Hogwart’s Bloodline Wizard Chapter 971


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After Luna said that he was powerless, Ivan had to give up the idea of ​​asking for clues from Dumbledore, and now he can only go to the headmaster room to take a look.

However, Ivan was not in a hurry to act immediately. He finally found a way to use the Resurrection Stone. Of course, he had to take advantage of this opportunity to experiment, and the little white mouse was the Death who had died under his hands. Eaters.

After some tests, Ivan found that the overwhelming majority deceased were not incapable of resisting the summon of Resurrection Stone, and fell into endless darkness at the end of their lives, and their memories stayed at the moment before death. .

The only exception is probably Dumbledore.

Whether it is the intelligence obtained from Harry or the performance of the opponent when summon comes over, it is sufficient to prove that this headmaster can maintain his sense in the dead world.

Is it because of the gap in magic level before you?

Ivan thought for a while, and tried to make Luna call Nicholas-Flamel. The result was unexpectedly smooth, but after talking, Ivan accidentally discovered that the prestigious Master Alchemist was also like everyone else, who was concerned about the afterlife. Little is known.

In view of this, Ivan had no choice but to retreat and inquired about how to repair the memory device.

Fortunately, apart from this collision, Ivan was very satisfied with the overall experimental results. The power of the Resurrection Stone is worthy of the name of Hallows, and it can indeed summon the soul of the dead from Death World.

This means that with the Resurrection Stone, he has the power to break life and death, as long as he wants to use the dark magic ceremony to resurrect any dead person…

But Ivan did not become swollen because of this.

Since the creator of Three Hallows specifically imposed a restriction on the Resurrection Stone magic, it must have a profound meaning, maybe because the abuse of the Resurrection Stone will cause some serious consequences.

Thinking of this, Ivan turned his head, looked at the little witch beside him, and said. “Okay, Luna, take the Resurrection Stone back.”

The latter clicked nodded and immediately cancelled the supply of magic power to the Resurrection Stone, and the dark space all around suddenly burst.

The night wind blew by slowly, and the sea of ​​blue and purple flowers reappears in front of the two of them.

“Thank you, Luna.” Ivan took the Resurrection Stone handed by the little witch and said gratefully. Without the help of the other party, he really didn’t know how long it would take to learn about Horcrux.

“Don’t thank me, are we friends? And you have given me the best gift in return!” Luna gently shook the head, staring at the petals engulfed in the sky by the night wind, and then stared again. They collapsed into strands of blue and purple magic power fluorescence.

When all the petals disappeared, Luna opened the glass bottle with the memory, and the white mist re-entered his mind under the guidance of wand.

I remember everything that was forgotten before, and the scenes of the time I spent with my mother resurfaced in my brain. The memory was finally fixed in the afternoon when my mother died unexpectedly when he was nine years old, and tears fell from the corners of my eyes. .

“You will see her again soon, I assure you!” Ivan said solemnly.


Saying goodbye to Luna, Ivan alone used Disapparation to return to Hogwarts Castle and went straight to the headmaster room on the top floor.

Pushing open the door, Ivan looked around from side to side. After nearly half a year, everything here still seemed a bit strange.

The olive branch that originally had Phoenix inhabited has almost withered, and a large number of unprocessed documents are piled up at the desk in such a random way, except for the portraits on the background wall behind them.

After Ivan walked into the headmaster room, the pair of eyes on the portrait looked over and looked at him curiously.

Ivan’s gaze also turned to one of the portraits. Dumbledore in the frame was leisurely eating tea and talking with a few headmasters about interesting things about the students.

“Professor Dumbledore, is there something you have forgotten to tell me?” Ivan took a few steps forward and interrupted the conversation of the headmasters directly.

“What a rude kid… Didn’t you see that we are talking about some important things?” A female headmaster from Ravenclaw gave Ivan an uncomfortable look.

“Really? I never knew it would be so important to discuss student gossip…” Ivan rolled the eyes, spitting.

He had always thought that the portraits in the headmaster room had their own identities and would not leave this room easily, so they were normally invisible in the castle.

Now it seems that this is not the case. On the contrary, they are very boring. Every day they can hide where to spy on the students’ gossip…

The headmasters are very dissatisfied with Ivan’s remarks. They are obviously concerned about the growth of the students. How can they be said to be gossip?

“Putting it that way is also time…” Dumbledore was not surprised by Ivan’s arrival, but after a few conversations with the headmasters, he got up and fiddled with the bookshelf in the portrait.

In the next second, one side of the main frame and the auxiliary frame automatically popped out.

Ivan got closer again, only to realize that there was a hidden compartment under Dumbledore’s portrait.

In order to find the disappeared Elder Wand, he had rummaged through the entire headmaster office, and naturally thought of moving the portraits of these headmasters.

It’s just that the strong efficacy curse was imposed on the wall behind. It was inevitable that these precious portraits would find damage. He gave up this idea, but unexpectedly, a chicken thief like Dumbledore really hid things in this place. .

Sure enough, sometimes you should not be merciful…

Ivan thought to himself, took the frame down and put it aside.

The internal space of the secret compartment is not large. There are dozens of transparent glass bottles inside, and there are a few strands of white mist floating in each bottle. It seems that they are all memory threads.

Putting it that way Dumbledore asked him to find the answer in these memories…

Ivan took out these glass bottles, turned his head and glanced at the portrait of a certain deputy, his expression was a bit unkind, such an important matter, when he came to the headmaster’s office a few months ago, the other party didn’t mention a word.

Dumbledore shrugged in the portrait, expressing freely that he is just following the command line, the master Ivan is looking for is dead, he is just a portrait…

Ivan, who was so angry and nowhere to spill, had to give up and turned his attention to these glass bottles with memory threads. The human bone wand in his hand shook slightly, and the nearest glass bottle opened automatically. Come, the white mist floats out.

Ivan waved wand again and shouted loudly.

“The scene reappears!”