Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 767

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“You actually kept it from me for so long, tell me what happened that day?” Seamus said excitedly.

“Tomorrow, I’ll tell you tomorrow, or you can go to Harry and Ron, and they know.” Looking at Seamus’s excitement, Ivan helpless shook the head.

I won’t say so much if I knew it, he still has some important things to do tonight.

Because of the previous contradiction, Seamus really didn’t have the face to ask Harry again, and had to pester Ivan reluctantly.

Fortunately, Ron walked in through the door after guiding the new student and relieved Ivan.

After all, Ron likes telling stories the most…

After finally getting rid of Seamus’s entanglement, Ivan walked to the bed and packed the suitcase, and then leaned on the head of the bed to open Marauder’s Map.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!”

Ivan wand tapped, and the delicate ink lines emerged on the blank parchment, gradually drawing the outline of the entire castle.

“Well, Dumbledore is in the office.” Ivan looked around on Marauder’s Map and quickly identified Dumbledore’s location. When she jumped up from the bed, she was about to go to the headmaster room and ask about the location of the Hogwarts magic power storage room.

The scarcity of magic power is his biggest weakness now. If it can be solved, he will not have to hide away when he sees Voldemort again. He can rely on bloodline magic to fight the opponent head-on…

With this kind of power, coupled with the Law Enforcers in Knockturn Alley, it is no problem to kick the Ministry of Magic directly.

Just as Ivan was thinking about this, Dumbledore’s name flashed on Marauder’s Map and then disappeared without a trace.

Ivan, who walked to the door quickly, had to stop and glanced carefully on Marauder’s Map. Dumbledore’s name was not seen anywhere else.

If it weren’t for the magic to block the name like last school year, it would prove that Dumbledore left school through Phoenix.

“Have you gone out? Tonight? What’s so urgent?” Ivan brows slightly raise, thinking to himself.

Dumbledore was rarely late at the previous school opening ceremony, and did not stop at the slightest after the dinner, as if he was rushing to do something.

This makes Ivan feel something is wrong, and Dumbledore’s condition is also very good, completely different from his expectations.

If the other party was still using his left hand when using spell, he just saw Dumbledore’s name on Marauder’s Map, and he would have doubted whether it was Dumbledore himself.

“Forget it, I’ll ask tomorrow, it’s not bad for a couple of days.” Ivan took Marauder’s Map and waited for a long time without seeing Dumbledore coming back, so I temporarily gave up the idea of ​​asking about the magic power storage room and took out Nicholas instead. -Read the two books that Flamel gave.


The next day, early morning.

Ivan got up from the bed with a yawn. After washing, he walked out of the dorm with Harry, Ron and the others.

When a few people arrived in the common room, they saw Hermione standing on the bulletin board angrily removing a parchment on it.

“What’s on it? Hermione?” Ivan stepped forward curiously and asked.

“Look at it for yourself!” Hermione passed the parchment over.

Ivan at first thought it was Umbridge doing something with moths, but after a glance, I realized that this was actually an advertisement for Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, which marked the new product they just developed this year, and the just and honourable one was at the end. Recruiting experimenters and staff…

“Quick-acting skipping candy, answering quills, decoy bombs, and even making a portable swamp… How can they sell these things, it’s damn! They weren’t so bold last year, because Percy will definitely stop them!”

Hermione was trembling with anger. She thought that George and Fred Dezhun felt that they had become a Prefect with Ron this year, so they would have no scruples about their show mercy, and posted the advertisement directly on the bulletin board of the common room.

“Gosh, Hermione, do you want to be the next Percy? That’s too terrifying!” Ron didn’t think there was anything at worst about posting ads, but was shocked by Hermione’s words in the second half.

He thought about Hermione holding a copy of “How Prefect Gets Power” all day, and her body shuddered uncontrollably as she was commanding people.

