ivan with a look of fear and panic.

Before Ivan’s polite attitude and slightly immature face gave them the illusion that they were standing in front of him as a weak lamb.

But Ivan’s sudden Cruciatus Curse has completely tore through this disguise,

all around The Law Enforcers surrounding them are reminding everyone that this is not a lamb, but a man-eating tiger!

“Anyone else intends to ask questions?”

Ivan’s voice rang again.

No one dared to respond. Everyone bowed their heads in fear, and the wail of the wizard seemed to be still echoing in their ears, blocking their words.

Ivan noticed the changes in the expressions of the people, and was not surprised. He knew early on that some people in Knockturn Alley couldn’t make sense.

Only oppression and pain can make villains have a long memory…

But for those obediently and honestly wizards, Ivan has always been tolerant, and also meant to ease the dignified atmosphere, lest these people mistakenly think that they are a cruel wizard, so he spoke gently.

“You don’t need to be afraid of me. Sharp knives are always reserved for those who need to be punished. Those wise men who can recognize the situation and those who are willing to follow the order will receive the most generous treatment!”

“Please make your choice now. All the wizards of Knockturn Alley are here. You have the right to decide for yourself the future of this forgotten place, whether you want to continue following the chaos of the past, or build with me New order?”

“I will give you 1 point of time to consider. Those who agree, please raise your arms, those who disagree…” Ivan looked around everyone present and pointed to the empty space under the high platform with wand. “Please stand up!”

The time passed bit by bit, and the wizards gathered in the square hesitated. Although Ivan’s words had touched their hearts, these few words were not enough to convince them.

The most unbelievable thing in Knockturn Alley is words, not to mention that they were all caught by force this time…

So compared to the “beautiful new home” described by Ivan, everyone is more afraid of the Law Enforcers who surround all directions and hold the wand.

As for the empty talk about democratic voting by Ivan, no one is so stupid to believe that the wizard who ran into Ivan is still lying there unconsciously, and no one wants to follow his footsteps.

Half a minute passed in a flash, during which no one raised their hand, and no one dared to stand up, as if they were carrying out some kind of silent protest…

Ivan’s complexion has not changed, he still looks calm and composed, but in his heart he is playing drums secretly, wondering if he is too impatient…

I knew I should find a few Toan in advance to help myself speak in the crowd…

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