Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 648

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Chapter 648 Yin and Yang Great Millstone

Original Universe, Earth

The addition of Wanda and Pietro did not bring much advantage to the Avengers. Tony is designing Ultron At that time, many advanced technologies were added, and Banner also incorporated some new technologies he invented in the process of researching essence stone.

Even if Ultron did not get the perfect body it wanted, the mass-produced robots also caused a lot of trouble for the Avengers. Moreover, Ultron found a new ally-Justin Hammer.

Not long after the whiplash incident, Hanmer was released on bail. As one of the main suppliers of military weapons and equipment, Hanmer also has its own contacts relationship. Coupled with the closure of the weapons department by Stark Industries, the military will naturally support Hanmer Industries.

Although Justin Hanmer rarely appeared in recent years, Hanmer Industries still has considerable strength.

In the Stark Building, there is a prototype of a medical cabin integrated with the cradle of life, which Tony wants to study by himself. When all the Avengers went out to find Ultron, this device was activated, which is why Tony hurried back.

Fortunately, Tony rushed back in time and destroyed Ultron's robot, preventing Ultron from uploading himself to the new body.

However, when the other Avengers rushed to the Stark Mansion, everyone had a disagreement about whether to continue to complete the body created by Ultron, and even caused conflict.

One party is mainly Tony, insisting on completing the manufacturing, thinking that it can protect humans. On the other side, Steve is the main one, who thinks this new robot is too dangerous. No one could persuade the other party, and then moved his hands, and the signs of civil war emerged.

In the end, Thor still activated the robot lying in the prototype, and Vision was born.

Different from the plot in the movie, Vision has no heart Spirit Treasure stone. For the new born, he obeyed Ultron's instructions by default and launched an attack on the Avengers. Everyone was beaten completely unprepared, and then Vision escaped from the Stark Mansion.

"Tor, why did you do this!" Steve frowned and looked towards Thor.

"No, it shouldn't be like this. In the future I see, he is on our side." Thor was also a little confused at this time, and Vision's position was beyond his expectation.

Tor went to his old friend Eric, and Eric helped Thor see the future through the water of vision.

"Luke said that the future is not the only one. Anything can change the direction of the future." Wanda looked at Stark in a daze next to the prototype. Their relationship with Stark just eased. How long does this stand on the opposite side again.

"What do you do now?" Pietro said.

"Let's deal with Ultron by ourselves!" Steve glanced at Tony disappointedly, and prepared to take someone away.

Clearly think that Tony's persistence made things worse.

"Captain, we should be united now." When Natasha saw the Avengers about to fall apart, she hurriedly stopped Steve.

Although she feels that Tony and Banner's behavior is a bit reckless, she can't contradict each other now.

"Maybe the future I see has not happened yet, yes, it must be like this." Thor said confidently, he seemed to have found the key to the problem.

Everyone looked towards Tony.

"I don't think it is wrong to complete him, but I will fix the current problem." Tony still firmly believes that completing the vision is to protect all mankind, but he does not deny that there is a problem with the current vision.

The Avengers and Ultron’s robot corps fought in Sokvia. Most of the time, the Avengers were at a disadvantage. The number of Ultron robots was too large, and the massive number of robots was continuously Cong Han Produced in the Mo factory and flew to Sokvia.

Even if the fighting situation is so bad, the Avengers are still protecting the civilians in Sokvia. It was their rescue of the civilians that changed Vision. He rejected Ultron’s instructions. Joined the Avengers side.

As Ultron rose up in the land of Sokvia, when attempting to destroy all mankind, Hermione, Anna and Skye took action.

Anna used Wind Element immortal art to support the flying Sokvia land. The Skye Metal Element field instantly decomposed all the Ultron robots in Xovia, and Ultron was trapped by Hermione. In the ice space, the signal on Earth cannot penetrate the magic barrier at all.

The Avengers looked at Ultron, which they could not solve for a long time, and was easily taken down by the three of them. They felt quite complicated.

Hermione glanced at the vision and asked everyone: "How to deal with this? Is it to be destroyed directly, or do you have other plans."

"Is this the last Ultron ?" Steve looked towards Vision.

"Yes, the robots manufactured by other Hanmer factories are listening to its instructions."

"Justin Hammer?" Tony and Natasha said at the same time .

They knew that Hanmer was released on bail, but how did they get together with Ultron.

"Who?" Steve asked.

"A second-rate weapon manufacturer who can only steal other people's technology." Tony said dismissively.

"Destroy it." Steve didn't want to make any further complications.

However, at the moment when Hermione destroyed Ultron, in a corner of New York, a destroyed Ultron robot with only its head, its eyes lit up with red lights.

Mutant universe

Luke has reached the junction of chaos and reality. There is a unique bubble cage. The cage cannot be broken from the inside, and the middleman is locked in the bubble cage. inside.

There is a green gem on the forehead of the man in the middle. The color of the soul gem in this universe is green, which coincides with the color of the time gem.

The appearance of the middleman is also a bit peculiar, he has no hair, his left cheek is white, and his right cheek is black. The body on the left is black, and the body on the right is white. The colors of the legs are swapped again, and the colors of the shoes are swapped again.

Luke looked at this dress, how awkward he looked.

"Who are you?" The middleman had already spotted Luke outside.

"I heard that there is one of the strongest cages here, so I came to see it, and by the way, I want to see if I can break it." Luke said, looking at the middleman sitting in the bubble.

"hahaha ~"

Luke's words caused laughter from the middleman,

As a Heavenly God of the Universe level, Luke's power is too great Tiny, and trying to break the cage set by the Lord of Order and the Lord of Chaos is simply ridiculous.

The middleman, the Lord of Order, and the Lord of Chaos are the same as death, and they exist at the Universe level.

The reason why Luke dared to try to break the cage, he also has his own ideas.

His strength at this time may be far from these universe level gods, but it is this peculiar space that gives him a chance.

Luke ignored the laughing middleman, and said to Phoebe: "It’s up to you."

The scripture of Phoebe’s cultivation is very special, and her power of light and darkness is just right. It is in sharp contrast with this space. As long as the balance of this space is reversed, this bubble cage will be self-defeating.

Phoebe usually uses Yin-Yang Fish or Yang-Yang fish alone in battles, but Yin-Yang Fish has another way to use it-fusion. Yin-Yang Fish merges with the host at the same time, which can greatly increase the host's strength, and at the same time obtain the fusion skill Yin Yang Great Millstone.

In addition to yin and yang Great Millstone can wipe out creatures on a large scale, it can also make the rules in the space out of balance, which is just suitable for the current situation.


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