Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 650

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Chapter 650 Phoenix Power Fragment

Qin Ge Lei saw Luke looking at herself, and she was a little confused.

"Why? Is there anything wrong with me?"

"Is there anything unusual about your ability recently, such as unstable or out of control." Luke said looked towards Professor X next to him.

When Qin Ge Lei was young, Professor X helped her control her abilities. Professor X knew Qin Ge Lei's condition very well.

Although Professor X does not understand the power of Phoenix, he knows that this power can be very dangerous if it is not controlled well.

After hearing Luke's words, Qin Ge Lei's complexion slightly changed, which seemed to be in her mind.

"Qin’s power is so powerful that she can’t control it. I built a mental barrier in her mind to prevent Qin from misusing this energy. But this energy has been increasing recently. The more powerful, the mental barrier will no longer be able to trap this energy." Professor X said.

"Another personality is awakening and is also fusing with Qin. After the fusion, Qin will be very powerful. But at that time, she may not be her anymore."

Extracting Phoenix's power fragments will only reduce Qin Ge Lei's strength, and when Phoenix's power and Qin Ge Lei are merged, she will definitely die.

The introduction of this time system is very detailed, and Luke did not let Luke explore it himself.

"I can extract this power, but the process will be very painful."

"I want to try again." Qin Ge Lei looked at Luke and X firmly. professor.

"You better as soon as possible, I don't know when it will fully awaken."

Luke does not intend to forcibly extract Phoenix fragments from Qin Ge Lei's body, the system can only Only when Qin Gerei volunteers can complete the task of drawing.

"By the way, Little Naughty, I see a group of students missing from the house."

"The mutant suppressor gene medicine appeared, Little Naughty went to vaccinate, those students They were also taken back by their parents." Qin Ge Lei said worriedly.

At this moment, a mutant with blue skin and hair in a suit walked in.

"Hank, you are here at the right time. This is Luke. You haven't seen him yet. Hank is now the minister of mutant affairs." Professor X was introduced with a smile.

The person here is the wild beast-Henry McCoy.

"I'm not a minister anymore." Hank smiled and shook hands with Luke. "I told everyone that you are not a mutant, but no one believes it."

Luke Although he left Earth, the legend about him has not disappeared. Even Magneto is looking for Luke.

Lao Wan didn't know that Luke had left Earth, and thought he had gone into hiding again for cultivation.

Afterwards, Hank told about the US official preparations for mandatory vaccination of mutants.

At the same time, Magneto intercepted the vehicle escorting the Devil Girl on the highway and obtained information about the source of the vaccine. At the same time, he also rescued the Avatar and the red tank.

However, due to the fact that Magneto blocked Magneto's suppressed variant gene vaccine launched by the security guard, she lost her ability and became an ordinary person, and was abandoned by Magneto in the car.

While Professor X and Wild Beast were worried about the future of mutants, they heard Luke say something else.

"The effect of this mutant gene vaccine will weaken over time. It cannot completely suppress mutant genes. Just like that little boy, if you stay away from him, the ability will be restored. The X gene is more powerful than you think."

Currently, the vaccine has just been completed, and everyone does not fully understand the effect of the vaccine.

"How did you know?" Hank asked.

"Because I see the future." Luke said with a faint smile.

The gem of time is in his hands, and the future is really no secret to him.

"The future..."

Professor X, Hanke and Qin Ge Lei did not expect Luke to say so.

"What will happen to the mutants in the future?" Hank, like Professor X, really cares about the mutant Human Race group.

"The probability will be very bad. Either human beings are chased by robots to hide in Tibet, or they are almost annihilated by their own people. It is basically impossible to get along with each other in peace."

Variants It's not that people don't have good endings, but those are not the methods that Professor X wants.

"How could this happen!" Qin Ge Lei couldn't accept this reality a bit.

Professor X's face is also not very good, he knows that Luke will not make such jokes casually.

"The disaster the mutants will face has not yet begun. You should solve the current problem first. I will leave again in a few days. The next time I return, it will be when I leave your universe. ." After speaking, Luke turned and left Professor X's office.

Professor X watched Luke's departure without speaking for a long time.

"Charles, I don't know him, can he really predict the future?" Hank looked towards Professor X.

"I can’t think of the need for him to deceive us. Let’s solve the immediate problem first. I have to think about the future."

Professor X as a teacher A wise man has a far-sighted vision than ordinary people.

That night, Qin Gerei left without saying goodbye, without telling anyone where she was going.

She hopes to fully grasp the power in the body, only then can she fight for more rights for the mutants.

However, the eagerness to find a pair of Qin Ge Lei did not help, but instead made her lose herself, and another personality took control of her body.

When the laser eye discovered that Qin Ge Lei was missing, it was already the next morning.

Logan went to Luke's room, planning to ask him to help retrieve Qin Ge Lei, but Luke was not in the room either.

In the end, Professor X used the equipment in the search room to find Qin Gerei, and she returned to the house where she was a child.

Professor X, Laser Eye, Logan and Storm Girl set out together to find Qin Ge Lei.

"Don't help them?" After Logan and the others left, Luke and Phoebe showed their bodies.

"The more I intervene, the more dangerous they may become in the future. Let them decide the fate of mutants."

He is a passerby after all, let alone taken away. After taking out two infinite gems, and then taking out the Phoenix power shards in Qin Ge Lei's body, this universe is estimated to be a brand new timeline.

Professor X met Magneto at the door of Qin Gerei's house, who had received the news and rushed over. Their goals are the same, they are all powerful pianos.

The X-Men and Magneto’s men are alert to each other, ready to attack at any time.

Professor X's persuasion of Qin Ge Lei did not work, but instead aroused the ferocity of the black Phoenix personality. The powerful energy prevented Logan and Laser Eye from entering the house. At the same time, Magneto’s men also attacked them.

Seeing that Professor X was about to be destroyed by the black Phoenix personality Qin Ge Lei, a silhouette stood in front of Professor X.

"Let me see the formidable power of Phoenix's power." The imposing manner on Luke suddenly exploded, resisting Professor X's abilities from Qin Gerei.

Although his Vermilion Bird priesthood is incomplete, Qin Ge Lei is only a fragment of Phoenix's power.

Under the collision of two huge forces, the whole house instantly turned into powder.


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