Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 765


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Seeing Dumbledore coming in from the door, Umbridge, who was sitting on the teacher’s bench, suddenly felt his eyes light up. The whole person became excited and hurriedly stood up to meet him.

“Headmaster Dumbledore! I need to remind you that according to Hogwarts’ school rules, the headmaster should be there before the separate house ceremony…” Umbridge cleared his throat, and said in a strange tone.

However, Dumbledore didn’t even mean to stop as if he hadn’t seen her. He walked straight past, and the faintly emitted oppression force directly blocked Umbridge’s subsequent words.

Umbridge just opened his mouth and stood there blankly, his face turned blue and purple.

At this time, Dumbledore has already walked onto the stage, looking at the young wizards under the stage, said with a smile. “Although I am a bit late, I still want to say…Welcome! Welcome new students to Hogwarts!”

After the voice fell, there was an exceptionally warm applause in the auditorium.

Dumbledore’s silhouette was never seen on the school ceremony before, and some of the senior students were alarmed. Now they are at ease.

When the applause weakened, Dumbledore continued to speak. “Maybe the long journey has made you stomach rumbling with hunger, but before enjoying a rich lunch, I still need to say a few words!”

“This year, our faculty has two changes. First of all, I am very happy that Professor Grubbly-Plank can continue to teach, she will be responsible for teaching you the lesson on protecting magical creatures.”

While speaking, Dumbledore turned his gaze to the teacher’s bench, Grubbly-Plank stood up, smiled and gestured to the crowd, and there was another round of applause from the audience.

Harry wanted to speak and wanted to inquire about Hagrid’s whereabouts, but Hermione stopped him.

After that, Dumbledore looked towards Umbridge, who was still standing on the long table aisle. “In addition, there is a new face this year. Defense Against the Dark Arts will be taught by Umbridge…”

“cough cough…” Umbridge coughed slightly before interrupting Dumbledore’s words, his face slightly distorted, and said with a smile. “Thank you headmaster, but I would rather be able to introduce myself personally!”

Dumbledore Obscurus didn’t say anything, it seemed that he had acquiesced to Umbridge’s rhetoric.

Umbridge also regained some self-confidence, no longer a calm face, barely showing the iconic sweet smile, and twitched to everyone.

“I must say, it is very good to be able to go back to Hogwarts again! When I see you, I think of the days I went to school in Hogwarts.”

“I stood here more than 40 years ago and brought Sorting Hat with excitement and joy and became a Hogwarts student…”

Umbridge talked about the past when he was young, trying to get closer to the young wizards, but unfortunately the effect was very small.

No one wants to understand how she succeeded in becoming a Prefect by studying hard and making small reports more than 40 years ago, and she has no interest in those outdated rules and regulations.

Everyone in the audience was drowsy, and Harry was clutching stomach rumbling with hunger, thinking about when to have dinner, and then lay on the bed to take a good night’s sleep.

“Can’t you wait until dinner is over?” Ron sighed, muttering to himself, he used to have a banquet first and then talk. I don’t know why this school year is different.

“…Let us continue to move forward in the future and enter a new era of enlightenment, efficiency and sensibility, resolutely maintain what should be maintained, improve what needs to be perfected, and abandon those we should prohibit…” Umbridge fully said More than 40 minutes.

In the first half, I recalled her honors as a student, and in the second half, I emphasized that Hogwarts will make certain changes under the supervision of the Ministry of Magic and improve the existing school regulations.

“Thank you very much, Professor Umbridge, your speech is very enlightening.” Dumbledore waited for Umbridge to finish, then walked back to the stage and spoke.

“As for now, everyone can enjoy today’s dinner.”

Dumbledore raised his left hand and waved wand. A large piece of beef, pies, plates of vegetables, bread, jam and a pot of pumpkin juice appeared on the long table of the four houses.

The young wizards who had been hungry for a night refreshed and picked up their knives and forks oneself.

Ivan also cut off a small steak, stuffed it into his mouth and ate it.

Harry and Ron were eating while talking about the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.

They have seen Umbridge several times before, so there is no hope for this year’s Defense Against the Dark Arts course. They only hope that Umbridge will not be worse than Lockhart.

“This matter is probably not as simple as you think… Did you understand what Umbridge said? Don’t forget, she was an investigator of Ministry of Magic before…” Hermione temporarily put down the knife and fork in her hand. , Looked towards the two, said seriously.

“Did she say anything just now? That sounds nonsense, I’m almost falling asleep…” Ron yawned and took a sip of ice lemon juice to suppress his sleepiness.

“Sometimes there are important things hidden in nonsense!” Hermione said seriously, but Harry and Ron both had blank expressions.

Hermione sighed, explained. “Umbridge is standing here, which shows that the Ministry of Magic wants to interfere with Hogwarts and weaken Professor Dumbledore’s influence in the school! You should have seen “Daily Prophet” in the first two months, and that is a sign.”

When Hermione brought up those reports, Harry and Ron were very angry.

In the past two months, “Daily Prophet” has been the ultimate discredit for Dumbledore. While denying Voldemort’s resurrection on a daily basis, it has spent more than a dozen pages trying to prove that Dumbledore has Alzheimer’s disease.

It was mentioned in one of the articles that Dumbledore would habitually say crazy things at the opening ceremony, such as the famous “idiot! Cry nose! Residue! Screw!”.

Apart from this Dumbledore also abused his power to add points and wantonly favor students.

He once added more than 500 points to Gryffindor in just over ten minutes, but turned a blind eye to certain special students’ violations. As a result, Slytherin, who was supposed to have a house cup, missed him, severely hitting the enthusiasm of other houses.

According to people familiar with the matter, Dumbledore still believes in Harry-Potter’s dreams, and believes that you know who, who once harmed the magic circle, is lurking in the dark waiting for an opportunity, ready to fight him.

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