Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 909

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At the same time, on an empty space in the jungle, the two men wizards after the prevention MAGIC, said that the Wizard headed, said.

“Mr. Grindelwald, the Array you need is already arranged.”

“Very good! You are very good …” Grindelwald walked forward on the shoulders of the two people Patted, appreciated, and then turned back to Looked Towards The captured Thunderbird.

Just suffered a violent fight, Thunderbird didn’t have a proud appearance before it looks very miserable, and a long wound extends from the chest to the wings on the left. Crimson’s blood is constantly penetrating from the wound. Ding Tail Section Feathers in golden red.

In order to prevent Thunderbird escape, Wizard has made several huge chains to make the other huge chain, plus the flexible curse, and arranged in all around, and thunderbird said to escape. It is difficult to connect a few times.

“Don’t be terminated, you are ready, let’s start now.” Grindelwald said.

The four men wizards each other, and the backhand gave himself with Shield Charm, and then be cautious to retreat to the perspective of the distance.

“Although it vents angry, let me see your strength …” Grindelwald gazing the huge Thunderbird in front of the body, gently waving Wand to release the flexible curse to the other party.

Re-recover Thunderbird grievances staring at Grindelwald, Golden’s pupil is full of anger, it raises six wings, send a harsh scream, Magic Power, dozens The vice of lightning suddenly turned down from the sky!

The flashing arc is gathered in an instant to arouse a thunderstorm, and the shock wave is accompanied by huge Rumbling Sound to ALL Directions, and the fast and fast lightning is like a spider web.

Early unexpected four Wizard although it is in advance, it is still inevitable, and the strong SHIELD CHARM cracks in the natural place.

It plays a role in the prevention MAGIC in advance, and One after another rises from the bottom of the ground, like the four walls, the thunderstorm is isolated.

See the horrible thunderstorm that does not break the last protection, several Wizard not helps Sighd in relief, then worry is the figure that is worshiping is located in the center of the thunderstorm.

grindelwald’s body flashed a few Magic Power’s fluorescence, the dense lightning lightning was quickly silent, and the cloak of the silk fabric was even more likely, directly caused thunderstorms. High temperature is separated.

grindelwald is so quietly standing in the thunderstorm, looking for that hidden space node, under the influence of such a horrible thunderstorm, some deep MAGIC traces that are hidden will reveal.

“If you don’t have enough!” Grindelwald opened his eyes and lifted Elder Wand to thunderbird, read.

“crucio ~ (crucio)”

thunderbird issued a painful sorrow, continuous lightning, from the dark clouds, stirred the road thunder, the flashing arc became more intensive, the original Magic Power bar barrier has also emerged in fine crack.

Four Wizard hiding in the periphery only a burst of skins, praying that the Magic Power barrier can be stable, unconsciously retreats a few steps.

Grindelwald’s mouth evoke a smile, thunderstorms have been intensified, he has been able to obviously feel the connection between the two spaces …

In this moment, Grindelwald is accurately lifted with Elder Wand to pierce the position of the node, just like a sputum that passes a blister, the four scattered 漪 is transferred to all directions, and there is not much time. The three meters of channel appeared in front of everyone.

The horrible arc gradually sails, and continuous driving lightning makes this injured Thunderbird into a weak state, but more importantly, it has found that it is invalid to the Wizard in front of the Wizard, but it is reached by the other party A certain purpose.

Envelop in the surrounding MAGIC POWER screen in this brief moment, wizard, Cautiously, to the grindelwald, please show the next task.

“You are here, don’t let others come in.” Grindelwald said directly, and then fill the dark Magic channel.

He wants to go to a Master Alchemist’s residence and a funeral, there must be a variety of dangerous MAGIC traps, there is no need to lose people.

After Grindelwald, this is temporarily opened, and the channel is not slowly closed.


“Such a horrible thunderstorm, what is Grindelwald to do?” According to this several hundred meter, Ivan is shocked by Ivan.

He doesn’t think that the captured Thunderbird can make such a fierce resistance under the hand of Grindelwald, so it is inevitably the other party deliberately!

or said that the other party arrested Thunderbird is to make this thunderstorm!

Ivan’s mind is silently thinking, speeding up, the front is so moving, he can know where Thunderbird is in the bloody smell of the air.

However, the more close, Ivan feels more familiar with all the around of the garnish, and he seems to have been here …

Just when Ivan thought, the four men’s figure appeared in front of me …

grindelwald does not seem to be present, Ivan first confirmed this information, but it is not that the other party has left, or this is a trap …

I think of the thunderstorms just now, and I looked at the mourning scene of the lightning and impact wave plows. Ivan quickly determined that this is probably not a trap, otherwise there is no need to get so much spent.

The way of delay, Rover has chased it from behind, he lowgraphs in the body, looked at four Wizard, and said. “I left you, one, one person!”

“No! You hide it …” Ivan returned the help of Rolf, and he jumped out from hiding.

The speed of the Cheetah is fast, and in the blessing of Magic Power, it can only see the remaining shadow. The recent Wizard has not been taken, and it is taken by a claw. .

“hostile, is wizard!”

can follow the wizard from Grindelwald nature is elite, although the attack only happens in an instant, but some people are immediately discovering that it is not right, normal cheetah is so fast, let alone a paw will take away people.

So there is only one possibility of attackers is animagus …