Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 768


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After a few people stepped into the classroom and sat down, the class bell had already rang.

It didn’t take long for Snape, wearing a black robe, to push the door and walk in, wave Wand backhand to close the door of the classroom.

The classroom suddenly became very quiet. Everyone was sitting in jeopardy, putting away their playful thoughts.

“Before we officially start the class, I think it’s necessary to remind you…” Snape put the book on the podium casually and spoke.

The pair of hollow eyes scanned the classroom, and when they fell on Ivan, they couldn’t help but stay for a few seconds, then moved their eyes away calmly and continued.

“You will take an important exam in June next year. At that time, you will prove how much potion composition and usage knowledge you have learned.”

“Although there are a few people in this class who are really mentally retarded, I hope that you all can barely pass the O.W.L. exam, otherwise I will be… very angry!”

Speaking of this, Snape’s gaze fell directly on Neville’s face, and Neville’s body trembled, so scared that he was sucked in a cold breath.

“Of course, after this year, many of you will no longer be able to take my class… I only select the students with the best grades to enter my NEWTpotion class. This means that we will follow Some people will have to say goodbye…”

Snape spoke plainly about the important exam in a year.

OWL, the full name of the ordinary wizard level test, has a total of twelve subjects. It is a sub-subject test that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Fifth Year students need to take. Only after passing can they get the qualification for continuing to study the magic. The importance can be seen Spotlight.

The N.E.W.T exams taken by Seventh Year students later are equivalent to vocational certificates, which are directly related to whether they can find a good job after graduation.

For example, to apply for Auror of Ministry of Magic, you need to get “excellent” or “good evaluation in at least five subject N.E.W.T. exams.

Of course, for Ivan, such an exam is not worth taking.

Based on his current magic level, Divination needs some luck, and Ivan is confident of getting the highest evaluation in the remaining 11 exams.

However, in order to earn grade points, Ivan still pretended to listen patiently.

After giving some warning, Snape quickly took out the book and started the first potion class at the beginning of the school-boil the moderator!

In this class, Harry suffered from Snape’s poisonous tongue as always. As long as he made a little mistake, Snape would suddenly appear behind him like ghost, frigid irony and scorching satire.

“Potter! I let you make potion, not let you boil water…”

“Is the moonstone powder put at this time? Potter? Read the instructions for me again!”

“Potter, two drops of hellebore syrup is enough, remember clearly, I don’t want to talk about second time!”


Under Snape’s constant “inspiration”, Harry, who was already in a hurry, successfully turned the potion into a ball of waste water, and was ridiculed by Snape in public.

In the end, Harry, who was covered in dirt, had to look around to help, hoping that someone would save him.

Ivan, who saw this scene, shook the head of the helpless, sealed the potion that had been boiled, and then went to Snape and spoke.

“Professor, my moderator is ready, can you help me see it?”

Snape reluctantly let go of Harry, turned his head and picked up the moderator Ivan had handed over and took a closer look, then opened the lid and smelled it, and finally spit out a word slowly. “Not bad!”

Ivan is very happy. As his Gryffindor student and Harry Potter’s friend, Snape’s “nice” voice can be fully understood as “very good”.

This shows that his potion level has been affirmed by the potions grandmaster.

Harry on the side gave Ivan a grateful look.

But Ivan not at all, he didn’t just come to Snape to help Harry.

“By the way, Professor Snape, do you know where Headmaster Dumbledore is?” Ivan asked curiously.

This morning, when he opened Marauder’s Map to check it out, he unexpectedly found that Dumbledore was still not in school, which was strange.

The only person who is most likely to know Dumbledore’s whereabouts is Snape. As a double-sided undercover undercover from both sides at the same time, Snape must have a lot of secret information, and there must be an urgent way to contact Dumbledore.

“I need to remind you, Wrahles, it’s class time…” Snape coldly said, putting the demulcent in his hand on the podium, and then as if thinking of something, he looked at Ivan who followed up, his tone He softened a little and said again.

“And I don’t know the recent whereabouts of Headmaster Dumbledore, and I have rarely seen him in these two months… The last time was at the dinner yesterday, when you were there.”

Don’t know?

Ivan looked at Snape suspiciously, unable to determine if he was lying. With his current Legilimens level, Snape’s Occlumency could not be broken.

“What about you know who? How is his recent experience?” Ivan looked around and saw that everyone else was still concentrating on making potion, he lowered his voice and asked.

Ivan has always wanted to find out whether his disguise is useful after he beat Voldemort away last time, and how much did Voldemort believe.

“Thanks to you, he is still alive.” Snape looked towards Ivan’s gaze became very weird, and after a long while, he spit out this sentence.

Voldemort is still alive, of course, but his spirit is a little abnormal…

Snape was so curious about what happened that night, so much so that after returning, Voldemort hid in the safe room suspiciously all day, and did not dare to go out for two months…

But Snape knew that it was not convenient for him to come into contact with Ivan this school year. In such a short time, a line of sight had already looked over here-Malfoy was staring at him nervously.

Snape had to suppress the curiosity in his heart, lips slightly moving, reminding him in a very light tone.

“Be careful in the near future, especially don’t eat randomly…”

After finishing speaking, Snape ignored Ivan’s reaction, and walked past him with a blank face, sternly berating Neville who accidentally overturned Cauldron.

Ivan’s complexion remained unchanged, each minding their own business returned to their seats, picked up a few potion materials and cooked them in the cauldron, but in his mind, he recalled the last words of Snape.

Don’t eat randomly?

Does it mean someone is preparing to poison themselves with food?

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