Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 732


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Seeing that time was about to pass, Ivan’s heart gradually sank to the bottom.

He made so many preparations today and captured all the wizards in Knockturn Alley in one breath. If he succeeds in one fell swoop, it would be good to say that once he fails, the consequences will be serious.

Fortunately, Ivan was slightly relieved that when there were only ten seconds left, one hand was slowly raised.

The wizards who were still hesitating for a while turned their heads and looked over. It was Mark who raised their hands.

Under everyone’s gaze, Mark didn’t waver at all. He stared at Ivan on the high platform, then glanced at his nine-year-old son who was arrested with him, and finally sighed.

“Perhaps you are right, Knockturn Alley needs order…I don’t want that day to happen again…”

Mark’s affectionate sigh moved the wizards present.

But the voice of opposition soon rang.

“Who knows if what he said is true?”

“He shouldn’t have to lie to us…” Mark pointed to the Law Enforcers gathered around and reminded. “Don’t forget, we have no choice from the very beginning.”

Mark’s meaning is very obvious, the situation is better than others now, even if Ivan is uneasy and kind, they have nothing to do.

After a while of silence, more and more wizards raised their hands, and those who had opposed opinions had to temporarily bow their heads in this form.

After a while, everyone in the audience raised their hands in agreement, and the heart Ivan had been holding was finally relieved. Although the time limit of 1 point has long passed, at least the result he wanted has now been achieved.

The only pity is that the reminder to complete the task has not sounded. Ivan thoughts move, opened the task bar and took a look. The task of rectifying Knockturn Alley has increased to 90%. Seven……

Why is there still 3% of the progress left? Did I miss something?

Ivan’s browses slightly wrinkle. He looked at the raised hands and suddenly realized something. His brows stretched out. He took a few steps forward, smiling again on his face, Zhang Opened his hands and spoke.

“I am glad that everyone made the right choice!”

“You and I are all wizards living in this forgotten land, suffering from hunger and suffering, and now have the same beliefs, and should unite and be close to sisters…”

“But please allow me to say one more…” The smile on Ivan’s face narrowed slightly, and his words gradually became sharper. “Some of you are not worthy to stand with us!”

“They are bullies and perpetrators, murderers, marauders, people who bring us pain and force you and our lives to worsen every day… They are not friends but our enemies. !”

Ivan was pacing on the high platform, eagle-like eyes swept across the wizards with sudden changes, and then grinned said with a smile: “I can understand the resentment and pain in each of you, and allow you Now let’s vent-push those abusers to me and stand trial. This is the first thing I will do for you!”

As soon as this statement came out, the orderly square immediately became chaotic, and an old witch scolded even more.

“What are you kidding? Don’t be fooled by him, he just wants to divide and enslave us!”

“We have more than a hundred people here. Why don’t they charge ahead directly. Do they dare to kill us all?” The other wizards also said sharply.

However, Ivan simply ignored their words, and after blessing himself with a Sonorus curse backhand, he shouted loudly to everyone in the audience.

“Go ahead, let us rebuild order!”

Ivan’s words are like pressing a certain switch. Normally, timid and the poor people who dare not resist have fierce expressions on their faces. The squeezed anger in their hearts is completely ignited, a pair of vision turned to those wizards who just tried to stir up chaos.

“What do you want to do?” a dark wizard asked sternly, he subconsciously wanted to grab the wand hanging around his waist, but he was empty.

At this time, he remembered that his wand had been snatched away by those hateful Law Enforcers, and even the dark magic items he had hidden in his pockets were looted when he was unconscious.

Except for two pairs of fists, he no longer has the ability to fight against this mob… He can only watch a dozen or so angry wizards throw them to the ground.

The noise and chaos continued for about 5 points. Two dozen wizards were quickly kicked out by everyone, one by one with bloody nose and swollen face, obviously they were beaten during this time…

The last wizard who was pushed out was even more blue and purple, and looked very miserable, but he climbed onto the high platform uncharacteristically, and quivered slightly in front of Ivan, weeping bitter. Tears complained that he was wronged and framed…

Ivan looked down at the wizard and said indifferently. “Jamie Davis?”

“Your Excellency Wrahles, do you know me?” Jamie’s heart suddenly shook.

“Of course I know…” Ivan said playfully. “Twenty-one years ago, you graduated from Hogwarts. Earlier, you were selling fakes in Magic Circle. It wasn’t until fourteen years ago that you killed an Auror who saw through you and fled to Knockturn Alley, becoming a habitual thief and The Marauders, am I right?”

Jamie’s pupils shrunk slightly and looked at Ivan with horrified eyes. The other party knew his habit of stealing, and he could understand it, but the fact that he once killed Auror was a secret that no one knew…

He couldn’t understand where the other party got the news.

But at this time, Jamie has no intention of thinking about that many, and the fearful expression on his face has gradually become ugly. From the very beginning, he knows that Ivan will not let him go so easily, all around. Law Enforcers also cut off his retreat.

The only survival possibility is to hijack the young wizard in front of you, and now is the best opportunity!

A trace of excitement rises in the mind. Jamie knows that the Law Enforcers at such a close distance are basically impossible to support, and the wizard who is close to him simply has no chance to pull out the wand!

Jamie jumped up from the ground almost instantaneously, and leaped straight towards Ivan, with his flexible right hand pointed at Ivan’s neck…

But what was beyond Jamie’s expectation was that after he suddenly violent, Ivan not at all was slightly moved, calm and scary.

Under the influence of Legilimens, Jamie’s thoughts and thoughts have long been exposed, so in the face of such a “sudden” attack, Ivan just spit out a few words sarcastically.


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