Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 654

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Chapter 654 Earth Book Classic of Mountains and Seas

favor of Sauk Via agreements with Iron Man led opposition signed the agreement with the United States, led by Captain. Compared to the dozens of people behind Tony, Steve had stood behind hundreds of human abilities, the momentum is much larger than Tony.

two parties mutually hostile personnel, fighting explosive.

"You Look at the sky!" I do not know who suddenly cry out in surprise.

Everyone subconsciously raised his head and looked toward the sky.

cloudless blue sky this time some strange, the sky gradually became azure. We is not never seen the sky natural phenomenon, a year ago crimson sky had appeared.

However, this time the sky seems to have become the lake, actually it appeared one after another ripple.

three silhouette appeared outside the harbor, it was Hermione, Anna and Skye three.

"is the wind, the wind!" cried Anna surprise, "Luke must have been crossing the robbery in the wind."

"so fast it." Skye surprised if Luke really in Transcending Tribulation, which he cultivation speed too fast.

"He should be back soon." Hermione's face could not conceal the joy and excitement.

After the wind robbery, Immortal King Realm of Luke can Kunpeng Divine Boat controlling the cross-border flight.

In a ancient Kama Tai Ji also looked up at the sky, then the little fellow, this time perhaps to the same height with her.

wind robbery and Thunder Tribulation, different fire robbery, a lot of momentum to small, no roar resounded through the universe, nor crimson as blood heavenly natural phenomenon.

like azure ripples of the lake, seems low-key a lot.

In fact, just the opposite, Luke is overwhelmed with sorrow to say at this time can not be overstated, wind robbed not only for the body, but also his spiritual world.

Even Vermilion Bird burning must have a very strong resilience in the spiritual realm, but the face of the wind robbery, like so many of his knife in the spiritual realm mutilated.

can not do this, he wants to protect their own spiritual realm, or he consciously devoid of risk.

Luke now has been away from Earth, even far away from any planet has life. Looking at a planet bigger than Earth, is the annihilation of a wind scene, he is also a lingering fear.

this time he did not continue to rob the cloud waves, but obediently and honestly to withstand wind robbery.

He was suffering and happiness, although wind robbery in the destruction of his flesh and spirit, but his spirit world is gradually transformed.

X-Men universe in those higher existence, all could feel the sense of coercion and quiescence of breath. What

what happened, this is the big brother are all puzzled, no one can figure out why.

natural phenomenon lasted a long time, but for a different time stream of original universe, just after a moment, the sky natural phenomenon disappeared.

Suddenly, the war machine shoulder missile launch toward the opposition out of the crowd.

Wanda magic immediately with a side shield for producing energy, blocking Accio missile.

Tony, Natasha, especially Tzara shouted looked towards Gears of War, who also did not expect he would attack first.

"Hey, if I said it was not I fired, and you believing or not." Rhodes himself was out of the missile launch was shocked.

"They hands! Attack!" the crowd behind Steve does not know who shouted a voice, a white energy bombers flying without any preparedness, turned to look at Tony Rhodes, also hit a few people behind.

The two sides have not Avengers hands behind their abilities toward other human beings have rushed past, a mess on the pier, various energy beam flying.

"on it, we did not retreat." Falcon said to Steve.

Steve looked around Pakistan, Hawkeye, Wanda, Pietro and Ant-Man.

"red!" Steve determined, wore shields rushed to Tony just stand up.

"hit the talk." Tony is not hesitant, his goal is to Bucky Steve around.

Natasha sighed, hoping not referred to the point of non-Pack, venom covering her body, also followed along.

did not notice at all corners, exposed under a silver cloak black shadow, the mouth up, then disappeared.

X-Men universe

Luke after a lengthy wind robbery, finally breakthrough to the Immortal King Realm, became the king of the precincts.

" system, used twice lottery."

extracted at each realm will enhance the reward twice lottery chance, with his many years of lottery experience, enhance the realm reward will be very good .

So, he did not use this time to get a fixed bonus of Nirvana fire.

" ! Ding Congratulations host to get world's rare object Divine Fire of Six Ding."

Divine Fire of Six Ding: Strange Escape Gate A fire, also known as Tusita fire, Granville can be unpredictable, one of Ten Big Divine Fire, can be swallowed.

" Ding! detected in line with Vermilion Bird burn tactics flame, whether to choose swallow?"

"Ding! Congratulations host to get world's rare object Earth Book -Classic of Mountains and Seas."

Classic of Mountains and Seas: contains Shanhai Great world, this world rule complete, self-contained community. It may be independently present, may fusion refining.

" Ding! detected matching system space requirements for upgrading, integration of Earth Book Classic of Mountains and Seas, system space can evolve into the inner world law and taste, whether to choose integration?"

Sure enough, as he expected, the development direction of system space is in the world. For such a system prompt, Luke was not surprised.

" system, in the world and the Ancient Celestial Court fragments of what is different. I remember Ancient Celestial Court debris may also evolve into one of the world, as long as the law filled the missing."

While in the world is he expected to do, but he still has some questions to ask the system clear.

"in the world was first built, the lower world level, need their own evolution or integration of other world to upgrade. On Ancient Celestial Court debris meet the convergence requirements, upgrade within a world level."

"If you select a fusion of animal and plant debris on the Ancient Celestial Court and Sunday Stars Great Array will not be affected?" now the harbor can be a lot of creatures.

"will not be affected. However, the host can not make the current realm Ancient Celestial Court debris fused into the inner world, to be Immortal Venerate Realm community before proceeding."

Immortal Venerate ......

he is now the Immortal King Realm, the next realm is Immortal Emperor Realm, Immortal venerate at least after the Immortal Emperor, and seems to want to harbor the integration is not an easy task.

" system first Divine Fire of Six Ding swallow it."

Earth Book Classic of Mountains and Seas do not worry, he is still very far from Immortal Venerate Realm.

" Ding! swallowed complete, the origin of God inflammation completeness 50%."

wind robbed completely destroyed this space, Luke mind a move, appeared in Phoebe side.

Phoebe looked up and down Luke, the breakthrough he wanted to see what happens.

"slowly back again, Professor X to find their individual path, we are ready to go home." He went to the X-Men universe has been 3 years, do not know how the family doing now.

"It's go, go back after you have estimated the Little Junior Brother." Phoebe said, grinning.

Phoebe said that flood Master Strange.

Luke readily wave, this universe ashes is blocked up. Wind damage was robbed of a large spatial extent, cordoned off to prevent straying into intelligent life here, lost their lives in vain.


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