Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 910

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“reducto ~ (reducto)

“Petrificus ~”

The two two men’s responds are not slow, and the panicked will point to the cheetah who only raised, and the number of magic curse is in an instant.

facing a few people’s attacks, Ivan does not flash, the body shaped stream is spread into a flame, and the light bundle that is flying directly from his body.

“What is this witchcraft?” Several men wonts witnessed this scene couldn’t believe their eyes, but didn’t wait for them to understand this, and the flames hit them. come.

The dramatic explosion sounds in Jungle, and the flare that is raised will give three people in a moment.

then, the flame of the dispensed is gradually gathered together, and the figure of Ivan is so fast that Reappears is on the ground.

“It’s great …” Rolph walked from hiding, looked at the wolf, silently put it back, I couldn’t help but feel the emotion.

He now I believe that the headline of the European Daily is not in Boasting, and the other party graduated from the truthfully defeated three elite Auror.

crackle …

The sound of a arc-brushed suddenly passed, Ivan turned his head and saw Thunderbird, which was smashed by the iron chain, was low, showing one After Another low-spirited sound, this is Feel the defense gesture of threats …

“You come to appease it!” Ivan said in Rolph, then he stepped up to take off the male witch, and he took the other party’s collar. Forced the opponent directly to look at his eyes.

[legilimens! 】

The machine is still planning to resist, but the whole person who has smashed a claw in his head, and the heart of the heart of Ivan is completely sinking.

The large amount of broken memory is quickly poured into the Ivan’s mind.

Since the next few months, the impression of the impression has been swept away, Ivan’s face has become very ugly.

He has understood why Grindelwald suddenly ran to France.

This is the last one of the three hallows, once let Grindelwald, what kind of thing IVAN is not known, but it will never be a good thing!

just Ivan Somewhat is not solving, how can GrindelwalD knows that the Resurrection Stone is in the Nicholas -Flamel security house, how is it determined in the space Node location.

To know that Nicholas -Flamel is in order to be uninterrupted, it is ready to be prepared. .

Is DumbleDore? Ivan thought that I would like to feel unlikely, Dumbledore didn’t reason to betray my old friend.

“I found out?” Rolph came over and asked.

“Grindelwald entered Master Alchemist Nicholas -flamel’s residence, I have to stop him!” Ivan said, while walking towards the position of Grindelwald in the men’s memory, close his eyes to feel the remaining space. Magic traces.

Since the entry passage has just opened once, the method is very rude, so the MAGIC traces remains very clear, IVAN can be clearly induced, do not have to make many preparations as Grindelwald.

After a while, Ivan opened his eyes, and quickly waved Wand, and the dark Space Channel was coming out.

“Are you planning to go in? Wrahles? We know his purpose, it is best to inform Ministry of Magic people to deal with!” Rolov comforted, although Ivan’s strength beyond his expectations After all, Grindelwald is a famous Dark Lord, which is not different from the two people.

“It’s too late, nicholas -flamel is my Teacher, I will never sit on Grindelwald to destroy his cemetery and residence.” Ivan said.

If he still has a follower and the thoughts, it is only necessary to stop the belief in the other party now!

In addition, Grindelwald dared to at least two months in France. Who knows that there is no other eyeliner in MINISTRY of MAGIC in France, and this hard work, Grindelwal, I have to have to get it!

I thought here, Ivan went in with WITHOUT The Slightest Hesitation, of course, I didn’t forget to tell Rualph’s Dark Wizard before leaving.

Rualf waves Wand to change several ropes to bind Dark Wizard, squatting in his shoulder, but the direction of holding the paw, anxious to look at the direction of the Looked Towards Space Channel … it smells the taste of Treasure .

“Do you think we should help?” Rolph was comfortable, muttered, he muttered, he was also very unassured to make Ivan a person chasing, just in his strength, I am afraid I can’t help it. What is busy.

“and so on … It seems that it is not a chance.” Rolf suddenly looked at Thunderbird, which was bundled by the eyes, just in the mountains, how he has seen the other’s thunderstorm. Horror, this is definitely a big Battle Stregth!

Don’t mention Thunderbird’s speed is very fast, and it can be run with them in crisis.

Third, Rover is struggling to wavily swaying the chain of Thunderbird’s iron chain. He has been tightening and appealing. It has been initially achieved THUNDERBIRD trust, so you don’t worry that the other party will attack himself.

“I know that you don’t like Wizard, but we are going to deal with the person who attacked you, so you need your help.” Rolf is very patient and gently stroking Thunderbird Golden-Bright and DAZZLING’s feathers, finally tried to ride on the opponent’s back.

Probably understand the words of Rolf, Thunderbird did not rush to Rover from the back, excited a few lightning will have a closing channel to expand some, then fan wings with Rolph Drill into it.


accompanied by Space Change, when Ivan once again Came Back to His Senses, a wide garden is included in the garden.

and the previous time a few times, it was severely destroyed, and the Knight statue of the door decorated with the door was made several sections. The cultivation of the cultivation of the flowers also had only one place with only one place.

It is clear that they have been bravely resistant, but they have failed, and they have not stopped the enemy’s invasion.

On the wall of the front house, it was played a big hole. Dim-blue’s FiendFyre was constantly licking along the edge. IVAN spent two or three seconds will be suppressed, so excused to burn the entire house. Then, hold the WAN’s rapid running in …