Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 908

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Suddenly attacking, Thunderbird’s reaction is not so uncomfortable, quickly hiding the past, then issued a angry sound, pure Golden’s wings struggled, and a few thick lightning bombarded.

However, this is that it is not possible to play any effect, which is easy to disintegrate by the intangible barrier rising from midair.

Thunderbird Scarlet Gold’s pupil stares with the five Wizard below, feeling a great threat, almost instantly, thunderbird made a decision, throwing the lamb, turned and fled .

Unfortunately, the attacker is obviously prepared, and the anti-ARRAY in advance is activated. Thunderbird suddenly like a heavy hit, the body has become extremely slow, and finally swaying down. .

Looking at this scene Ivan is anxious, but as a flying creature, he also inevitably has been influenced by the anti-Array, and finally can only be forced to fall on the back of Rover, let this Leopard ran with himself.

“Damn, how can those stelors’ movements so fast ?!” Rolf is angry, and the speed of running is once again raised, and if you want to drive there, you caught there before.

I am afraid that it is not a stealing hunter … Ivan in The Heart silently thinking, he just flew to the high altitude and saw the appearance of those people, the Wizard, which let him feel inexplicably familiar.

Rolph is not clear about this intelligence, ran away from the place where the Thunderbird falls.

However, after arriving, Rolf found that the battle was early, and the earth sprinkled with bright red blood, and ten roots Golden feathers.

“Damn, we slow a step!” Rolf turned back to human form, picked up a feathers on the ground, and hammered the sand of the earth.

Ivan is not unexpected, even in front of that person is Powerful, such as Thunderbird, can’t persist for too long, Even morehove each other has prepared this.

“Have you seen those stealing hunters just now? How many people do they have?” Rolf Gnashing Teeth asked.

“a total of five people!” Ivan said simple.

that is still playing! Rover is a self-adhered, although the number of each other is much more than they, he and Ivan have not exposed, but also in the dark, if you can solve one or two people in Sneak Attack, the two parties completely Possible Fight!

Ivan has seen Rolph’s intention, and immediately splashing the cold water. “I saw Grindelwald’s figure in them!”

With the eyes of the pair of different-color eyes … even if the other party has a few tens of age Ivan, it can identify it.

“What do you say ?!” Rolph’s entire people were stunned, and then touched the breath and touched it. “Green … DV? You haven’t made wrong mistake? How can he suddenly come to France?”

“In fact, I received related information before, Grindelwald has been active in France in France … Just no one knows what he wants to do.” Ivan speared.

“This can be difficult!” Listening to Ivan’s words, Rolf’s brows wrinkled.

Grindelwald from Nurmengard prison, he is naturally seen in the European Times, but Rover can’t think of yourself will hit such Legendary Dark Wizard.

The catastrophe in more than 50 years ago, he listened to his grandfather’s story, so it was nothing to know about the name of Grindelwald … This is not what they can compete!

Thinking here, Rolph is intended to convince Ivan to give up this task, then Alone tracked the past and see if you can explore some important information.

The extent to which this place in this place has exceeded his imagination. Once the battle is encountered, Rolph is estimated to touched himself at all.

However, when he twisted his head and prepared a speech, Ivan’s voice was passed first.

“Mr. Scarmad, you better go back to the person who informs Ministry of Magic, the next battle will be very dangerous, I don’t have enough grasp to protect your safety …” Ivan’s expression is very It is serious, and there is no meaning of cracking a joke.

Well? what? Rolph looked at Ivan in his face, this … Isn’t it what I said?

Rolf is shocked by Ivan’s sudden sorrow, and it has not responded for a long time.

Ivan reminded one sentence, did not pay out a blank reagent bottle in the pocket of the Wizard robe, waving Wand, gathered in the pocket of Wizard robe.

“Almost enough?” Ivan shakes the bottle, muttered self-proliferation, so that the material that blending Bloodline needs to be set, he comes to France’s Most Important’s goal is also perfect Reached.

If you are cautious, he should now stop the footsteps, find a uninterrupted place to carry out the sixth Bloodline convergence Ceremony, spend ten days Half a month’s Kung Fu is familiar with the new power, and then consider looking for Grindelwald. A decision.

but Ivan is really curious about Grindelwald to latency to France, and it will take advantage of this Thunderbird to make the other party to let go of his hand to personally do things, must be very important!

aware of this, Ivan immediately decided FOLLOW to see a look!

Anyway now is not from the past, there is no need to rely on the power of boasting your strength, but it is really improving, the at Worst running is.

After the decision, Ivan no longer delay, the body-shaped conversion from OWL into a healthy cheetah, sniffing the smell of Thunderbird blood left, all the way to catch up.

Rolf’s eyes witnessed Ivan from OWL into cheetah, the whole person is stupid, can I have two forms?

Now it is obvious that it is not considered this, and the figure of Looked Towards Ivan leaves, Rolph, and finally biting his teeth and turning into a leopard form. Followed Along.

Even IVANs such that not adult YOUNG WIZARD can leave a life and death, then what else is there?

Lai’s sniffing sniffing on the Rolfhead, is it in use that a small cerebelow, considering whether it is necessary to simmer halfway, Thunderbird’s horrible power makes it profound, but that is Powerful’s Magical Creature is easily uniform by the enemy, and the hidden biological instinct can make it impulse.

is just such a thought soon, it is scattered by another instance, because it smells a smell that can’t reject it, it is a lot of precious Treasure …..

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