Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 905

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Feeling emotion, Ivan did not have a leisurely hurt to tell the truth to these Muggle sites.

Sometimes too many people can only get annoyance …

has experienced a riot, the next meeting is much better than Ivan imagination, just after the person, the person he wants will appear on time in the hotel.

Rover enjoys a circle, after seeing Ivan placed in the table cornice, he walked over this.

Hello, Mr. Scarmad … I am Ivan -wrahles. “Ivan stretched out Right Hand, took the initiative, and the eyes were curious in this 19-year-old men’s witch. The other party is different from any Wizard he has seen anyway.

is probably because all the year round in the mountains and wilderness, Rolf’s physical look is very strong, and a brown hair lacks to make a mess, the skin is sunned into brown Black, trousers and The clothes are still infected with a little clay, I don’t know where to come, the scavenger …

“I am very happy to see you, Mr. Wrahles …” Rolf Extend the Hand and Ivan have gripped, and then sitting in the opposite position. “I saw your deeds on the European Times, then I said that you are the most talented Wizard, but also defeated a few Auror …”

when you examine.

“Overpraiad, the most talent can’t say, I am just useful to play the time of other students to play.” Ivan said very low.

Rover is inexplicably desire to vomit, but in the end, I still have to returned, and it turned out to clear the throat, and asked in speech. “I also want to ask me to ask, why do you suddenly think of when my assistant?”

For this point of Rover, like Ivan, there is a talented Wizard. After graduation, you should apply for Auror or find a civilian job in Ministry of Magic to seek promotion, how can you be a special run? Go to France as his apprentice.

is the most important thing that he did not apply for support to the British or the International Wizard Federation. Pierce suddenly drove a person, or a united minor Wizard, which made Rolf Somewhat dissatisfied.

This target Thunderbird is a particularly keen magical organism. In tracking, it must be very cautious in the action of arresting the other party, and people bringing a parallelism may be bad.

Ivan naturally shows Rover concerns and immediately explains. “Mr. Skamand, I have been very interested in various magical creatures, I have learned a lot of related knowledge. I heard that there is a Thunderbird’s appearance in France, I took the initiative to join this arrest action, I didn’t Please ask for your consent in advance and please forgive me … “

is talking, Ivan suddenly donated, left hand stretched into the right sleeves, caught a long duck mouth from inside, like a Black guinea pig.

This round-rolling magical creature was caught by Ivan, not afraid, but it was a big eyes of black and black, and looked very innocent.

“Is this what you plan to give me? Mr. Skamad?” Ivan glared in the tail of “Black guinea pig” and asked.

Rolf looked at the sniffing in Ivan, and the face suddenly became very embarrassed. He would smell the sniffing, and the annoyed food refers to playing it on the other’s head, and later hopes to iv Speaking for you.

“Ah … Yes, I want to test your vigilance, see if you are suitable for this industry, wrahles …”

“This seems that I should have passed.” Ivan did not reveal Rover’s meaning, but through this head refers to the “large Black guinea pig with a duck mouth”, speaking.

“Smell, learn the muddy, is a magical creature that will dig the treasure, Ministry of Magic Magic Classification is 3X, usually inhabiting the Great Britain, CHARACTER is gentle, can be seen very much apart Gold Coin or the breath of Treasure, a space bag with a space, Black fur is a great material that produces an extended backpack … “

Ivan is endless habits, habitat, and ability to say, even include fur and blood value, when talking about these MAGIC materials, Ivan also specially read the sniffing One.

Under the eyes of Ivan “Goodwill”, trying to rely on the sniffing of the Selling and remained, the four claws pulled the thumbs up to the Rolov.

Rover is very speechless to smell in the pocket of the chest, now I know, I will go to my dry …

iVAN can tell the various characteristics of sniffing so detailed, so that Rolph is slightly changed slightly, this minimum, the other party is not a simple door, at least, the hobby of the hobby … … If you can listen to the command, multiple assistants are not not …

Just a little, Rualf is a little unclear, how can you suddenly run to Ivan there, although it is a habit of collecting a treasure, but after these years, it has been able to inhibit My own nature, similar things have never happened in the past two years.

is still said, the other party has unimaginable Treasure? Will I ignore my own order?

Some people have flashed in Rolf’s mind, although it is very curious, but he doesn’t have more questions, but seriously gives Ivan’s details of this task.

He arrived in this town three days ago. After the Past Few Days exploration, it has initially mastered the rough range of Thunderbird activity and has developed a bait plan.

“I bought a living lamb in the village of IN The Vicinity. I will apply a special spice on its fur, and then put it on the nearby mountain. This spice can attract Thunderbird The attention, what we have to do is waiting for Thunderbird hunting, follow it to find the location of the nest … “Rolf said clearly.

“Why don’t you just click on Strong Efficacy’s anesthesia Potion Potion directly? This should I save a lot of things?” Ivan did not understand.

“Which is so easy, it must be a lifeline that thunderbird will be fooled …” Rolov Shook The Head, then turned the Looked Towards window black lacted dark clouds, and the look. “In addition, I suspect that this Thunderbird is likely to be injured, and the emotional fluctuations are fierce, and only this can explain our weird weather.”

Ivan points Nodded, before it comes, he has this doubt. Thunderbird will not be so violent, and the bad weather that does not have the zone will disappear for one or two days. Very strange …