“Of course I don’t want to be Percy…” Hermione rolled her eyes and said angrily. “But they should know that Fifth Year students will have to take the O.W.L. exam this year, and the seventh-year students will also have to take the N.E.W.T. certificate. There is no time to spend time on fun!”

“Will you help me? Ivan…” Hermione turned her head and looked at Ivan and asked. She knew she couldn’t control George and Fred.

“Okay, I will talk to them when I have time and let them converge a little bit.” Ivan nodded agreed.

Because he saw a love potion named [magic witch] in the product list, selling this kind of potion that affects the mind is indeed a bit too much, and it is easy to go wrong.

Not to mention that Umbridge is going to vigorously rectify Hogwarts this year. It is not a good thing to be too free at this time.

“Slightly constricted?” Hermione pursed her lips a little unhappy.

“Okay, don’t care about this so much, let’s hurry up and eat…” Ivan didn’t compromise this time, and threw the advertisement aside, and suddenly kissed Hermione on the cheek, and then did not When she reacted, she took her hand and walked towards the auditorium.

Hermione’s face flushed, and for a while the trouble with George and Fred was forgotten. Although it is not the first time Ivan kissed her, Harry and Ron are still there. It.

A few people walked into the hall together, and the students met along the way had polarized attitudes. Some people greeted them enthusiastically, while the rest of the students stayed away, as if they were a plague. same.

Ivan, of course, knows what’s going on. Those young wizards who are hiding from themselves should believe the words of Daily Prophet, or they were ordered by family members during the summer vacation and ordered them to get out of trouble. A little farther from the source.

Now those who are still willing to believe him are probably the followers who worship him.

Harry also keenly noticed that some people were deliberately avoiding him, and he was immediately frustrated. He couldn’t understand why so many people were willing to believe the crazy words of Ministry of Magic.

“Of course it’s because of the power of public opinion!” Ivan explained. “Ministry of Magic can be compared to the government of muggle, which is authoritative in itself. As long as what they say is not too outrageous, most people will choose to believe it. Coupled with the information bombardment of Daily Prophet, more people believe it!” /p>

Ivan knows very well how easy it is for the government to manipulate public opinion and reverse black and white. Even a bag of washing powder can be said to be a biological weapon. Whether Voldemort is dead or alive is not a matter of their words.

“Yes! Those wizards can only see what Ministry of Magic wants them to see. If only another influential newspaper is willing to report the truth…” Hermione will also learn from the embarrassment before The slowed god came, talked freely, and then paused again, regretfully saying.

“Even Lavender believes in Daily Prophet’s rhetoric.”

“Don’t worry, I will convince her, it only takes a little time!” Ron patted his chest solemnly vowed assuring that since the prom last school year, his relationship with Lavender has been advanced by leaps and bounds Became boyfriend and girlfriend within days.

While chatting, Ivan and the others quickly sat at the long table at Gryffindor, enjoyed today’s breakfast, and then rushed to the classroom of A History of Magic without stopping.

Ghost Professor Bins, as usual, didn’t care much about the order of the classroom. He followed the script throughout the course, and talked about the topic of the Giants War for more than an hour.

The boring A History of Magic made everyone in the audience drowsy. Only Hermione listened carefully and took several pages of notes.

Ivan picked a remote location before the class and took out “Magical Hieroglyphs and Logograms” to look through it.

I was idle last night, and he had already turned over the two books that Nicholas-Flamel gave him.

Although the other “Book of Jewish Abraham” records many profound alchemy knowledge, even the method of making Philosopher’s Stone was unearthed by Nicholas-Flamel.

However, the full text of this book is composed of Latin, Arabic, Chaldean, and Syriac. He can’t understand it without translation.

And Ivan believes that this “Magical Hieroglyphs and Logograms” will help him the most in a short time.

After all, this is Nicholas-Flamel’s research notes. The knowledge is sorted out and is very concise and easy to understand.

In apart from this, there are hundreds of different magic texts and thousands of magic text arrangements, as well as methods of using Philosopher’s Stone!

