Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 906

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Ivan Thoughts Move, suddenly remembered the two Wizard just arrested, it is not true to ask. “Do you think WHO is attacking Thunderbird?”

“I don’t know, maybe a group of morally corrupt stealing elements, after all, a year of adult Thunderbird’s body can sell thousands of galleon on the black market, it is difficult to protect others!” Rolph faint sighed, similar things Tour world, he has seen many times, so that some rare magical creatures are quickly extracted by these bastants.

However, Ivan did not agree with Rolf’s point of view, first there were Thunderbird to be shipped to France, and then had Grindelwald’s claw tooth, and he was hard to believe that this would be a coincidence.

But if there is something related to Grindelwald, the other party is not looking for Thunderbird?

does not always collect the blood blending Bloodline of Thunderbird like himself?

This idea has just been excluded from the heart of the heart, and the Grindelwald’s MAGIC level wants to rely on bLOODLINE to improve the power. Don’t wait until now, the other party can rely on SYSTEM to solve a variety of bloodline Conflict problem.

“In short this task may be very dangerous, in addition to Thunderbird, we may also meet with those stealing hunters, so when you take a break in this half day, you’d better consider it carefully. This is really fighting, not cracking a joke! “Rolph is very serious and comfortable.

Although he saw Ivan’s report on Ivan in the European Times, it should be that it should be a good ingredient.

After all, Ivan -wrahles looks too young, even if the MAGIC level is really high, the experience in combat is also seriously insufficient.

and in formal battles, but who will release the magic curse power, who can win, the opponent will not be stupid to wait after you are ready to make a duel.

“Don’t have, Mr. Scarman, I have the ability to protect myself, and have been prepared to fight.” Ivan tone is flat, but there is a non-refusal meaning.

“Well, since you insist on thinking so …” Rolf is a Nodded, but also not persuaded, just thinking that When the Time Comes looked most of Ivan, lest the other party.

After the initial business is planned to arrest Thunderbird, IVAN and Rolf are set to the hotel BOSS, and the two rooms have begun to start preparations.

Rolf is responsible for making the special spices that attract Thunderbird, and Ivan is the task of picking a Potion.

This Time is at least for a long time in the wild, and it is best to need some Potion of the mosquito and hidden body.

Considering the task may have some bursts, IVAN also prepares the improved Bloodline fusion Potion in advance, and When the Time Comes only needs to collect some Thunderbird’s blood to make BLOODLINE fusion Ceremony.

2nd day morning, Ivan tested the Potion completed, opened the door, and Rolov had already taken a half of the small goat waiting at the door.

is probably because of the CONFUNDUS Charm, the goat is very well-behaved. If there is no stitching, it is also the same as the back of Rover.

“You want Potion!” Ivan backhand took out two bottles of reagents lost.

Rolf reached out and then pulled the bottle of the reagent to smell it, confirmed that Medicine Efficacy took it.

The smell of the guinea pig will also play yawn from the pocket of the Rover chest, like a breath of the treasure, look at the throne, and look at it in the confused, when I saw Ivan, I screamed Then, then he reappeared into the bag, leaving only the tail and half your butt.

Ivan touches the nose, is it so horrible?

Rolf Didn’t Know WHETHER TO CRY OR LAUGH will smell the tail plug in the outside, and then pull Ivan, open an alive Muggle car, towering towards the west of the town The mountain forest will go.

“True Didn’t Expect, will you drive?” Ivan said unexpectedly.

“Sometimes using Muggle transportation, you can avoid many unnecessary trouble …” Rolf Shrugged, explained.

Wizard’s Disapage is easy to use, but if you want to guarantee your destination accurate, usually you can only send it to the place you have been there, so sometimes these convenient transportation can be used.

That is chatted like this, Rover is going through the mountains and rushed into the mountains, and found a flat air stopped.

“I applied Muggle-Repelling Charm at the foot of the mountain. I won’t have any people who don’t have a coherence in this time …” Rolph opened the door, explained, while holding the goat from the backup The box is pulled out and takes out the special spices ready to apply it on the fur of the goat.

Ivan tried to smell, but did not smell any taste, probably only Thunderbird can identify.

“Is it helpful?” Ivan pulled up the sleeve speech.

“Of course, the two people can save a lot of time!” Rolf did not refuse the help of Ivan, let him help hold the goat, lest this thing.

spent about 5 POINTS clocks, Rolf got everything, and finally waving WAN to release CONFUNDUS Charm before.

This poor goat just woke up and saw the two Wizard fierce staring at himself. It was scared to race, and hurried into Jungle, soon disappeared in front of the two.

“Next, we have to do it, can’t rely too close, you can’t lose, I have been patiently waiting for Thunderbird to appear!” Rolf took out the previous two bottles Gu Lu Lu’s punt It immediately deforms the stomatic and diluted.

YELLOW’s fluffs rapidly from all over the body, the nails of your hands become sharp, and a robust flower leopard appeared on the mountainside.

It was originally awaited to sniff in the pocket, but this Little Brat quickly climbed to the top of the leopard, and there were several hair.

“Yes, how is your Stealth Ability, Wrahles?” Rolov adapted to the body after the deformation, then turned the head, asked.

After looking at the body, Rualf did unexpectedly found that Ivan’s Silhouette has disappeared, just when he was strange, there was a voice from in Midair.

“I think it is good!”

Rolf looked up at the eyes, and an OWL flew down from the sky and hovered in front of him.

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