Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 651

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Chapter 651 Sokvia Agreement

The black Phoenix personality Qin Ge Lei was suppressed by Luke, and once again exploded with greater Phoenix power.

Qin Ge Lei's body is only a fragment of Phoenix's power after all, and the degree of integration with herself is not high, which makes her always suppressed by Luke.

But the others around were not so lucky. The people behind Luke and his help stood in front, and the houses behind Qin Gerei were all shattered.

"Stop—her." Professor X said to Luke seeing Qin Gerei getting out of control.

The current Qin Ge Lei has not been completely blackened, and her original personality has not disappeared.

Luke suddenly slapped forward and patted Qin Ge Lei's body. The huge energy around him disappeared instantly, and Qin Ge Lei's body also collapsed to the ground.

"Qin! Qin——" Laser Eye ran up and hugged Qin's body, "What did you do to her."

Qin Ge Lei lay motionless in Laser In the arms of his eyes, like a dead body, Laser Eye mistakenly thought that Luke had killed Qin Ge Lei.

"Don't worry, she is not dead, I just shot her soul out of the body, and her soul is next to you."

Luke ignored Qin Gerei's soul and looked towards the surrounding laser eyes.

"Old Wan, we met again, I heard you are looking for me?"

Although Magneto is set as a villain, Luke is not disgusted with his senses. .

Lao Wan... What is this name, Magneto is a bit speechless.

However, he didn’t care, "I would also like to ask you to teach some people how to use abilities."

Magneto wouldn’t be foolish and hehe would directly invite Luke to join him. Know that it is impossible.

"It's too late, I will go to the sun for cultivation in a few days, I don't belong to you."

Rogan and Red Tank both looked up at the sky, unable to Imagine what it would be like to cultivation in the sun.

Nightwalker always hid behind the red tank, shivering.

The Magneto King startedled. He didn't know that Luke came from other universes, and it didn't seem like Luke was joking with him.

"Professor, what do you plan to do with Jin? Once she is controlled by the black Phoenix personality, all of you will be in danger." Luke wanted to take this opportunity to fix the Phoenix Power Fragment.

"Please do it, take this power away from my body." Qin's soul said, she didn't expect to control this power anymore.

"Will she die?" Logan looked at Qin Gerei who was still unresponsive.

"Not at the moment. When her power awakens and her personality merges, it will be different."

"What does she think?" Professor X asked.

"She agreed." Luke stretched out his hand and waved to the side, a transparent soul appeared.

"This is..." Magneto exclaimed, and everyone saw the soul for the first time.

Luke did not participate in the discussion between Qin Ge Lei and others, and the Phoenix Power Fragment was determined for him.

The Magneto took his men and left the scene. If such a big incident happened here, the police would come over soon.

"What level is he?" Magneto asked the Nightwalker.

"—Unable to—describable." The Nightwalker said intermittently, "Better than Qin Ge Lei—"

Professor X and Qin Ge Lei also had conversations As a result, he agreed to let Luke take out the power in the piano, but Laser Eye did not object.

Qin Ge Lei's soul was returned to the body by Luke, and at the same time, the system was asked to extract the Phoenix Power Fragments.

Everyone is still waiting for Luke to do something, but watching Luke turn around and leave.

"Want to change place?" Logan thought Luke was afraid of interference.

"It's over, Qin, you can feel if the violent power is gone." Luke replied with a smile.

Are you kidding me? You were done without doing anything. Logan was a little surprised and turned his head to look at Qin again.

"We'll meet again some day, everybody." Before the voice fell, Luke had disappeared.

"This guy, I don't think he cares about everything here." Logan said.

"After all, he does not belong here." Professor X looked thoughtful and said.

Wang Magneto led the mutants to attack the mutant gene vaccine base, and the X-Men chose to stand on the human side. But all this has nothing to do with Luke. He adjusted his mind and began a closed-door cultivation retreat on the sun.

The original universe, Earth

Wanda and Pietro finally accepted Steve’s invitation, and the two joined the Avengers.

Due to the frequent appearance of superhumans, the tasks of the Avengers are also more onerous. They often have to travel around the world to deal with sudden occurrences in various places.

For this reason, many countries have the idea of ​​establishing their own super-powered teams, and at the same time further control the actions of these super-powered humans.

Just when various countries were actively recruiting superhumans, the Avengers squad's operations in Lagos, the capital of Nigeria, went wrong.

Rumlow snatched a bottle of virus sample from the Virus Research Center. After being caught by Steve, he detonated the bomb on his body. Wanda wrapped the energy of the explosion with magic power and threw it into the sky.

However, the explosion hit a nearby building and killed 11 Wakanda.

Subsequently, at the United Nations General Assembly, the Sokwiya Agreement was proposed. The agreement stipulates that the Avengers will be under the jurisdiction of the United Nations, and it also proposes a framework plan for registration, monitoring, and all supernatural humans.

The emergence of the Sokvia Agreement has pushed the Avengers to the forefront of public opinion. As the most famous superheroes on Earth, they represent more than themselves.

Vermilion Bird Island

"We cannot sign this agreement. He puts us on the list, collects fingerprints, DNA, performs ability analysis, evaluates and classifies your threat level, and at the same time Also determine the health risk, what is this!" Steve threw the agreement on the table.

At this time, the Avengers base is not suitable for discussing this kind of issue, so everyone came to the Vermilion Bird Island, which cannot be penetrated by all countries.

"Then you said who will be responsible for the casualties caused during the operation, I don't mind paying for the damaged facilities, what about the lives, how do you tell me to pay for them." Tony fell into once again since the Ultron incident In the deep self-blame.

The Ultron incident caused the death of a large number of civilians in Sokvia. Although the vision was successful in the end, the destruction of the Ultron cannot be compensated.

"What are your opinions, what do you say?" Tony looked towards the others.

The saboteurs among the Avengers were not there. After the Battle of Sokvia, Hulk left Earth in a fighter plane. Thor wanted to retrieve Hulk, but he was not on Earth at this time.

"I do not approve of signing an agreement. Not everyone wants to tell others their secrets." Falcon stood on Steve's side.

"No one will make them public." Tony retorted.

"Can you guarantee that there are no ambitious among those politicians? Are there few military experiments in this area? Compared to the trouble they caused, we are considered good." Steve no longer believes in those politicians .

"Hey, guys, haven't you thought about their opinion, after all, they are the biggest power organization." Hawkeye pointed upwards.

Everyone knows that, yes, whether it is a wizard or a supernatural person, the people in the space above Vermilion Bird Island have the absolute right to speak.

"If they don't want to, do you want to go to war with them? Let's not say if they can fight before, you are not afraid that Luke will come back and cause more trouble." Although Natasha felt that the agreement was necessary to sign , But the content must definitely be modified.

Tony was also silent when he heard Hawkeye and Natasha. He knew what Luke cared about most.

The internal division of the Avengers has become more and more obvious, especially the concept of Tony and Steve is giving tit for tat, and the civil war is only one fuse.


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