Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 649

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Chapter 649 approaching chaos

yin and yang Great Millstone completely disrupted the balance of order and chaos two world forces here in space collide with each other.

"What are you doing?" middleman do not know what to do outside of the two.

in the intermediary doubt when bubbles break open cage crashing.

Luke body moved, has appeared in front of the middleman, hand took his soul gem on his forehead.

middleman forgot where he was, here is the junction of chaos and order, are inseparable, he can use force in the cage, but not the cage, where he does not have any power.

"You -" middleman turned pale in fright.

But losing strength, he can not stop Luke action.


Phoebe back to the moment the body of Luke, Luke immediately left the diversion of this space.

Universe level two of the great God may come at any time, you do not run on the dangerous.

Luke leave chaos and order at the junction did not take long, two giant face to float above the junction. Giant golden face is the order of lords, purple giant face chaos lords.

"middleman, you dare to escape! 'order Lord's voice so that the whole piece of space in the tremor.

"order Lord! Chaos Lord! It's not my fault ...... I did not do anything ......" middleman explained.

"You dare to quibble, no one can break us this cage." Chaos Lord Chen Sheng said.

"just to two people, they are doing ......" middleman still can not believe that two people how to do.

Order and Chaos Lords Lord looked at each other, they recalled the river of time, did not see anyone come here.

"You dare to deceive us!" Lord of Chaos seemed angry

"You have to accept the punishment for your behavior!" sound greater order of lords.

middleman who is sitting in prison, disaster from the sky, no matter how he explains, order and chaos lord of lords do not believe.

In the end, he failed to escape punishment order and chaos lord of lords.

obtained soul gem Luke mood is very pleasant, he finally collected together Infinity Gems. Just waiting to return to their original universe, you can go to the upgrade Formation.

Luke return in the way the X-Men universe Earth, the original universe took place in a major event, a new generation of Ant-Man was born.

San Francisco

Scott's life force? Pim Academician Long into the house to steal, he did not know all this already in Pym Academician plans.

only to steal Scott Ant-Man battle clothes, under coercion Pim Academician become a new generation of Ant-Man, Wasp warrior against wild ambition Darren? Klaus.

However, Scott and blow up Pim Pim Academician of Science and Technology Building, at that moment, there was a big turning point in the story.

Building explosion caused Pym Pym particles stored in a chain reaction occurs, a large amount of Pym particles are activated, leading to a quantum cracks appeared in the field, causing the energy tide.

layer shimmering energy Pym center building, rapid diffusion toward all directions.

Although only the presence of cracks in the field of quantum moment, but the quantum energy field foreign overflow has covered the Earth.

two figures appear next to the ruins of Pim building.

" teacher."

Hermione immediately noticed abnormal energy, and immediately rushed over to see the situation, did not expect the ancient encounter a teacher.

"This energy a great impact on the human body, do you want to usher in a new change." Pym ruins of an ancient building looked softly.

" teacher, you say that these are human energy will produce transformation?" Hermione asked uncertain.

She really sensitive to energy, but they have not found anything unusual.

"effect does not appear immediately, but the next period of time, the Earth is estimated to be very busy. You have to be careful, do not do not be utilized."

Ancient say finished, left the door open space, she does not intend to meddle too, are human beings own thing.

Hermione frowned thought for a moment, decided to go back they told the story of Steve, let Avengers to deal with.


After the years, there have been many have abilities of humans, Avengers order to deal with a variety of events, often weighed down on Earth.

In particular, some super-criminals, their ability to be more powerful, and more serious damage caused, such as cyclones, Mrs. Nine Headed Snake.

Super offender is present at the same time, there are new superhero to emerge, such as ants who did not join the Avengers, Spider-Man pajamas baby.

To the Aegis Board held these super criminals, specifically the construction of four prisons, which are luxury, cubic, and dome island.

The first criminal mansion, Pim Academician abilities that led to the emergence of mankind, and he is also the designer of the mansion, considered prisoners and jailers.

Vermilion Bird Island

"That guy has not returned it?" Tony put that goblet, took a sip of wine do not know what.

Vermilion Bird Island as one of the few paradise on Earth, has become Avengers vacation place. Tony'd love a head at that strange world, but since Luke does not, he can only hope the mountain sigh.

Vermilion Bird Island are always landing in the implementation of strict application system, why not come to the island super criminal trouble, in addition to a few people Hermione's powerful strength, the island numerous wizard, then there is strict the system,

and held the Aegis Board of different super criminals Vermilion Bird Island, only dead end.

"no news, my daughter every day in the read channel, Luke came back I would definitely know." Steve said some helpless.

do not say to stay in the harbor with our daughter, he did not even have time to investigate recent Bucky's whereabouts.

Let wizard Winfrey also thought to help, together to deal with super-criminals frequently arise. But the emergence of human abilities, but so many people have become more alert to the wizard community, fear that they will be the same as those super criminals.

Meanwhile, Wizarding World still do not agree ordinary person involved in the incident, even if it is to have a human abilities.

As for Winfrey to invite Hermione, Skye and Anna, but also directly Hermione refused.

"If in Luke, we can be a lot easier." Hawkeye pick up the table donut bite, he did not notice his little belly some changes recently.

"that those super-criminals do not know can survive a few." Natasha white Hawkeye look.

Luke usually do not look very good talk, very good temper, but when treating the enemy had never show mercy.

Steve Luke was about to help explain a few words, his body pager rang.

"It seems we have a mission." Steve told the crowd.

"yes ah, the Avengers assembled ~"

Tony's cold what a joke is not funny, people have to wear equipment ready to go.

X-Men universe

Luke and Phoebe finally returned to Earth, he did not know the other Earth changes Heaven and Earth turning upside down has occurred.

Now he has got time soul gems and precious stones, the next step is increasing cultivation base breakthrough to the Immortal King Realm, driving Kunpeng Divine Boat return to the original universe.

that he did not expect is that he just returned to Nashville talented youngster house to see Professor X and Qinge Lei, triggered a task.

" ! Ding detection of a special energy absorption can get a fixed bonus lottery -? Nirvana fire, may devour."

Luke looked Qinge Lei opposite, Phoenix debris after all, is not able to escape the clutches of the system.


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