Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 769


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Ivan pondered for a while, and glanced around in the classroom, especially when he stopped at Malfoy and the Slytherin students.

The parents of these people have joined Death Eater, and they have the possibility to start with themselves…

But apart from them, you can’t take it lightly. After all, the powerful dark wizard of magic can use Imperius Curse to control anyone.

Thinking of this, Ivan glanced at Snape again. The other party must have more information, but for some reason he was reluctant to tell him directly.

Is it because of some reasons that I can’t tell, or is it just playing around with Profound Void?

Ivan touched his chin, feeling a little difficult. Snape kindly reminded himself that he couldn’t get Snape up for questioning, right?

The two potion classes soon ended. When they walked out of the potion class, all the young wizards were relaxed.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione are discussing the upcoming O.W.L. exams and future career choices, while Ivan is still thinking about who is going to murder him.

“Ivan, Ron, Hermione, do you think about what you will do after graduation?” Harry looked towards several people and curiously asked.

His knowledge of magic circle is limited to the past few years of study, so it is impossible to determine which courses will be more important.

“Well, I haven’t thought about it yet.” Ron said slowly, “but I think Auror is pretty cool…”

It’s a pity that the requirements are too high…

Ron silently added that the NEWT exam is inherently difficult, and to apply for Auror, you need at least five related subjects to obtain O (perfect) or E (exceeding expectations), and only a few people each year Can do it.

“Auror? I think it’s nice to be a professor at Hogwarts, just like Lupin and Moody.” Harry said, because of Fudge one after another’s brain damage, his senses for Ministry of Magic are not very good .

On the side Hermione is solemnly vowed, saying that after graduation, he is going to do something more meaningful.

“Meaningful things? Like liberating the house elf?!” Ron couldn’t help but spit out.

“This is just one of the things! Ron, apart from this, I still have a lot of things I want to do, such as prohibiting wizards from calling ordinary persons who don’t know magic as muggles. This is a very bad name… “Hermione said firmly.

In Hermione’s view, the entire British magic circle is full of medieval decadence, and laws and regulations are full of inequality and loopholes.

It is precisely because of this that Lucius these Death Eaters can get away with it, and Voldemort’s conspiracy will succeed again and again.

Ron scratched his head and couldn’t understand what Hermione wanted to express. Is there anything wrong with calling someone who doesn’t know magic a muggle?

until now they are all called that.

And Hermione’s other ideas are completely whimsical. Whether it’s giving house elf preferential treatment, banning slander, or changing the law, it’s no different from a fantasy story.

“Who said impossible? As long as the Ministry of Magic is willing to formulate corresponding regulations, these things can be avoided to a great extent.” Hermione said confidently.

“So you really want to be Ministry of Magic?” Harry looked towards Hermione with a weird gaze. Hermione said that once last year, thinking that Hermione was just joking that’s all.

Ron is also shook the head, a witch born in a muggle family, the probability of becoming Minister of Magic is almost zero.

Hermione not at all cares about Harry and Ron who are pouring cold water, and continue to talk about their plans.

Although she is still far from this goal, she can start working hard from this school year, such as registering for all subjects of the O.W.L. exam, and striving to get the highest evaluation.

Excellent grades and resume are the capital for promotion to Ministry of Magic in the future…

I heard that Hermione is preparing to take twelve exams at the same time this year, and both Harry and Ron are somewhat blushed with shame.

Is this the study tyrant? cannot afford to offend, cannot afford to offend ……

“Ivan, are you preparing to take all the exams as I did this school year?” Hermione turned her head, looked at Ivan who had been silent, and asked.

“Well…Huh?” Ivan, who was thinking about the matter, subconsciously clicked nodded, and then realized what Hermione was saying.

“Then when the time comes, we will be more optimistic about Bibi!” Hermione said happily.

Ivan touched his nose. When did he agree?

But Ivan didn’t say anything to refuse. After all, these exams were nothing to him. If it weren’t for worrying about damaging Hermione’s self-confidence, he would have no problem taking the N.E.W.T. exam now.

Hermione then looked at Harry and Ron again, asking if they wanted to participate together.

Ron shook his head frantically. For his self-aware study dregs, it is a blessing to be able to pass the O.W.L. exam in the Seven Sects course six times this school year.

Harry also quickly changed the subject. “By the way, Ivan, you haven’t said what you want to do in the future?”

“Me? After graduation, I bought a room large enough to build a magic research room, and study magic and so on every day…” Ivan hesitated for a while, and said.

This is it? Harry, Ron and Hermione looked towards Ivan with weird gazes.

As the recipient of the Level 1 Order of Merlin, Hogwarts’s greatest genius ever, after graduation, he plans to study magic at home and become an otaku.

This is… so strange.

I noticed the weird gazes of a few people, Ivan curl one’s lip, and did not mean to explain.

Being an Auror, a professor and so on with his abilities, he is totally overkill.

As for dominating the magic circle? It seems to be meaningless.

If it weren’t for being forced to be helpless, Ivan had never been interested in forming a power, and that’s all that he and Voldemort insisted on protecting himself and the safety of his family and friends.

The thing he is most interested in is studying magic, especially after he learned about the essence of magic from Nicholas-Flamel, his thoughts have become even deeper.

Change material, immortality, bring back to life…

magic’s powerful is really unimaginable, and it’s really fascinating!


The course on the first day of school was over soon. After walking out of Divination’s door, several people returned to the Gryffindor common room together.

When they walked into the entrance, they happened to see George and Fred Dee standing surreptitiously on the bulletin board.

“George, Fred, what are you doing?” Ivan walked up puzzled, and then found that George and Fred were using magic tape to put an advertisement on the bulletin board.

