Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 652

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Chapter 652 Event Fermented

When most people were paying attention to the Sokvia Agreement, a neurosurgeon named Stephen Strange had a car accident.

His experience tells us, "There are tens of thousands of roads, safety is the first, the driving is not standardized, and the relatives are two tears."

Vermilion Bird Group's general medical cabin Neither can heal Strange's hands, only the special medical cabin on Vermilion Bird Island can help Strange.

Unfortunately, Strange did not know the existence of a special type medical cabin.

The discussion on the Sokvia Agreement on the world has become more and more intense. Not only the Avengers are affected, but the incognito block heroes are also within the framework of the agreement, which has caused dissatisfaction among many people.

At the same time, the United States officially announced that the super humans, non-humans and wizards of the Vermilion Bird Group are not within the scope of the agreement.

Almost everyone knows that in addition to wizards and superhumans, there are many aliens on Vermilion Bird Island. The United States will not be stupid and offend so many people at the same time. Even S.H.I.E.L.D. has failed to register the aliens on Vermilion Bird Island.

The current S.H.I.E.L.D. Bureau is different from the movie. It was not revoked because of the Nine Headed Snake incident in Washington. Instead, because of the emergence of supernatural humans around the world, the organization has become even larger.

Fry really wants to chat with Hermione, but he only saw our blue younger sister. Nebula's petty temper didn't leave Fury in the best situation.

However, Fury also got a guarantee that aliens who come to Vermilion Bird Island will not go to other places in Earth. Fury also turned a blind eye, no, he originally only had one eye, so he could only selectively lose sight.

The announcement of the United States gave Tony a chance. He was afraid that Luke would be involved, and there would be even greater troubles in the future. Well now, the magic world is not affected by the agreement.

As one of the initiators of the agreement, Wakanda naturally took Luke's factors into consideration, and their relationship with Luke has always been very good. Although Luke has had a lot of things in recent years and the exchanges between the two sides have not been so close, the relationship has always been maintained.

11 Wakanda people died in Lagos. Tchaka took into account the relationship between Luke and the Avengers, plus the previous actions of the Avengers to protect Earth, so he hopes to regulate The actions of the Avengers.

The registration and control of humans with other supernatural powers were added by those American politicians, and had nothing to do with Tchaka.

China, Divine Spear Bureau

"Director, I think this agreement is likely to cause greater turmoil. It would be okay if only restricting the Avengers All human beings are included." Storm witch also opposes the Sokvia Agreement.

In her squad, in addition to the vector will often use the real name, everyone else uses the code name. This is true even for them, not to mention the supernatural beings living around the ordinary person.

Moreover, the divine spear bureau’s approach to superpowers is very different from that of other countries. They will give priority to recruiting these people. people.

"We only need to manage the territory ourselves. This matter is not simple at all. As you can imagine, Nick Fury is not stupid. He never expressed his opinion from the beginning to the end. What does this mean? "Zheng Xian has his own ideas, not to mention that the domestic situation is much better than outside, so he doesn't need to worry.

Storm witch seems to be aware of nodded.

"After Luke comes back, let's go to Vermilion Bird Island together. He will probably do something with the appearance of the superhuman being," Zheng Xian said again.

The Divine Spear Bureau and Vermilion Bird Group have always been in close contact, not only in technology, but also in education and charity.

One month later, an explosion occurred outside the Joint Conference Building in Vienna, and King Tchaka of Wakanda died on the spot.

Although Wakanda has a medicine pill donated by Luke, Techaka and Techala went to the meeting. He died on the spot.

The culprit of this explosion turned out to be Bucky Barnes, whom Steve never forgets.


Bucky saw the news of his bombing in Vienna in the newspaper at the roadside newsstand.

He obviously didn't leave Romania, Bucky realized that this must be a conspiracy, and he immediately returned to his residence.

And waiting for him at the residence is his friend Steve for many years.

"Do you recognize me?"

Steve has seen magic that controls people. Wanda and many wizards are both, and he also suspects that Bucky may be controlled by others.

"You are Steve, I saw your introduction at the museum." Bucky was very calm.

The Falcon who came to Romania with Steve was in charge of monitoring the movement outside the building.

"They surrounded this place." Falcon told Steve about the situation outside the building.

"I haven't been to Vienna, I don't do that anymore." Bucky said, looking at Steve.

Although he has done a lot of wrong things, he does not want to suffer injustice.

"Those who think you are the one who have come to arrest you, they have no plans to arrest you."

Steve tried to persuade Bucky to leave with him. He wanted Hermione helped check Bucky's situation.

But Bucky obviously does not want to be obediently surrender, for a long time to lose himself, he does not want to be detained again.

At this time, the special forces that captured Bucky rushed in. Steve didn't want Bucky to be killed, so he had to help him fight those special forces.

Bucky rushed all the way from the residence to the downstairs and jumped to the top of the building opposite.

One silhouette flashed over his head, and the Panther came out halfway. Techara also thought that Bucky had killed his father, and came to avenge Bucky.

Steve has lived in the harbor for so long. It's not that he hasn't seen Techara and Su Rui, but he doesn't know the situation of Wakanda or the Panthers.

Suddenly seeing the black panther appear, he doesn't know who the other party is.

Bucky ran away, Techara chased after him, Steve prevented you know who from chasing Bucky, Falcon was responsible for cooperating with Steve’s actions, and the four were in the tunnel. The chase started in the game.

In the end, Techara destroyed the motorcycle that Bucky used to escape, and the war machine Rod fell from the sky to end the chase.

Bucky, Steve, and Falcon were arrested, the Panther took off his helmet, and Steve recognized Techara.


All the arrested persons were escorted to Berlin, Germany, where they will undergo a psychological evaluation and then be sent back to their country.

Tony and Natasha also came here to deal with the new troubles caused by Steve and the others. At the same time, Tony also hopes that Steve can sign the Sokvia Agreement.

Just when Tony tried to persuade Steve, the entire building was powered off by Zemo Baron, the man behind the incident.

Zemo came to Bucky with the method of controlling the Winter Soldier Bucky as a UN-specialized psychological assessor.


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