“Sure enough, during last summer vacation, what the Teacher was studying was related to Philosopher’s Stone…” When Ivan turned to a certain page, he couldn’t help but stop, muttering to himself.

On this page is a weird arm-guard-like device, with a groove in the center, inlaid with a bright red irregular stone.

A year ago, he had seen the same thing on Nicholas-Flamel’s research drawings.

After studying the content recorded below, Ivan quickly understood the purpose of this device.

Generally speaking, if you want to use the huge magic power in Philosopher’s Stone, you must arrange an alchemy array. It is somewhat inconvenient when fighting, and the enemy will not give you time to prepare in an encounter.

So the arm guard developed by Nicholas-Flamel is very important. This is equivalent to a magic power guide device that can be used to release the magic power from the magic power stored in Philosopher’s Stone without difficulty.

This is probably what Nicholas-Flamel said, a trick to get plenty of magic power in battle.

Seeing this, Ivan understands that he has one more thing to do this year, and that is to make this alchemy device!

In the next class, Ivan also found out the method of using alchemy array to convert matter and the formula of immortality potion in the book “Magical Hieroglyphs and Logograms”…

Ivan is very excited. It’s all that’s all to turn a stone into gold. It’s easy to make money with his current level of alchemy, but immortality is different.

This is the ultimate dream of the overwhelming majority.

In particular, this is still quality longevity. After all, the effect of potion also has the effect of delaying aging.

As for Nicholas-Flamel’s old look all the time, there is actually a reason.

Firstly, after taking too much potion, the body’s drug resistance greatly reduces potion’s anti-aging effect.

Secondly, it took Nicholas-Flamel more than 20 years to analyze and make Philosopher’s Stone. By the time he took the immortality potion, he was already fifty-sixty years old. Unless he undergoes magic transformation, he can’t get a younger body Come through these six hundred years.

This has to be said to be a pity!

I am different. I am very young. After taking potion, I can fully maintain my body function in Peak state for a long time!

Thinking about this, Ivan couldn’t help feeling a little excited, but he quickly suppressed these emotions.

Steady, steady… Take your time!

This is not the time to distract and study these alchemy arrays…

Ivan forced his gaze away from these alchemy arrays and turned to the alchemy device that guides magic power. This is something that needs to be studied in the near future.

【Ding, after the host’s unremitting efforts, the A History of Magic class is over, please continue to work hard.

The evaluation of this comprehensive closed course: low

Appraiser: Bins Cuthbert

Reward: academic points*2


As Ivan was studying how to make this alchemy device, the system hint in his mind rang.

Ivan was stunned, and then realized that the A History of Magic class was over. The Professor Binns on the podium drifted out all the way, and before leaving, he moved towards himself and looked at it.

Obviously, the ghost professor who looked a little confused still found out that he didn’t take the class seriously.

But that’s right, it’s rare that he didn’t stand up to answer questions. It would be strange if he couldn’t find out.

Ivan touched his nose. It seems that I should pay more attention to it in the future. It is still very important for the grade point to greatly improve his learning efficiency.

The next section is the potion class. No one wants to be late in Snape’s class. Ivan is no exception, so he hurriedly packed his textbooks and left the classroom.

“Ivan, why were you absent-minded when you were in class today?” Hermione also quickly followed and asked strangely,

When Professor Binns asked a question today, Ivan did not compete with her, which made Hermione, who was used to it, very uncomfortable.

“I’m just studying a very important alchemy subject. It’s a bit too fascinating… Besides, I have read this history of the Giant War in a book a long time ago. It doesn’t matter if I listen to the class or not.” Ivan said with a smile .

Seeing Ivan’s lightheartedness, Harry and Ron were envious.

The class taught by Professor Binns was too boring, so the two of them were drowsy and played a class game. Now they can only beg Hermione to take A History of Magic to the next exam. Loan the notes to them…

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