Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 655

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Chapter 655 Accidents

Saturday, Hermione came to Luke's house.

"Luke, Vampire didn't solve it, you won't go back to school?" She knew that Luke had been at home for several days.

"Hogwarts mobile phone cannot be used, contact is inconvenient, and Disapparation has to go to Hogsmeade to be able to use it. At most, I have to wait a week, and I will go back to school if there is no news. I only leave my mobile phone. Anna relayed it."

But he tone barely fell, and the phone received the message. The trap site was in the zoo. Five infected persons were in the vicinity tonight, and the other two were missing.

"I just received the news, I will prepare first, Anna, help me talk to my mother."

"I will tell her when my mother comes back later."

"Be careful," Hermione and Skye said at the same time.

Luke came to the Ministry of Magic again. This time there were 21 Auror who participated in the operation. Luke turned 20 of them into children and one of them pretended to be a teacher, pretending to be stranded in the zoo due to damage to the tour bus Tourists.

He called David again and replaced the staff at the zoo with Auror. The others stood by at a distance, waiting for the signal.

In order to avoid beating the grass to scare the snake, the surrounding residents have not notified for the time being. If all goes well, these Vampires will not be able to get out of the zoo. After he was ready, Luke went to Hogwarts and asked some professors to help out. He didn't expect Snape to follow along. Seeing this lineup, he was very confident about the night ambush.

As night falls, only this squad child is left in the zoo and walks towards the exit under the leadership of the teacher. In order to be more realistic, Auror, disguised as a child, has to pretend to be a child’s tone chat.

In the sky occasionally a few bats fly by, and the Aurors are also very nervous. Their current state is unable to perform magic. If they are attacked at this time, everyone will be given away.

Suddenly, a middle-aged man appeared in the middle of the road ahead, blocking the children's path. Several pale-skinned men also appeared behind the team.

"Who are you, what do you want to do?" The teacher seemed shocked.

When the children saw the surroundings, they stopped chatting and squeezed together.

"We saw that you haven't left so late, we are here to help you." said the middle-aged man who blocked the way.

"They are bats, I just saw them." A little boy shouted.

"hahaha ~didn't expect we were exposed so soon, everyone should come out, we are going to have dinner, and we will leave immediately after enjoying."

There are more bats around Accio, Each one falls on the ground and becomes a person.

The Aurors were a little anxious when they saw that Luke hadn't lifted their transformation, and the surrounding Vampire was getting closer and closer.

Luke yelled: "Start!", instantly removing all transfiguration of everyone, and then sending out a signal.

"Not good!"

The Auror’s multi-colored curse flew out before the other party finished speaking.

Auror, who was on standby outside, immediately Disapparation came to the zoo and cast a spell to wrap the zoo to prevent Vampire from escaping.

In addition to using Fireball strikes Vampire, Luke also casts one after another lighting spell, illuminating the surroundings like daylight.

This raid was completely beyond Vampire's expectation. They did not carry weapons. At this time, the zoo had been sealed by the curse, and they could not run out, so they could only hide in the zoo.

I didn't know where the blade came out, and was almost hit by a man's curse.

"Don't do it, this is your own person."

The blade was not going to come out, but looking at the flying magic, he was worried that he was accidentally injured. I was almost hit before coming out.

"Why did you come here? I plan to go back until you hear from you."

"Two contagious persons have suddenly disappeared. I have been looking for these days. There is no clue."

Is it possible that those two were wiped out in the barn? Luke didn't know if it would be so coincidental.

"Those two will look back again, how about it, absolutely can’t run today. Are you sure that the 5 infections are all there."

"It should be all there, I have already I saw 4 of them." There are so many wizards.

"Blazing rays!"

A black figure sprang from the sides of the two. Luke did not relax his vigilance. This Vampire happened to hit his magic and turned into flying ashes. .

"This is one of the infectious agents. Today, all 5 are all. Hey? There is a book here that is not afraid of your magic." Blade's edge saw that there was a book in the burning ashes.

"What book? Let me take a look." Luke was not afraid of the flame and picked up the book inside.

Suddenly, the moment he opened the book.

"Warning! The host is exposed to the high-latitude dark item "Dark God Book" in advance, and unpredictable consequences are about to happen!"

"Warning! The host is exposed to the high-latitude dark item "Darkness" in advance! "The Book of God", will have unpredictable consequences!"

"Warning! The host's exposure to the high-latitude dark item "The Book of Darkness" in advance will have unpredictable consequences!"

Blade didn't care when he saw Luke picking up the book. Suddenly he felt a strong sense of crisis, and immediately jumped away from the place, and jumped out to the side.

Luke was instantly covered with flames and his eyes burned. The dark golden flames quickly spread all around.

When the surrounding Aurors saw Luke suddenly catching fire, they thought that Vampire had attacked him, and they all pointed wand at the blade.

"Don't do it, I didn't do it." Blade felt very wronged, but he didn't dare to move.

"What's going on here, what's wrong with Luke?" Snape in the distance noticed the anomaly here and rushed over immediately.

At this time, everyone's mind appeared out of thin air and a voice, "You really don't make me worry."

The sight of all around is like a layer of water ripples. Go, no one knows what happened.

A silhouette wearing a yellow hood appeared next to Luke, not afraid of the flames burning all over him, and took the open book from Luke's hands.

The flame on Luke's body gradually receded, and his eyes were restored to sobriety and calmness.

"teacher, why are you here." Luke just opened the book, and found that it was full of Fire Element spell experience written in Chinese, involuntarily read it.

""The Book of Darkness" is not something you can read now. This book was lost from Kama Taj a long time ago. You must be interested and wait until you have enough strength to read it."


He looked around and found that he was already in the mirrored space, and there were burn marks under his feet, which was obviously caused by him. He also found the system's prompt. Although he didn't know the consequences, it was the first time that system had such continuous warnings. The consequences It shouldn't be simple.

"teacher, when did you come back."

"I just came back to pack the endgame for you." Gu Yi said angrily.

"Didn't I also retrieve a lost important book for you, this book is too dangerous outside, you should take it back and collect it."

"Sophistry "Gu Yi took the Book of Darkness and patted Luke on the head lightly. "Pack yourself."

A golden space door appeared, and Gu Yi walked into the space door. Then the mirror space began to shatter, and everyone returned to the original space.

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