Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 656

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Chapter 656 The Way Home

X-Men Universe

Most of the mutants who are willing to go to New World are solitary, those with family members or young mutants There is no way to give up family affection and leave.

Professor X decided to leave together at last. He was very worried about the mutants who remained. They might encounter the sight Luke showed him in the future.

It was Magneto who persuaded Professor X that he was not a god after all and could not mention others to make a choice.

Just as he was about to leave, Luke suddenly remembered something.

Then, he disappeared for a long time, and when he returned, he took many children.

"Where are these mutant children you brought back from?" The Storm Woman asked. Some of the children have obvious characteristics of mutants.

Luke took a serious and vigilant little girl to Logan.

"This is your daughter, take good care of her in the future."

Rogan looked surprised. Why didn't I know that I had a daughter and she was still so old.

"Are you kidding me," Logan said.

Laser Eye, Qin Gerei and Professor X are all watching.

"Show him your weapon." Luke whispered to the little girl.

The little girl gave Logan a vigilant look. She barked her teeth coldly, and two sharp blades appeared on her left hand.

Rogan and the others were stunned. The sharp blade on the little girl's hand was very similar to Rogan, and it was also Edman alloy.

"Her name is Laura Kinney. In the future, someone wants to get your abilities and clones you. Other experimental subjects have failed. Her code name is X-23." With that, Luke looked again Towards the children behind him, "They are from 2029 like Laura, and they are almost the only mutants left on Earth."

Luke went to the future timeline through the time gems in his hands.

"Leaving is the wisest choice." Magneto walked out from behind everyone, and Luke also let him watch the future clips.

Looking at these mutant children from the future now, I can't tell the sadness in my heart.

Professor X most never sees the suffering of mutant children, "Piano, take them to rest and get some food by the way."

The eldest child is only a teenager. They may only be 4 or 5 years old. They have been in hiding for a long time, and they are all malnourished.

Storm Girl and Laser Eye took the initiative to take care of these newly arrived children with Qin.

Looking at the daughter he had suddenly added, Logan was a little at a loss. He just wanted to stretch out his hand to pull the little girl in front of him, when he saw Laura hiding behind Luke, and groaned at him.

Luke touched Laura’s head, "She is a little confessed, her temper is similar to yours, and it will be fine to get along for a while."

Although he only left for a long time, But it stayed for several days in the future. You can't tie all these children back directly, you need to communicate to get their trust.

After checking that there were no omissions, Luke drove the Kunpeng Divine Boat on the way home.

Original Universe

Techara returned to Wakanda and inherited the throne, becoming the new King of Wakanda.

Strange, with handicapped hands, got the guidance of others and entered Kama Taj. He had hoped in the magical Vermilion Bird Group. However, he finally landed on Vermilion Bird Island, but someone told him that Kama Taj from Nepal could solve his problem.

It was Hermione who pointed Strange, Luke had told her very early that Strange might be the new Supreme mage in the future.

Steve, who broke away from the Avengers, Bucky and the others formed the Secret Avengers, still secretly dealing with Nine Headed Snake and those super criminals, but they will basically avoid the revenge led by Tony Fight against each other.

Although Secretary of State Ross ordered Tony to arrest those superhuman beings who fled the United States, Tony did not follow Ross's orders.

After Luke left the X-Men universe, he has been shuttled between the universes. His road home was not smooth until he came up with another way.

"Do you really want to do this, will it be dangerous?" Phoebe asked, standing beside Luke.

"We're just smuggling, don't lead to big bosses, nothing will happen." Since the normal universe can't find a way, we start from other dimensions.

Luke intends to enter hell and then return from hell to his original universe.

Mephisto's business card has always been on him, and it is not difficult to find the dimension of hell. Then, with the power of the contract signed between him and Grindelwald, he locates the position in the original universe, and he can go home.

At the beginning, in order to prevent Grindelwald from letting himself go to Sandal, Luke and him signed a contract written in Hell Devil script.

When Luke and Phoebe were discussing, Professor X and Magneto were invited.

"Our next stop is hell. I'll talk to you in advance, so I'm a little psychologically prepared." Seeing the mutant representative arrived, Luke said.

The Magneto, who was still laughed, heard Luke's words and his smile instantly froze on his face.

This is the New World you are going to take us to? Do you want us to go to hell with you... Ten thousand Divine Beasts in Magneto's heart ran by.

"Don’t worry, hell is just our transit point, closer to home." Luke said with a smile, "Actually I have some acquaintances in hell, but it’s not too troublesome, just in case What to do if you are stayed as a guest."

Professor X frowned.

Luke refined some Nirvana Dan during this time, and gave one to Professor X to get him out of the wheelchair.

"Is there anything we can do for you?" Professor X asked. Now that he has been on the thief ship, he can only hope that it will be smooth sailing, not one of them will be able to run away.

"No, no, I'll let you know in advance." Luke waved his hand casually.

Phoebe stood aside and smiled, covering her mouth.

"I think it's better not to announce this kind of thing." Magneto said.

Earth Book Classic of Mountains and Seas contains the Great World of Mountains and Seas, and most of the mutants are temporarily placed. Kunpeng Divine Boat also self becomes a space. Although it is not as vast as the outside world, there is absolutely no problem with survival, which also makes the mutants who follow it feel at ease.

Magnemagnet is worried that everyone knows that they are going to hell, and people's hearts will be unstable, so he suggested not to announce the truth.

"You decide."

After Professor X and Magneto left, Luke drove the Kunpeng Divine Boat into the hell dimension.

Earth, Kama Taj

Only when Strange came to Kama Taj did he know that Luke Kirk, the founder of the Vermilion Bird Group, also learned magic here. .

Moreover, I am familiar with the people here, like the king in front of me.

He learned from Wang’s words that Luke Kirk is the best secret technique teacher in Kama Taj's history. At the same time, he also learned many spells of other systems, and even the body he practices every day. refinement.

According to Wang, Luke Kirk also has a set of fancy Sword Art, but unfortunately no one can learn it.

"Do you know where he went? I haven't heard from him for many years. There are rumors outside that he is dead." Strange looked at the king and asked.

"That is impossible." Wang said decisively, "Luke's power is far beyond your imagination, and may even reach the level of Supreme Master."

Wang listened to Gu Yi said. I once said that Luke is no longer weaker than her.

Strange didn't refute the king, he had no idea about Gu Yi's strength. However, he has seen Luke Kirk's battle images many times. What's more, Luke? Kirk is called the Earth strongest person class, which is recognized by everyone.


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