Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 770


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Farewell to Hermione, Ivan, Harry, and Ron returned to the bedroom together.

As soon as I opened the door of the dormitory, Ivan saw Seamus and Neville around the table by the window, staring at the large package placed there.

“What’s the matter? Seamus?” Ivan stepped forward and asked casually.

“An owl sent a package just now. It’s weird. No name is written on it. I don’t know who it is for.” Seamus replied.

Ivan looked at the things placed on the table, frowned, and thought of Snape’s reminder in potion class, vaguely felt something was wrong.

“We are all here now, don’t you know who it was sent to?” Ron was very curious. After squeezing Seamus out of the block, Carefree was about to reach out and grab it.

Ivan was distracted for a moment, and there was no time to remind him, just holding the wand pinned to his waist in his hand, ready to rescue.

Ron opened the package easily.

Ivan’s envisioned explosion and curse were not at all happening, and no horrible and cruel dark creatures popped out of the package-there was a big bag of candies!

Honey Flavoured Toffee, Chocolate Frog, Bibi Toffee…

“There is even the latest licorice root wand.” Ron took out a box of brown wand-shaped candies from the package and said in surprise.

Last year, he saw at Honeydukes Sweetshop in Hogsmeade that the price of this new licorice root wand is not low.

Seamus and Neville are also picking and choosing the sweets they like.

Ivan has no interest in candies, so I saw the slips of paper among the many candy boxes at a glance, and took them directly.

After expanding and seeing the contents, Ivan was taken aback.

“Careful…Snape?” Harry leaned closer and read the contents of the note.

“What are you talking about? Harry? Isn’t this package from Snape?” Ron drove to play said with a smile.

“I mean, this note says [Caution Snape]!” Harry explained.

Ron and Seamus were both surprised, and Ivan passed the note in his hand when he saw it.

After reading the pass, everyone wondered who sent these candies and paper slips, and why they should be careful about Snape.

“Harry, is it a package from Sirius?” Ron asked suddenly.

“Impossible, if Sirius sends it, it will definitely write the name on it.” Harry shook the head,

Now Sirius has been cleared of the charges, there is no need to hide, you can send it directly to him, why bother to make it so mysterious.

“Perhaps he wants to give you a surprise! Who else is there but him?” Ron shrugged.

In the Third Year, Sirius gave Harry and Ivan a Firebolt without a signature, which was very generous.

Besides, Sirius and Snape had a deep conflict. They almost had a fight in the safe house before, and had the motivation to write this note.

Hearing Ron say this, Harry became a little uncertain.

Always impossible, someone sent them so many sweets for no reason?

Such a big package will cost dozens of Galleons.

Ivan directly ruled out Sirius’s option, because he suspected that the person sending the package was uneasy and might even poison it.

The only idle Seamus not at all participated in the discussion. While listening to several people, he opened a chocolate frog and planned to put it in his mouth.

“Don’t eat, Seamus!” Ivan was startled, and the subconsciously snatched the chocolate frog from Seamus’s hand, threw a handful of it on the ground, and waved wand neatly.

“incendio (Incendio)!”

A ray of flame flew out, and then it exploded directly, burning the chocolate frog jumping high to ashes.

Next, Ivan did not relax at all, waved wand summon with a stream of clear water to wash his left hand that had touched the chocolate frog, and finally looked at the system status bar.

Fortunately… Fortunately, there is no trick!

Ivan relaxed, I felt that I was too cautious just now, and immediately after discovering that the package was not right, I should destroy everything.

In case this chocolate frog or that note happened to be cursed viciously…

Ivan thought about Dumbledore’s scorched right hand, shivering abruptly.

Caution…must be cautious!

Ivan woke himself up inwardly, and when he turned his head, he found that Seamus was looking at him dumbfounded.

Harry, Ron, and Neville on the side also had weird eyes.

“Cough cough, I think this thing may have been sent by you know who or Death Eater.” Ivan coughed slightly, concealing the embarrassment that had arisen in his heart, and continued without any expression.

“Don’t forget that you know who has always wanted to murder Harry. You didn’t succeed in the cemetery last school year. Maybe you will engage in some poisoning in private.”

Ivan not at all told Snape’s warning, but instead threw the pot on Harry’s head.

After all, he couldn’t explain why Voldemort wanted to target himself so deliberately.

It’s hard to say that I beat Voldemort two months ago, so the other party hates me very much now, so I can do everything, right?

“Can you make a mistake, Ivan.”

Listening to Ivan’s explanation, Seamus’ corner of the mouth twitched, you know who sent Harry a big bag of candies, and poisoned it by the way?