Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 864


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Watching Voldemort suddenly fell to the ground unconscious, Snape was stunned for a while, completely unexpected that this would happen.

Is it because Voldemort personally destroyed Horcrux, so the impact is much greater than before?

Snape’s face changed uncertainly, his right hand gently hooked on the wand around his waist, but the next moment was taken back again because Voldemort, who was lying on the ground, suddenly opened his eyes.

“Master… are you okay, master?” Snape immediately put aside the careful thoughts in his heart, walked to Voldemort anxiously, and helped him up.

“I’m okay…” Voldemort stood up from the ground, covering his forehead, wondering why he received such a backlash when he attacked Harry just now.

Voldemort vaguely thought of his strange connection with Harry-Potter, thoughts move, and quickly guessed something.

But he doesn’t regret killing Harry-Potter, because he has other Horcrux, and this old enemy will be solved sooner or later.

Voldemort patted the dust on his robe, then looked towards Harry who was motionless on the ground, and asked casually. “Harry-Potter is dead?”

“Dead, there is no life…” Snape said blankly, but he was very nervous. He knew very well that his this remark had a weak spot. Normally, after the Dark Lord suddenly fell , He is absolutely impossible and has the mind to check the state of a dead person.

Fortunately, Voldemort is still a little confused in his mind. He is very sure that his Killing Curse hit the target, and there is no second person willing to sacrifice his life for Harry Potter to rebound his spells.

Seeing that Voldemort didn’t ask much, Snape quickly turned off the subject. “Master, shall we start the 2nd Step plan now? Or you are going to take a break first.”

Voldemort waved his hand and said with relief. “I’m fine, no need to rest! And don’t forget, our time is limited. When Potter was brought by you, I must use the magic mark to inform Ivan-Wrahles. We had better find the whereabouts of the last Deathly Hallows as soon as possible. .”

“Then we go to Newmundgaard now?” Snape asked hesitantly.

“No, this time I will go alone!” Voldemort shook the head. In addition to asking about the whereabouts of Resurrection Stone from Grindelwald this time, he also intends to learn more about Deathly from the other person. The secret of Hallows.

And these secret information, he naturally did not want to be heard by Snape!

“Before I come back, you are responsible for taking care of Harry Potter’s body and summoning Fenrir and them all to me. I will see how many people make the wrong decision…” Voldemort red All within both eyes flashed a fierce color.

Since the defeat of Knockturn Alley, he has been keenly aware that the Death Eaters who followed him have had some bad thoughts, and because of this, he and Snape have been in the last few meetings. It was done in secret to prevent anyone from revealing their conspiracy.

Thinking of this, Voldemort felt a bit aggrieved. When did his dignified Dark Lord fall to the point where he needed to hide from his own people for a meeting?

Fortunately, he feels a little comforted that he has found two Deathly Hallows, and as long as he finds the Resurrection Stone, he can completely conquer death!

At that time, he can just and honorable swear an oath to the entire magic circle, the Dark Lord, who once made the British people fearful, is back!

And Harry Potter’s body is the best proof!

Snape naturally didn’t dare to disobey Voldemort’s order, and immediately stopped mentioning the words to go to Nymongaard, but instead spoke respectfully. “Master, before you come back, I will arrange everything!”

Voldemort clicked nodded. Snape has always done things to relieve him. After a few brief explanations, he cast Disapparation and disappeared in place.

Watching the Dark Lord leave, Snape slowly relaxed, his back getting wet, but he didn’t have time to delay, and quickly ran to Harry’s body, lowered his body, and gently tested Harry’s with his hands. breath.

“Fortunately, there is still breathing. He didn’t lie to me… This method is really useful.” After feeling that Harry was still breathing very weakly, Snape finally let go of the last worry, muttering to himself. Speaking, memory flooded my heart like a tide.


Four months ago, in the headmaster room of Hogwarts, Snape immediately rushed over after being summoned by the Phoenix.

At the moment I saw Dumbledore, the anger in my heart couldn’t help.

“I haven’t seen your silhouette for more than half a year since the beginning of school. I thought you had died in a corner.” Snape sneered.

“Sorry for letting you down, Severus, I may be able to hold on for a few more days.” Dumbledore shrugged, pouring a cold drink with his still-nearly good left hand, and passing it to Snape to quench his anger.

Looking at the look of Dumbledore’s serene, even if Snape was angry and helpless, the other party disappeared for half a year without saying hello, without even giving a contact.

He couldn’t even be sure that Dumbledore was still alive until he received the letter from Fawkes.

And Ivan-Wrahles and Voldemort, they all think he knows Dumbledore’s whereabouts very well, and they have been asking him in various ways these days, wanting to ask him where Dumbledore is.

But he really doesn’t know anything!

After complaining in the heart for a while, Snape barely suppressed the urge to curse, and asked directly. “Dark Lord led Death Eater to attack Ministry of Magic, you probably heard about it? I met Voldemort yesterday, but this matter has nothing to do with him, I am afraid Ivan-Wrahles’ handwriting.”

Speaking of this, Snape suddenly remembered what Dumbledore had said to him during the summer vacation and couldn’t help but say it. “You expected all this long ago?”

“You look at me too high, Severus.” Dumbledore shook the head, replying slowly. “I did make some preparations, but it was not the ones you saw. In fact, Wrahles’ actions completely exceeded my expectations.”

“He defeated the Dark Lord with no difficulty, and now he has control of the entire Ministry of Magic. Even Daily Prophet is speaking for him. I don’t think your plan needs to go on.” Snape watched It was very clear that Voldemort’s defeat was only a matter of time, so that he wouldn’t have to be a bad double agent anymore.

“No, I think the situation is not at all so optimistic. There is one important thing that Wrahles may not be able to solve!” Dumbledore said seriously.