Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 907

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“Didn’t Expect You are still animagus …” Rover said.

“This is nothing AT WORST, are you not the same?” Ivan waved his wings and fell in the top of the leopard, and the opening replied.

How can it be the same? Rolf Rolled The EYES, I had a lot of suffering in order to practice Animagus … and Ivan variants are flying creatures, regardless of the secret, and the detection skills are more outstanding, the only shortcomings. It is Battle Stregth low.

Also emotionally, Rolf has not forgotten the right thing. Since Ivan is an Animagus hidden body shape, it is easy to worry about exposure.

“Right, Wrahles, etc. THUNDERBIRD can remember to listen to my order, don’t privately act, if you don’t want to come to hunting molecules, don’t come, I will measure each other. The number of people and Battle Stregth decided to give up this action. “Rolph is very serious.

Ivan is weird to see him, but it is finally nodded. “Well, you are a professional, then do you say …”

After reaching a consensus, an eagle has a leopard to jump into Jungle.

This meeting is delayed. The previous half of the goat didn’t run, even if Ivan had the advantage of high-altitude vision, it could not find the opponent’s footprint in this complex jungle.

It is like this difficult to remove Experienced Rolph, as a real flower, low there is a quick advancement while sniffing the fat while smelling the prey, just a few minutes of kung fu successfully positioned The location of the goat.

Rolf has no longer move forward, but it is deliberately maintaining a distance from not far from, using a low screaming to rush to the top of the mountain, so that Thunderbird is easier to find this goat’s trace. .

Ivan followed back later, did not dare to fly too high, so as not to turn into Thunderbird’s first attacker.

This kind of chasing lasts for more than half an hour, Rolph is undoubtedly a very accurate of the physical strength of the goat, waiting for the other side of the other to sit on an empty floor when arriving at the top of the mountain.

“What should we do next?” Ivan slipped from in Midair, looking at the pity, only the goat, and asked.

“, etc.!” Rolf Bala with a paw, covering the body in a dense bush, lowing the sound, speaking. “We need to be patient with Thunderbird, as long as you can stand, this plan is half a success.”

“half? What is the other half?” Ivan is very curious.

“luck! We best prayed that Thunderbird did not succeed in capturing the prey during this time, otherwise it would choose to stay in the nest, then we are waiting today.” Rolf Explain The face is very calm.

In these years, in the experience of Magical Creature, there is no shortage of preparation in advance, which eventually fails, and there is an example of rectification, so he has been very open.

Ivan points NODDED, and also clear this truth, and falls directly on the low branches next to it.

It is rarely interested in empty rest time, and Rover is rare, whispering Ivan has shared a thrilling adventure experience for many years, and has a variety of knowledge that survive in the wild.

Waiting time is longer than Ivan expectations, they have been hiding from the night, and they have not seen a little Thunderbird shadow.

The half of the big goat returns to the vitality, leisurely in the grass, and when you look down on a few mouthfuls, it looks very leisurely.

Ivan is deviating to Rover, I saw him licking his eyes in the bush, it was very indifferent.

Ivan is also flipping the body, hung in the branches, began to close our eyes …

In the early morning, the fascine Ivan was woken up by a harsh thunder, just opened the eyes and saw a few lightnings in the dark clouds, and the clouds can also see Golden’s spot in the cloud.


Ivan suddenly made a shivered, waking up from the confusion, immediately turned his attention to the grass in front. Halfless goats are obviously aware of the dangerous existence, the horror of one after another “呦”, crazy, into the woods.

Ivan Subconsciously will fly out, but Rolf’s voice is a front step.

“Don’t move, the sheep can’t run, it is not when it is still!”

Rolph has been awake before Thunderbird arrived, and Ivan is the THUNDRATETITITITELY staring at the goat and Thunderbird’s trends, but there is no action because he is very clear about Thunderbird’s hunting habits.

Suddenly, after he opened, a lightning suddenly poured out from the clouds, and the tract of the goat was in front of the goat, and the faint lamb was scared, and the squatted directly fell to the ground, then So smashing on the ground, shaking the body Motionless.

Ivan screens breathing, the eyes turn over, now the prey has lost their fighting, the hunter should also be debut!

A Golden bird flew out from the dark clouds, it’s like a bunch of light, a few dive jumps from the clouds, open the sharp front claw, gently fish, will be half a big The goats are tight.

Ivan also finally spokes the whole picture of this Thunderbird, it looks like a Muggle car so big, covering pure Golden’s feathers, the most strange thing is that it has a whole three pairs of wings, the biggest wing Exhibiting more than five meters, the tail feathers are still able to see the lightning of CYAN.

After the hunting is successful, Thunderbird does not seem to enjoy the food in the ground, once again, and the wings are fixed, and the LOOKED TOWARDS flew away.

“,” I remember not to be too close, our goal is to find its nest, don’t act unauthorized! “Rolf said loudly, Next Moment slammed out from the bush.

The speed of the leopard is extremely fast, coupled with the blessing of Magic Power, enough to let Rualf keep up with Thunderbird’s trends.

Ivan’s actions are not slow, tightly followed by Rolf.

fly about ten minutes, a towering cliff in the distance appeared in front of the two, Thunderbird did not continue to move forward, but constantly circulated over the cliff.

Rolf’s face suddenly turned a smooth smile, it seems that Thunderbird’s nest is here!

However, did not wait for him for a long time, Rolph was noticeable, because Thunderbird did not return to his nest, it seems to be anxious.

Just when the two feel a little strange, the beautiful magic spells suddenly shot from the cliff, the target is over, the Thunderbird …

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