Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 771


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A week passed in a flash, but Ivan’s search for clues did not make any progress.

For this reason, he even did not hesitate to maintain Legilimens for a long time, investigating every young wizard entering and exiting at the entrance of the hall.

But the result of the perception is that everyone around him is not too malicious towards him.

At least far enough to poison yourself.

Even Umbridge, who has the worst attitude towards him, is limited to cursing in his heart, not at all making plans to murder himself in the near future.

This made Ivan feel very strange. His Legilimens had already risen to the seventh level. Except for Snape, whose Occlumency had reached the ultimate level, no one in the school could avoid his own perception.

is it possible that the threat comes from outside the school, or which house elf is controlled by Imperius Curse?

Or is it the same as that written on that note, it is Snape who really needs to be careful, shouldn’t I believe what he said?

After excluding many options, Ivan had to temporarily set aside the pursuit of the murderer.

After all, there is no way to find out.

The person who sent him the package did not take any action during this week, and no young wizard in the school died of poison while enjoying a meal in the auditorium.

This shows that there is no problem with the food you usually eat.

In view of this, Ivan had to devote most of his energy to the practice of enchanting magic and the making of alchemy devices.

After a whole week of hard work, Ivan successfully compressed the preparation time of the enchanting magic to less than one second. Although there is no actual combat exercise, how much battle strength can be exerted is still a question mark, but it is definitely more than enough to run the alchemy formation.

For the production of alchemy armguards, it is much more difficult. I failed twice in a row. However, Ivan did not expect a successful production of such a difficult alchemy item. After the next batch of materials is delivered, Ivan will practice a few more times. That’s it.

The real headache for Ivan is that Dumbledore has not been seen since the first week of school.

At least you can’t see his name on Marauder’s Map, as if Dumbledore was deliberately avoiding himself, but Ivan really couldn’t think of the reason for Dumbledore to do this.

Because of this, the plan to find the magic power storage room was at a deadlock. Ivan had to abandon the illusion and support himself. He spared some free time every day to go to the Hogwarts library to search for words related to the school’s establishment.

It is worth mentioning that the mysterious and secretive appearance of Ivan has attracted Hermione’s attention since the past few days.

Under the inquiries from the little witch, Ivan, who was so annoyed that there was no way, had to reveal some information, saying that he was looking for a magic power storage room and was planning to use the abundant magic power there to make a magic prop.

Hermione naturally joined in without a word, and helped to find information together.

Considering that one more person has more power, the little witch also brought Harry and Ron who were idle together.

The two sat in the library, groaning and complaining constantly, but they were still obediently and honestly looking at the books, which greatly accelerated the process of screening materials.

Just three days later, Hermione, who kept flipping through the book, suddenly showed a happy expression on her face, turned her head to look at Ivan, and said happily. “I found a clue, Ivan!”

“What? Do you know where the magic power storage room is?” Ivan expression hurriedly asked.

“No, but I think someone might know…” Hermione shook the head, passing the book in her hand. “Ms. Ghost Gray! “A History of Hogwarts” said that she is the daughter of Rowena Ravenclaw, one of the four founders, and she must know the castle very well.”

“Ms. Gray–Helena Ravenclaw, yeah, why didn’t I think of her before.” Ivan murmured.

As a ghost that existed when the school was founded, the other party may know more secrets than the headmaster Dumbledore.

If there is a magic power storage room in Hogwarts, she will know it!

Thinking of this, Ivan was very excited, hugged Hermione and kissed her face several times. “You are amazing, Hermione!”

Little witch blushed, and just as she was about to say something and so on, a beating sound reached the ears of the two of them.

“Quiet! This is the library. You disturbed others reading.”

Ivan turned his head when he heard the sound, and found that the librarian Madam Pince was staring at them with dissatisfaction.

Not only that, but the yell I made just now attracted the attention of most of the students in the library. Obviously, they all saw the appearance of kissing Hermione just now.

Aware of this, Ivan’s expression was very embarrassed and he didn’t dare to stay here for a while, and quickly pulled Hermione away dingy.

Walking all the way out of the library door, Hermione slowed down and asked.

“Ms. Ghost usually only wanders in the Ravenclaw Tower. How do you plan to get in there?”

“”A History of Hogwarts” wrote that for nearly a thousand years, no one except the students of Ravenclaw could answer the questions asked by the bronze door knocker…”

Hermione talked endlessly about the information she had read from the book.

Ivan’s face darkened, and Hermione’s words reminded him of the problem that the door knocker gave him in front of the Ravenclaw tower.

[What is the essence of magic power? 】

Is this really something a young wizard can answer?

I am afraid that even Dumbledore and Voldemort may not know the answer.

Ivan complained about the double-labeled bronze eagle in his heart. Second Year, when he was squatting at the door in the form of Animagus, he also encountered a few Ravenclaws. At that time, the bronze eagle was all about brain teasers, or Logical thinking questions.

Only I am very harsh. It is estimated that it is because of the students of the foreign school, so the difficulty of the question has risen sharply. No wonder no one can answer it for a thousand years.

But he doesn’t need to answer the questions.

“Don’t worry, I can fly in from the window in the form of Animagus without answering questions…” Ivan said with a smile on his face.

Hermione hesitated nodded. After the Goblet of Fire competition last school year, she had seen Ivan’s Animagus form. It was an eagle, but it looked quite big, with a wingspan of more than three meters. Squeeze in through the window.

Actually, the easiest way to enter the tower is to let a Ravenclaw student take it inside, but Ivan repeatedly ordered them to keep it secret, and I don’t want to let others know…

Just as Hermione thought, Ivan didn’t want to find the magic power storage room by himself becoming well known.

So after learning that Helena has a high probability of knowing the location of the magic power storage room, Ivan didn’t intend to act immediately, and planned to wait until late at night when everyone was sleeping before going to Helena to chat alone.

Not to mention, there will be two annoying Defense Against the Dark Arts classes later,

Ivan just hopes that Umbridge can be a little safe today, don’t mess with him…