Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 733


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While Ivan was speaking, the seventeen magic texts engraved on the left wrist bracelet were instantly lit…a shock wave composed of magic power spread rapidly towards all directions,

Jamie, who was close at hand, suddenly froze, as if he was hit by a heavy hammer in his chest. He flew out embarrassedly, rolling all the way and hitting the huge stone pillars all around the square. on.

The response of the Law Enforcers guarding over there was not too slow, and they neatly tied up Jamie, who was left with only a breath after landing.

Ivan seemed to have done an insignificant little thing. He didn’t even look there. He turned his gaze to the two dozen dark wizards who were pushed out by everyone, and used Legilimens to count them one by one as before. Their crime…

Robbery… Killing… Stealing… Fraud… Curse…

One crime, overt or undercover, was gradually revealed by Ivan.

Every wizard named has a cold sweat on his head and a warrior figure. Ivan on the stage is like a devil in hell, digging out the deepest secrets in their hearts.

The wizards standing below were filled with righteous indignation, and Ivan’s words mobilized all the anger they had accumulated over the years, and he wished to rush up to sack these people immediately.

If the eyes could kill people, these twenty-odd thugs would have been battered long ago.

Dougt is a bit curious about Ivan’s sources of intelligence. In the afternoon, Ivan asked him to get a list of people in Knockturn Alley who need attention, but the information he wrote in there was far less than what Ivan said now. It’s so detailed.

is it possible that Ivan has other sources of intelligence?

While Dougt was thinking hard to understand, Ivan had finished talking about everyone’s crimes and made a corresponding trial. Among them, nine people were immediately sentenced to death for their crimes, and the remaining sixteen were sentenced to life imprisonment!

Amidst Ivan’s indifferent judgment, these 25 wizards were full of ugliness, either kneeling to pray, or weeping bitter tears, only an old witch fiercely stared at Ivan and shouted in a sharp voice. Tao.

“You have no right to judge us…”

Law Enforcers gathered around and laughed at this place, but to their expectations, Ivan even ordered nodded, and said in agreement.

“You are right, I don’t have this right.”

Everyone present was stunned, even the old witch didn’t expect that Ivan would actually agree with her words.

However, before she could react, Ivan turned his head and scanned the wizards under the high platform, and continued loudly.

“Yes, I certainly do not have this right, but they do!”

“It is not my selfish desire to judge you, but a choice made by all the wizards of Knockturn Alley…”

Ivan’s words immediately awakened the wizards gathered in the square, and soon someone echoed them.

“Yes! Put them to death! Hang these people on a pillar!”

“No, they can’t be so cheap, use Cruciatus Curse!” Another wizard looked at the old witch angrily and retorted loudly.

The voices of the people one after another made the dark wizards who are about to be judged plunged into deep fear. There were even a few voices in the crowd suggesting Ivan to dismantle them or use Cruciatus Curse to torture them to death… …


Amidst the noise, Ivan raised his hand, and his voice was as loud as thunder under the blessing of magic.

A few seconds later, the chaotic square returned to silence, and a pair of eyes looked towards the stage. Compared to the previous look, the look towards Ivan was a little more agreeable.

At the same time, the system hint of task completion also rang in Ivan’s mind.

It’s just this meeting. Ivan didn’t have time to pay attention to it for the time being. He put all his energy on the hundreds of wizards in the audience.

“My fellow citizens, I understand your inner anger very well…”

“But blind killings are not desirable. Some of them are guilty and some are not dead. What we should pursue is order rather than chaos… Trial is not to vent anger, but to give them what they deserve Retribution!”

Speaking of this, Ivan paused, and then solemnly opened the mouth and said again. “I promise you that each of them will get the most fair trial! Starting today, Knockturn Alley will also usher in a new chapter!”

Under Ivan’s encouragement, the passionate Knockturn Alley wizards gradually calmed down.

Watching everyone’s expressions, Ivan secretly clicked nodded, he knew that his prestige had been initially established.

It’s worth noting that he memorized the entire afternoon’s speech, and he was secretly rehearsing several times in the middle…

Now it seems that these efforts are worthwhile, and even the effect is surprisingly good. He originally thought that in the end a coercive policy would be needed to make these people succumb. The wizards of Knockturn Alley didn’t expect more than he thought. To cope better.

The corners of Ivan’s mouth curled up slightly, and at this moment, a small applause suddenly passed from the right side of the square, breaking the silence on the court.

at first Ivan thought it was the Law Enforcers who were cheering for him, but when he looked over, he was shocked in a cold sweat. The two Law Enforcers guarding there fell to the ground at some point. Life or death is unknown.

The faint applause came from the depths of darkness that the fire can’t reach…

“Who?” Fren and the others also reacted at this time, drawing out wands and pointing them in the direction of the sound.

Under the dim night, a thin and tall silhouette came out slowly. The dark wizard robe and the night were almost blended together, only the red eyes were faintly visible in the night.

“What a wonderful speech…”

He stepped to the front of the stage, stopped his applause, and said in an admiring tone. A slight smile appeared on the pale snake’s face without a trace of blood, send cold shivers down one’s spine.

Voldemort? !

Ivan’s pupils shrunk, staring at the weird silhouette in front of him suspiciously, with a puzzled expression in his eyes.

Why is he here? How could it be here?

Is it because the traitors appeared in the Law Enforcer, or because they called each other’s name in the underground fortress, or those Death Eaters successfully activated the Dark Mark before they were captured?

Countless thoughts flashed through Ivan’s mind,

But these are not the key points. What really puzzled him was that, in Dumbledore’s judgment, Voldemort had suffered fatal injuries in that battle, and he needed to lie in bed for a while.

This is why he dared to hold this big rally in the wizard market.

But now Voldemort, who should have been seriously injured, stood in front of him with good grace…


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