Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 763


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Dark wizards have reformed collectively and plan to be good people?

Harry and Ginny looked at each other in blank dismay, feeling a little unbelievable.

Ivan didn’t mean to explain more. He couldn’t say that the evil dark wizards of Knockturn Alley were locked up by themselves. The remaining residents of Knockturn Alley were under the supervision of Law Enforcers. You can only choose to be a good person, right?

That’s too scary…it will cause unnecessary misunderstandings.

However, The Quibbler will choose to report on the riots in Knockturn Alley, which Ivan had not thought of before.

Don’t look at this news with many fabricated rumors, most people who read the newspaper will only regard it as a what a joke.

But Voldemort, who was dizzy, didn’t have to care so much. If he knew that the editor of The Quibbler was arranging himself in the newspaper, he would be annoyed by letting Death Eater go over and grab him, or just kill him.

Xenophilius is Luna’s father, and the other party may be in danger, of course Ivan is not easy to leave it alone.

Furthermore, Ivan suggested that Luna’s father hide in Knockturn Alley.

The propaganda department that Gleason has just established, it is always difficult for him to start from scratch.

Although Xenophilius and the articles he wrote are not very reliable, The Quibbler can be regarded as a very famous magic newspaper in Britain, and it may be useful.

As for Ivan’s proposal, Luna thought about it for a while and agreed very seriously, planning to write a letter tonight.

Ginny stopped talking. She always felt that Ivan’s statement was unreliable, but in the end she didn’t give any more persuasion.

“By the way, Harry, have you had any troubles lately? Or is there something about Sirius and they are about to attack you?” Ivan turned his head and looked towards Harry and asked.

Just now when he was at the wizard station, he discovered that something was wrong. After all, those who were idle in the Order of the Phoenix had come together to protect Harry.

Ivan searched the memory in his mind, and suddenly remembered that Harry had been attacked by dementor this summer in the original time and space. He used Expecto Patronum under helpless, but was misunderstood by the Ministry of Magic as using spell at random outside the school and was almost taken away wand ……

However, Harry shook the head under his watch and spoke. “No, I had a good summer vacation. No one came to trouble me, it was Sirius who insisted on coming.”

Speaking of this, Harry seemed a little awkward. He didn’t like the feeling of being protected by others to go to school. This would make him mistakenly think that he was still a Second Year kid.

Especially this summer, when he proposed to join the Order of the Phoenix and the Death Eaters fight, Mrs. Weasley and the members of the Order of the Phoenix refused his request because he was still young.

“That means you know who not at all sent someone to attack you specifically?” Ivan muttered to himself somewhat in surprise.

This is very different from the plot in his memory, and the more the plot changes, the more distorted the intelligence he has now, and it may even mislead himself.

For example, last semester, he devoted himself to the plot and used this as a clue to investigate. In the end, he learned that Moody and Little Crouch were just pretends Voldemort had deliberately thrown out to attract his attention. The real trump card was Imperius Curse. Sirius ……

With these precedents, Ivan immediately became vigilant and asked seriously. “Since you are not in trouble, why do Sirius protect you so closely?”

“This is Professor Dumbledore’s arrangement. The last order he sent is to ask Dad and them to protect Harry.” Before Harry could reply, Ginny said.

“Dumbledore…the last command?” Ivan keenly noticed something was wrong.

Ginny ordered nodded, and quickly explained to Ivan that his family moved to a safe house this summer vacation, and members of Order of the Phoenix often come to attend meetings.

Professor Dumbledore is the only exception. He simply couldn’t see his silhouette for these two months, and all Dumbledore’s instructions were communicated through Snape.

If it weren’t for Phoenix Fawkes to send letters from time to time, they would have doubted whether Dumbledore had been murdered by Snape.

Because of this speculation, Sirius almost had a fight with Snape.

Hearing this, Ivan frowned involuntarily, the more suspicious he thought about it.

Voldemort has just been resurrected two months ago. It stands to reason that Dumbledore should take some time during this summer vacation to discuss strategies with the core members of Order of the Phoenix. The members of Order of the Phoenix are suspicious of each other.

Is it… secret or mourning?

Ivan’s mind couldn’t help but think of this. Maybe Dumbledore was dead long ago, but in order to confuse Voldemort and inspire everyone’s confidence, only Snape knew the news.

But if that were the case, how could Dumbledore care to arrange for such a trivial matter as Prefect candidates.

Ivan is certain that Professor McGonagall would definitely lose the position of Gryffindor Prefect to himself unless Dumbledore instructed him.

Or maybe Dumbledore is actually still alive, but his injuries are so serious that it is not convenient to show up…

Thousands of thoughts flashed in Ivan’s mind one after another, but on the surface, Ivan’s face didn’t change at all, and the expression continued to talk freely.

It’s a pity that both Harry and Ginny are Outer Members, and the information they learned is so pitiful that they can’t help him much.

The four people in the carriage just chatted all the way. About an hour longer, Hermione and Ron, who had completed the patrol, also ran over, and the small carriage suddenly became lively.

Hermione talked about the Prefect candidates for each house this year. It is worth mentioning that Malfoy became Slytherin’s Prefect. This made Harry and the others very uncomfortable.

Although this is not beyond their expectations…

“Don’t worry, now Hermione and I are also Prefect. Malfoy doesn’t want to trouble us so easily… Maybe I can catch Crabbe and Goyle, or find a reason to lock them up.” Ron Said confidently.

“You shouldn’t abuse your power, Ron!” Hermione stared at Ron harshly. She never thought Ron was a good candidate for Prefect.

The train hushuaa~ headed north, and when the sky was getting dark, the Hogwarts castle in the distance was already in view.

Ivan changed into his school uniform, took his suitcase and got out of the car. Harry, Hermione, Luna and the others also quickly followed. Everyone sat on the carriage pulled by Thestral and swayed along the trail. Sail to the castle.

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