Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 772


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In the afternoon, in the Defense Against the Dark Arts technique class, Umbridge looked at the “Defensive Magical Theory” in his hand and spoke.

“Today, your class task is to read pages nine, ten, and eleven of the book [Assessing Magic Defenses in the Background of Actual Application] five times and then copy them.”

“In addition, I hope each of you will be able to recite fluently in class next week, do you understand?” Umbridge looked around at the crowd and added with a smile.

Gryffindor and Slytherin’s young wizards were very unwilling to click nodded, and opened the books in their hands one by one and began to recite them weakly.

According to the arrangement of the previous courses, everyone can guess what they are going to do this school year, which is to recite the entire “Defensive Magical Theory”.

This is obviously not in line with everyone’s expectations for Defense Against the Dark Arts. Compared to the boring endorsement in the classroom every day, they expect to be able to wave wand to practice magic or to fight against dark creatures…

Ivan doesn’t matter. As an exam-oriented student in his previous life, endorsement is what he is best at.

In addition, Umbridge appears to be a very disciplined person. As long as he pretends, he can get an excellent class evaluation and earn a high grade point award.

This is why Umbridge is still standing here so far, not being sent to St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries because of a teaching accident.

In the midst of the not-so-loud sound of reading, Hermione was uncharacteristically, raising her arms, looking like she was hesitant to speak.

Umbridge seemed to have not seen it. After talking about today’s task, I sat down on the chair on the side of the podium and supervised everyone to read the textbooks with their loose eyelids like toads.

Hermione still didn’t mean to give up, raising his arms higher and higher, as if fighting to the end.

Ivan helpless’s shook the head who saw this scene.

The young wizards in the classroom also slowly noticed Hermione’s abnormality, and turned their gazes one after another. The sound of reading one after another became weaker and weaker, and finally stopped completely.

Umbridge’s endurance seemed to have reached its limit, so much that she had to get up from her chair, looked towards Hermione and asked.

“Miss Granger, do you have any questions about the content of the two pages of the textbook, or is there something you don’t understand?”

“No, what I’m trying to say is not about the book problem.” Hermione stood up and replied.

“Then please sit down. It’s class time.” Umbridge pulled out a smile, showing the small, sharp teeth in his mouth. “If it is an issue that has nothing to do with the class, we can talk about it after class!”

“I have a question about the course goals of this year’s Defense Against the Dark Arts course, Professor!” Hermione said directly. “I found that in your recent course arrangement, you have not mentioned anything related to learning defense spells… I think this is extremely unreasonable!”

“Learning a defensive spell? Why do you think that?” Umbridge was taken aback, looking at Hermione with a weird look. “You don’t need to use defensive magic in my class. You don’t think you will be attacked during class, right? Miss Granger?”

“But what good is it for us to spend a whole year reciting “Defensive Magical Theory”? It’s simply useless…” Hermione said loudly.

“It will allow you to pass the O.W.L. exam, Miss Granger!” Umbridge interrupted Hermione’s words, looked around the young wizards on the court, cleared his throat, and said again.

“Due to the frequent changes of Defense Against the Dark Arts course professors over the years, your courses have fallen behind a lot, and are far from reaching the OWL exam level, so you must supplement relevant knowledge…” /p>

“But as far as I know, if you want to pass the O.W.L. exam, you still need to master the nine protective spells such as Impediment Jinx and Disarming Charm.” Hermione giving tit for tat stared at Umbridge, without giving up a single bit.

“No, the content of the exam has changed since this year, Miss Granger.” Umbridge said with a smile. “You only need to write the principles of these spells on paper, and submit a report of at least ten feet explaining how to prevent the wizard from abuse of the protection magic, and then I will assess whether you can pass the exam.”

“Memorizing textbooks can’t protect our safety!” Hermione said angrily.

“Under the protection of Ministry of Magic, you don’t have to worry about safety at all! What you need to worry about most now is how to pass the exam!” Umbridge said impatiently.

“What about Voldemort?” Harry suddenly shouted.

The classroom fell silent all at once, and everyone’s eyes turned to Harry.

“What did you just say? Mr Potter?” Umbridge seemed not at all to hear Harry’s words clearly.

“I said, we are not safe now. Voldemort was resurrected two months ago. He is now lurking in the dark with his Death Eaters waiting for opportunities. What we should consider most is not the exam, but the learning How to fight!” Harry shouted loudly.

“Nonsense!” Umbridge said without the slightest hesitation. “As everyone knows you know who died eleven years ago…”

“But I saw him with my own eyes. On the night of the Goblet of Fire finals, I, Ivan, Professor Dumbledore, and Sirius all confronted him! Apart from this Phoenix…There are many others who can testify! Harry stared at Umbridge closely, speaking nonchalantly.

“Perhaps it was just a dream you had, Mr Potter.” Umbridge said at a moderate pace. “In addition, Ministry of Magic Black is a fugitive, and his testimony is not enough to win trust. As for Headmaster Dumbledore… Said he might be a little confused.

