Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 824


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Ivan is very satisfied with his newly acquired abilities, but he expects more than that. Since he can control the fire, I wonder if Fiendfyre can do it?

Thinking of this, Ivan experimented with excitement and waved wand lightly, and a small group of heart-pounding flames floated out of the tip.

Ivan was slightly surprised that there was a little more brilliant gold in the original crimson flame.

“Is it because of Phoenix bloodline?” Ivan realized this as soon as his thoughts turned.

If he remembers correctly, the flame whip used by Dumbledore to severely wound Voldemort last time was the same color…

Just as Ivan was thinking about it, Red’s Fiendfyre had completely transformed into scarlet gold.

But this change did not stop at all, a cold breath escaped from Ivan’s within the body, the scarlet gold flame changed again, and strands of white fireworks emerged, alienating Fiendfyre into A kind of weird ash-gray.

Sen Sen Bai Yan just floated in the responsive room, just looking at Ivan, I felt a palpitations deep in my soul…

He wondered why his Fiendfyre suddenly became like this. Besides Phoenix bloodline, are there other forces that can affect Fiendfyre?

Ivan frowned, I don’t understand it. Unfortunately, the changes in Fiendfyre only lasted for a few seconds before it is over. If the time is longer, or if you are just in the protection mode of system, you may be able to see something What is coming…

Since I don’t understand it for the time being, Ivan has no intention of continuing to struggle.

Fiendfyre is essentially a manifestation of the wizard’s inner brutality and killing emotions. Fiendfyre from summon by different people has different intensity and state.

For example, Fiendfyre of Grindelwald is dim-blue, and now its own flame has become ash-gray, and there seems to be nothing at the worst.

Not to mention Ivan can clearly perceive that this fiendfyre after mutation has become more threatening and more difficult to control than the original version, which is quite high!

Ivan tried his best to direct the white flames around him, changing into shields, whips, or swords. After spending some time to become proficient, Ivan’s control of Fiendfyre became smoother and smoother. stand up.

Sure enough, his previous guess was correct. The ability to control fire is also useful to Fiendfyre…

After getting used to it, Ivan tried to lift the wand, and the alchemy device on his wrist suddenly emitted waves of magic power. The white flames quickly expanded and turned into a ten-several-meter-long Fiendfyre. Knife, cut it right away!

The violent rumbling sound immediately sounded, and the tyrannical Fiendfyre long knife cut a deep crack on the hard ground. Not only that, the white flames continued to engulf the floor to grow by itself, expanding the crack… …

The all around space also vibrates and seems to become unstable…

Fearing that Fiendfyre would destroy the entire house of responsiveness, Ivan experimented with specific formidable power and hurriedly used spell to extinguish all the Fiendfyre that came out of summon.

“My power is probably not weaker than what I showed that night…” Ivan muttered to himself, looking at the traces of Fiendfyre’s destruction.

With his current strength, if he can return to the night of Knockturn Alley, I am afraid there is no need to waste five legendary points. Turning on the protection mode of the system is enough to knock the Dark Lord back…

The most important thing is that with Philosopher’s Stone, there is no problem with his battery life, and there will be no more 1 point clock limitation…

It’s just how long Ivan not at all was happy, because he knew that what he had to face now was no longer the Voldemort who was shrunk in the safe room and did not dare to appear, but the strongest white wizard Albus-Dumbledore in the magic circle!

In the original time and space, he defeated the first Dark Lord Grindelwald of the magic circle head-on, and plot Voldemort against the dead man!

Ivan would never underestimate Dumbledore because of his normally harmonious attitude. Judging from the information obtained from the original time and space, Dumbledore can suppress Voldemort one-on-one, even with the burden of Harry. Repel the Dark Lord.

It can also be seen from the verbal confrontation between the two that Voldemort was very afraid of Dumbledore, otherwise he would not dare to approach Hogwarts in the case of the pinnacle.

However, Ivan believes that now he also has the ability to defeat the Dark Lord. If Dumbledore’s power is only as shown in the original time and space, there is simply no need to fear.

“What the hell is his backing, Elder Wand?” Ivan thought to himself, feeling vaguely disturbed.

Dumbledore is too confident, confident enough to give Phoenix blood to himself, to increase the enemy’s power before the battle.

Ivan recalled the powerful imposing manner he felt from the white wizard at the beginning of school, and thought of Dumbledore’s frequent disappearances in the past two years, and there was a vague guess in his heart.

“Did he accidentally unlock the secret of Deathly Hallows? Gaining power from it?” Ivan thought silently in his mind.

In the original time and space, only Dumbledore and Harry had received three Deathly Hallows at the same time, but neither of them was able to collect all the three Hallows at the same time.

Dumbledore traded the Invisibility Cloak to Harry before he got the Resurrection Stone, so he only had two Hallows at the same time when he had the most hands.

Not to mention Harry, he dropped the Resurrection Stone in the Forbidden Forest before he died, completely losing the probability of collecting three Hallows at the same time.

But things are a little different now. Invisibility Cloak unfathomable mystery has been missing for more than a year, maybe it’s Dumbledore…

Of course, Ivan didn’t believe that the white wizard would take the initiative to steal Harry’s Invisibility Cloak, but what if it was forgotten somewhere by Harry and then retrieved by Dumbledore?

Exploring the power of Deathly Hallows is Dumbledore’s lifelong wish. With the countdown to life, faced with the temptation to gather three Hallows at the same time, would Dumbledore choose to temporarily detain Invisibility Cloak for a period of time and study the power of Deathly Hallows privately?

The more Ivan thinks about it, the more he thinks it is possible, but he doesn’t dare to be 100% sure…

“Forget it, it’s useless to think so much…” Ivan sighed, this guess, apart from letting him know that Dumbledore’s strength may be stronger than he imagined, and increasing the pressure in his heart, it didn’t get too much Multi-function.

Of course, he is not that absolutely does not have a chance of winning. The meeting a few days ago proved that Dumbledore’s physical condition is worrying, and coupled with his old age and physical frailty, he certainly cannot maintain Peak battle strength for a long time.

So what I have to do is to delay as much as possible, increase the intensity of the battle, and let Dumbledore within the body’s injuries completely erupt…