Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 653

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Chapter 653 is about to start

Zemo controlled Bucky with his password, and learned from Bucky the whereabouts of the other Winter Soldiers.

Steve planned to take Bucky away during the power outage, but when he found Bucky, he found that Bucky no longer knew him, and he shot him and made him fall into the elevator shaft. inside.

During Bucky's escape, Falcon, Tony, and Techara successively intercepted Bucky. Because everyone was not wearing any equipment, Bucky escaped into the helicopter on the tarmac.

Just when Bucky was about to flee in a helicopter, Steve prevented the helicopter from taking off by the strength of oneself, and fell into the water with Bucky.

Natasha, who arrived slowly, failed to meet Bucky, otherwise, by virtue of Venom's ability, stopping Bucky would become with no difficulty.

Secretary of State Ross, who retired from the army and turned to politics, once again blamed Tony for Bucky's escape.

"I guess you don't know where they are."

"You will know, the German Border Guard has set up checkpoints at the border, and there are reconnaissance planes in the air, which are conducting all-weather reconnaissance. They will find clues and we can fix them." Tony didn't want other forces to deal with Steve.

"What if the Vermilion Bird Group intervenes, they can send magic. It is obvious that you are holding this bowl of water, I will send special forces." Rose said.

Now all countries are forming their own superhuman teams, and as the country with the most superhuman humans on the surface, Rose hopes to control more superhuman humans through this event.

"What do you do once the firefight begins, are you going to kill Steve Rogers. Don’t forget what you just said, you know the relationship between him and Luke very well, you are sure you can bear the consequences? Is it?" Natasha asked rhetorically.

Luke is the godfather of Steve's daughter, not to mention that Luke's relationship with the US military has been very poor. If Steve was killed by the American special forces, she couldn't imagine what Luke would do.

Rose was also silent when he heard that name. He still remembers the indifferent eyes without a trace of emotion. If it weren't for Betty, he might have died.

"Thirty-six hours, Barnes, Rogers, Wilson." Secretary of State Ross gave Tony a final letter, and then walked out of the room.

"Thirty-six hours, God." Tony regretted agreeing to this condition.

In case Steve took Bucky to Vermilion Bird Island, it would be useless to give him 360 hours.

"We are seriously short of people." Natasha said.

In the Avengers, most people are opposed to the Sokvia Agreement.

"Yes, I know, I have already figured out a way."

Tony started the idea of ​​foreign aid. Since there is no support from the Avengers, he will find someone from outside .

In an abandoned factory in Berlin, Steve learned that all of this was Zemo's conspiracy, and his goal was the rest of the Winter Soldiers in Siberia.

"What should we do, if it was before, it might be simple, but now it's different." Falcon watched the situation outside the factory vigilantly.

"We need to find some helpers." Steve also thought of looking for foreign aid.

As a foreign resident who also lives in the harbor, Steve naturally thought of asking Wanda and Kuaiyin for help.

Wanda, who accidentally injured the civilians of Wakanda in Lagos, stayed with Kuaiyin on Vermilion Bird Island. At this time, Wanda was not familiar with Vision.

Anna, who was very quiet and thoughtful, drove Wanda with Wanda, Quicksilver and Hawkeye merged with Steve in Berlin, and the entire group easily solved Zemo and the other Winter Soldiers in Siberia.

Anna’s intervention prevented the two battles between Berlin Airport and the Siberian Fortress from taking place, but the conflict between Tony and Steve intensified instead.

Tony, who returned to New York to look for foreign aid, only got the news afterwards. He also received a video about the murder of his parents.

Tony believes that Steve had known that Bucky was the murderer of his parents, and the founder of S.H.I.E.L.D., Peggy was also in the harbor, and his parents’ affairs were impossible to investigate.

Even Luke is here, he must know about his parents. This made Tony feel that everyone was cheating on him. Sad and angry, Tony pulled the super criminals in the prison together to fight Steve's opposition to the agreement.

At the same time, a list of the true identities of the ability humans appeared on the Internet. Many ability humans were attacked by the ordinary person, which made more ability humans join Steve’s anti-protocol faction. .

Besides that the deadline Ross left for Tony is approaching, Tony can only summon everyone to fight Steve.

In just 36 hours, the situation changed from Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

New York

"Do you really want to do this? I think this time is not simple." Natasha stood beside Tony, frowning.

Who exposed the true identities of some humans with supernatural powers, and who is actively attacking humans with supernatural powers. You know, most people are in awe of the ability humans, plus Luke until now's promotion of superheroes, there are not many people who are hostile to the ability humans.

"What else can I do, now they are crowded and powerful."

"Sir, I found Captain and a large number of supernatural humans at the docks in New York."

"Friday, call everyone and gather at the dock." Tony quickly put on the Battle Armor and looked towards Natasha, who did not move. "Are you coming?"

Many humans with abilities decide Fleeing to another country, he is unwilling to sign an agreement. The Sokvia Agreement has not yet been formally implemented in other countries, and the United States is about to enforce it.

Natasha was in the heart sighed, so she had to drive a flying motorcycle and follow Tony to the port.

Luke, who is devoted to cultivation in the X-Men universe, does not know that the simple civil war has developed to this point, and there are even more conspiracies behind it.

Steve is at the port to help the transfer of supernatural humans who are unwilling to sign the agreement. He originally hoped that these people would move to Vermilion Bird Island.

But not all humans with supernatural powers meet the requirements for landing on the island. He can only help these people leave the United States first.

Suddenly, all the electronic equipment on the ship went black, and then Tony and War Machine fell from the sky.

"Tony, that psychological evaluator is the murderer, he is Nine Headed Snake." If possible, Steve doesn't want to play with Tony.

"And what about my parents, didn't your friend Bucky do it?" Tony looked at Steve blankly.

"Tony, I really don't know."

"You lie, don't tell me you don't know!" Tony shouted loudly.

"Well, I do know some, but I don’t know that Bucky did it."

Steve did learn about some of the Howards’ car accidents from Paige. The real situation.

Techara jumped off a flying machine and landed firmly beside Tony.

Techara already knows the real murderer of his Royal Father, but he also believes that humans with supernatural powers should sign the Sokvia Agreement. So, he was on Tony's side.

"Listen, Rose asked me to arrest you all person within 36 hours. The deadline is coming soon. Can you cooperate." Tony didn't want the two sides to exchange fire.

"The agreement is the slave system, you just want to enslave us!" Loudly said a black man in a yellow T-shirt next to Steve.

The humans with supernatural powers who were about to leave the United States stood behind Steve, and Tony was only around War Machine and Techara.

"It's not just you who have helpers." Before Tony's voice, a silhouette wearing red and blue tight clothes swung to Tony's side.

Several helicopters approached from far away, and many silhouettes jumped from the helicopters and stood behind Tony.


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