Hermione also saw this scene at this time, stopped them angrily, and said. “The bulletin board in the common room is used by Prefect to issue emergency notices, not for you to post ads.”

“Now let’s use it first, and if there is an urgent notice, we will definitely tear him off…” George said with a smile.

It’s a pity that Hermione doesn’t take this set, and they are determined not to use the bulletin board as a place to promote “products.”

“Also, you are not allowed to sell truant candy, cheating quill and love potion, which can automatically answer questions, which is a serious violation of order!” Hermione stared at the two.

“Don’t be so pretentious, Hermione, everyone will want to have a little fun while studying!” Fred De emphasized in a faith-like tone.

“Yes, yes, for example, our newly developed magical witch (love potion), I think many wizards need this to enhance their charm…” George also clicked nodded, and then his eyes rolled from his pocket. He took out a bottle of magic witch and stuffed it secretly into Hermione’s hand, whispering.

“Think about it, if you sneak a drop of this in Ivan’s drink, then he will love you to death…”

Hermione was so angry that Face is red, and threw the magic witch back in her hand. She didn’t need this thing.

Ivan is very speechless. George’s bribery seems to be secret, but his body has been strengthened many times, so this little action can’t hide him.

“What are you doing in such a hurry to promote new products?” Ivan asked.

“Of course it is to earn more gold Galleon. Fred and I are going to open our own magic shop after graduation this school year. Now there is still a lot of money.” George Helpless spread out.

“Do you need my help? Three thousand Galleons, is it enough?” Ivan casually said a number.

“Three…three thousand Galleons?!” George and Fred were taken aback, and they all sucked in a cold breath. They had never seen so much money!

From the Third Year gambling game, I earned Early-Stage research fees. Since they started to make magic props by themselves, they had the most money when they were only more than 100 Galleon that’s all, and the other money was used to buy materials. , Or support the research of new props.

Sometimes I even cannot make ends meet…

Because of this, they are only preparing to distribute flyers and make money this year.

But even so, according to the two people’s expectations, if you want to rent a cheap store in Diagon Alley and decorate it, you need at least eight-nine 100 Galleon, and you have to sell it for several years to get it.

After all, they are now short of manpower and limited time, and they have basically expanded their output at worst.

“Why? Three thousand Galleons are not enough?” Ivan asked again when he saw George and Fred dumbfounded.

“no no no, it’s too much!” George jumped up and said excitedly.

Three thousand Galleons!

They originally only thought about renting a remote location, where they could have a venue, but with 3000 Galleons, they can choose the most suitable location, and the decoration can be more complete, and more importantly, there is no need Worried about follow-up research funding.

They felt excited just thinking about it, but it didn’t take long for their enthusiasm to cool down.

George hesitated for a moment and said sorry. “Ivan, you helped us a lot before. We can’t accept your help anymore… and 3000 Galleon is too much…”

Ivan stretched out his hand to stop George’s subsequent words and explained. “Make no mistake, this is the kind of investment that needs to be repaid! How to say, I am very confident in what a joke toy store you are going to open…”

George and Fred Deed looked at each other, then nodded together. “Ok, yes, but profit…”

“I only have 30%. After all, the magic items you researched are the root of the magic shop…” Ivan took the lead and said.

Weasley what a joke toy store is the dream and hard work of George and Fred, and Ivan is not ready to seize it.

However, George and Fred German felt that Ivan was too disadvantaged and firmly disagreed.

After some discussions, they unanimously decided to sell 40% of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes to Ivan at the price of 1,500 Galleon, and they would borrow the remaining 1,500 Galleon.

Ivan couldn’t help the two of them, so he simply agreed, and then the voice changed to remind him. “Since you have the money, you have stopped posting leaflets everywhere recently. The new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor is not easy to deal with. If you are caught by her, it is not just confinement.”

“The Umbridge from Ministry of Magic? We are not afraid of her…” Fred de Carefree said.

“And you are now the biggest shareholder of the Weasley what a joke toy store, can’t you always help your girlfriend? You should be tough, Ivan, can’t let her everything…” George ignored the side Hermione said with an angry look.

“No, it has nothing to do with Hermione. I am just worried that you will cause trouble.” Ivan sighed, looking at Fred De, asked suddenly.

“If someone bought your magic witch (love potion) and secretly dropped it in Angelina’s drink, what would you think? Fred?”

Fred De followed Ivan’s thoughts for a while, only to feel a green light flashing above his head, and he shivered suddenly.

“I have always been optimistic about Angelina.” Fred De said firmly.

“You can’t stay with her all the time.” Ivan shook the head, “So, you still don’t want to sell love potion, it’s too dangerous! If you have time recently, you might as well research new products…all I’m about to graduate. If I get caught and expelled from school, it won’t be easy…”

Under Ivan’s persuasion, George and Fred finally gave up their plans to sell dangerous items, and happily planned their big plans.

After the two left, Hermione finally couldn’t help it, “You shouldn’t have promised them, Ivan, that’s three thousand Galleons…”

Ron nodded in agreement. He was sluggish. He had never seen so much money.

“That’s just three thousand Galleons that’s all!” Ivan said indifferently. He can now sell hundreds of Galleons when he makes an alchemy item at hand. Philosopher’s Stone is like a money printing machine. This little money will come to him Say nothing.

even more how George and Fred are very talented in making magic items. Although they think about some crooked ideas, I have to say that these products are very popular with students.

Why not do business that only makes money but not loses? He will not be short of money, he will not be too rich, he can help his friends by the way…

Hermione is very helpless. Although she knows that Ivan is very rich, she can’t use money like that… Also, if George and Fred are devoted to the magic shop, they must have passed the NEWT exam this year. Not anymore.