“Then how do you explain the dementor riots and the personnel riots that occurred on the Goblet of Fire stadium?” Hermione questioned again.

“This is just a matter of personnel error. Miss Granger and Ministry of Magic have issued an apology!” Umbridge said in a serious manner.

Hermione didn’t expect Umbridge to be so shameless, so angry that there was no answer for a while.

“Does anyone have any questions?” Umbridge asked triumphantly.

Ivan saw that Hermione and Harry were so angry, after thinking about it, I said something to help. “Since the Ministry of Magic can’t do everything, then we still need to protect magic to protect ourselves?”

Umbridge moved his gaze to Ivan’s body, his eyes sharpened, and his official voice said. “The Auror involved in the incident has been punished. The Ministry of Magic will learn from the lesson and provide you with the safest learning environment.”

“Also, I heard some time ago that something went wrong in Knockturn Alley, and you and your mother happened to live there, right? Wrahles? The Ministry of Magic has recently received some very bad rumors and some people reported it. You are at Knockturn Alley…”

Umbridge’s words became harsher, but before she could finish speaking, they were forcibly interrupted.

“You said that rumor? I seem to have heard of it…” There was a slight sarcasm on Ivan’s face. “Voldemort led Death Eater to attack Knockturn Alley, but was beaten and fled… Did you mean this? I thought the Ministry of Magic wouldn’t believe this kind of gossip…”

Umbridge choked, and there was a burst of laughter in the classroom. Apparently many people had heard of this rumor.

“You know what I’m talking about, Wrahles!” Umbridge gloomy said Shen. “Ministry of Magic has sufficient proof that your mother, Aisia-Wrahles, participated in gathering crowds, creating riots, and illegally selling dark magic items…”

“Ministry of Magic does not order magic items from a dark magic shop, professor! But I have to say that you are really imaginative, maybe when did you dream of it?” Ivan said indifferently, totally Ignore Umbridge’s threat.

He doesn’t take this set. There is evidence that Ministry of Magic has already started doing it. That would be bullshit with himself here.

Laughter in the classroom became louder and louder. Umbridge glanced back angrily. The young wizards all turned off, and the laughter stopped immediately.

“Gryffindor deducted 20 points!” Umbridge turned his head, looked at Ivan, and said word by word.

“The reason? Professor, is there anything I did wrong? I’m just answering your question. Does this violate the Hogwarts school rules?” Ivan asked innocently.

The expression on Umbridge’s face froze, but soon her smile returned to her face, turning her head to look at Hermione and Harry who were still standing still, and said lightly.

“Of course you did nothing wrong, Mr. Wrahles! Miss Granger and Mr Potter were deducted. They severely disrupted the classroom order and intended to cause panic!”

“I said this before. It is forbidden to ask questions that are not related to the class during class. I hope you can keep this in mind. Please raise your hand when you speak next time!”

“Especially you Wrahles! Someone told me that you often make a lot of noise in class without the consent of the professor, is that right?” Umbridge questioned.

“This is just a rumor, professor! You should have your own judgment and believe what you can’t listen to.” Ivan said calmly. “Besides, the professors of each subject will naturally deal with what happens in other subjects, so I won’t spare you the trouble!”

“After all, you are just a teaching professor, not a house head, not at all interfering with the rights of other subjects, right?” Ivan added.

“Okay, great!” Umbridge trembled with anger.

“Thank you for the compliment, professor!” Ivan nodded slightly nodded. “You have just arrived, if you have any doubts about the school rules, you can always ask me.”

Umbridge’s entire face twisted together. She looked at Ivan coldly for a while, then glanced at the young wizards who were watching the excitement. “What are you watching me doing? If anyone fails to complete the class task before get out of class ends, then I can only ask him to stay in the confinement room!”

The young wizards in the classroom shivered all together, quickly picked up the book on the table, turned to the corresponding page, and read aloud.

Umbridge suffocated, and while thinking about how to fix Ivan, he walked to the podium and leaned on a chair.

For some reason, while Umbridge was sitting down, the two stool legs at the back of the chair suddenly couldn’t bear the weight and broke apart. Unprepared, Umbridge screamed and hit the floor with his head, embarrassed Rolled sideways a circle before getting up.

“Who did it, stand up for me!” Umbridge completely lost his previous calmness, shouting disheveled hair.

The young wizards at the scene covered their faces with books one by one, suffocating their smiles very hard, and Seamus couldn’t help laughing.

Umbridge pulled out wand angrily, and wanted to step forward to question the wizards sitting in the front row, but maybe her luck was too bad, she stepped on the broken stool leg without taking a few steps, and the whole person again He fell to the ground and didn’t get up for a long while.

Looking at Umbridge’s misfortune, Ivan shook the head pityingly.

extend the hand, a few fly-sized Insects with fierce mouthparts landed on Ivan’s palm, and then twisted back into small pieces of paper with some sawdust…

Sure enough, you still need to use protective magic in class, otherwise it’s easy to stumble…

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