Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 823


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On the morning of the rest day, inside the room upon request, Ivan solemnly opened the glass bottle and poured crimson blood into the cauldron full of potion.

next moment, the two liquids merged together to produce a wonderful magical reaction, like a high-temperature boiling surging continuously, and bubbles emerged, which lasted for several minutes before calming down.

At this time, the potion in the cauldron has changed from the original chaos to the gorgeous golden red……

Ivan didn’t hesitate much, Dang Even put the potion in a bottle and drank it all in one go.

The golden red liquid flows down the throat, and the smell is very strange, but before Ivan can taste it, I noticed a stream of heat rising from the stomach and gradually flowing to the whole body, a bit like stripped of clothes Standing in the sauna room, the whole body is warm.

Ivan discovered for the first time that fusion of bloodline is not necessarily a painful thing, maybe it can also be a kind of enjoyment…

However, this idea just came to mind and was forced to annihilate.

Because Ivan soon discovered that there was a large stove in his body, which was continuously radiating heat outward, and the temperature was getting higher and higher, and in just a few seconds it reached the point that Ivan felt unbearable.

The skin and internal organs seem to be being cooked by the fire, and Phoenix’s whistling sound can be faintly heard.

Not only that, but the other powers contained in the body also begin to stir up. Obviously, the Phoenix power of the new student broke the original balance.

[Enable protection mode! 】

Ivan did not continue to endure, but rather resolutely in the heart silently remembered that the magic power that was almost riot gradually calmed down.

With the previous experience of fusing bloodlines, Ivan is very comfortable with maintaining the balance of power. The four activated bloodlines were suppressed before they could explode.

However, after losing the checks and balances, Phoenix’s power became more and more manic, rampaging in his body, and finally a brain rushed into his heart!

Under the super perception ability conferred by the protection mode, Ivan clearly “sees” that strands of golden red flames are emerging from the surface of the trembling heart, and the strands of flames seem to have received sufficient nutrients Generally, the rapid expansion burns into a big Fireball and swallows the beating heart…

My heart is on fire?

An extremely ridiculous idea flashed through Ivan’s mind, but in the next second he realized that the situation was far worse than he thought!

After the golden red flame engulfed the heart, it extended along the veins of blood vessels. Almost instantly, Ivan’s body was lit into a torch.

This kind of inner-to-out mutation made Ivan somewhat confused, because under his perception, his body disappeared from little by little and gradually turned into the nourishment of the flame.

If this continues, it won’t be long before he will disappear completely in this world!

Ivan tried his best to stop it, but unexpectedly found that he was powerless, because he could not freely control this new student’s power, he could only suppress it or annihilate it, but once he did so, it meant This time the bloodline integration failed!

Thinking about the legendary points he had accumulated so hard, Ivan gritted his teeth, decided to take a gamble, do nothing, and let the flames swallow his body completely.

After all, fire is the hotbed of Phoenix. He has seen the appearance of Fawkes turning into fire and Nirvana-sometimes death does not mean end, but also means new student!

Considering this, Ivan gave up resistance in an instant, closed his eyes, and quietly felt the hot flame licking his body, first the internal organs, then the hands and feet, the body, and the last one was hanging alone. In midair’s head disappeared without a trace…

There was no pain during the whole process. The only thing that surprised Ivan was that his brain was gone, but he was still able to think normally. He can even “see” the surrounding scene through the escaping magic power, but the perspective is divided into many parts, and there is only a fluttering flame left where he originally stood.

Ivan tried to do something in this strange state. When he thought about it, the flames slammed into the wall next to him, exploding one after another.

Ivan immediately felt that his “body” fell apart and was divided into many parts, but he didn’t panic. Thoughts moved, the scattered flames automatically gathered.

“I became a fire?” Ivan thought to himself, amazed by the magic of magic. He manipulates these flames as easily as he manipulates his body before.

After getting used to it a little bit, Ivan was quickly immersed in this wonderful state, experimenting with his new ability, aiming at the tables, chairs and cabinets in the room, consuming magic power to grow more The flames were unscrupulously destroyed.

[Protection mode has ended…]

Just as Ivan was burning happily, the system prompt sounded suddenly.

In the next second, Ivan noticed that his ability to control flames had dropped drastically, and even showed signs of losing control.

This made Ivan unavoidably anxious, and quickly interrupted the idea of ​​continuing the experiment, trying to find a way to get back to his original form.

After more than 1 point of trial, the flames scattered in the responsive house slowly gathered together.

“It’s a magical ability.” Ivan’s silhouette emerged from the fire. He looked at his hands and his undamaged robe, and muttered to himself.

After confirming that he was not at all, lacking arms, legs, or breaking clothes, Ivan hurriedly opened the system column, ready to see the changes after integrating the bloodline.

[Ivan -Wrahles

Occupation: bloodline wizard

bloodline integration: 57 (Unicorn, Basilisk, Boggart, Norwegian Ridgeback, Phoenix)

magic power scale: 305

magic column: Transfiguration Spell Level 7 (1154512800) Occlumency Level 7 (691012800) Legilimens Level 7 (853312800) Fiendfyre Curse Level 7 (927012800)…

bloodline magic: Unicorn’s shadow, Basilisk’s pupil, Boggart transformation, dragonization, fire control


Legend value: 323

Academic points: 240]

“Control the flames?” Ivan looked at the extra bloodline magic and raised his eyebrows. He just experimented with the newly acquired power, which is not just as simple as controlling the flames, it can almost be regarded as an incarnation flame. !

Before Ivan had always envied Voldemort’s incarnation ability as a fog, which is not only convenient, but also very practical in containing the enemy, escape and save life.

It can be said that the reason why the Dark Lord is so difficult to deal with is that apart from the seven Horcrux, the most important thing is to master this special bloodline magic, which can make him immune to overwhelming majority attacks.

Now that I have finally obtained the same ability, although it may be inferior in concealment and containment, the flame is much stronger than the black mist in terms of lethality.