Hogwart’s Immortal Cultivation in Marvel Chapter 657

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Chapter 657 The Transformation of Strange

Luke was driving the Kunpeng Divine Boat and entered the hell dimension to realize that this place is much bigger than he thought, at least he has not sensed it yet. Grindelwald at the other end of the power of contract.

Is it really looking for Mephisto, although my strength is not weak now, I am not too worried about meeting Mephisto. However, this is hell after all, and it would be troublesome if other hell monarchs are brought in.

After thinking about it for a long time, I didn't think of a good way, so I could only try to move in one direction first.


In the harbor, Anna is complaining about Luke's not coming back. She must have gone to play again. I don't know how to bring her.

"Perhaps he was delayed by other things, or it was not so easy to come back." Hermione smiled as she watched Anna muttering.

"I don't know what it's like to see the Avengers split after he returns." Skye sighed aside.

The superhero comics co-operated by Vermilion Bird Group and Huadi Company have also been revised, and the Avengers have been divided into independent stories of superheroes. Moreover, opposition superheroes like Captain of the United States have temporarily suspended publication.

"The problems with Bucky and Howard are inevitable." Since the Avengers split, Hermione has approached Page to find out the specific situation.

On the contrary, the Sokvia Agreement is easier to resolve. As long as Luke takes the lead in resisting it, it is a piece of waste paper.

"The eventful autumn, Techara is likely to bring Wakanda into the public eye." Skye and Su Rui have the best relationship, and they know more about Wakanda.

"Professor Dumbledore has also come to me, and there are many wizards to move to Vermilion Bird Island. The appearance of the magicians makes the situation of the wizards not very good." Hermione frowned slightly. eyebrow.

Countries have successively established their own squads of abilities. Some special abilities can find the wizards living around them. The muggle exorcism does not work for these abilities.

"Fortunately, this island is big enough, so I don’t need to worry about the land area for a short time." Anna suddenly remembered something, "I heard Crystal say that Attilan is coming to Earth, and they want to come back and see Is there any clansman?"

Anna is often in contact with the crystal of the different Human Race. Her personal terminal is used as a social software by her, and she has met many aliens on it.

"Well, here's another one to join in the fun, Earth is about to boil." Skye said helplessly.

They don't know yet, Luke has already taken a large number of mutants to go back. When the time comes mutants, supernatural beings, different Human Races, wizards, secret technique divisions, cultivators...that is a gathering of heroes.

Kama Taj

Under the threat of life, Strange finally opened his first space door. Since then, he will not take one more step if he can open the door, including "borrowing" books from the library guarded by Wang.

However, Strange’s innate talent is indeed excellent, mastering a lot of magic in a short period of time, and even using the time gems in the eyes of Agomoto.

Wang and Modu told the purpose of Strange Kama Taj’s existence.

"Heroes like the Avengers defend the world from conventional infringements, and wizards like us protect the world from magic. The name of the Supreme Master has been passed down from generation to generation, and the ancient Master is the current one. Supreme mage."

"What about Luke Kirk? He is the next generation of Supreme mage?" Strange interrupted the king.

Wang and Mordu looked at each other.

"No, Luke is not suitable to be a Supreme Mage, and he doesn't want to be a Supreme Mage." Wang always felt it was a pity.

"It's not that Luke is not powerful enough, but that he has a broader world." Mordo added, this is what Gu Yi told them.

Most of the mages between Luke and Kama Taj are very good. When he came, he was young and everyone took good care of him.

Wang Jian Strange did not speak, and continued to be introduced: "The secret technique teacher thousands of years ago is the powerful Agomoto. He created the Agomoto Eye, which you just opened."

"Agomoto has created three powerful temples in the current world. The three doors behind you lead to the Hong Kong temple, the New York temple and the London temple."

"In this way, the three temples constitute the protection network of our world today."

Wang demonstrated to Strange through magic the dimensional magic array that protects Earth, and Thomas The basic information of M.

Suddenly, an alarm sounded over everyone's heads.

The Transmission Gate of the London Temple opened, and everyone saw Casillas.

"Casillas, stop!" Wang shouted loudly.

Strange only saw Casillas controlling an energy ball suddenly exploded, and he was lifted by the air wave into the Transmission Gate leading to the New York Temple.

Casillas and his accomplices quickly reached the New York Temple and killed the Guardian in the New York Temple in front of Strange.

Strange hit and ran, and with the help of the magic item floating cloak on the second floor, he controlled Casillas. He learned an amazing secret from Casillas, and Gu Yi got energy from the dark dimension.

The secret revealed by Casillas shocked Strange. He did not notice the enemy behind him and was stabbed by the fanatic.

The seriously injured Strange went to the hospital to ask for help from his former girlfriend, Christine, and at the same time, wrestled with the fanatics who chased him in a state of soul.

Finally, with the help of the powerful electric shock of the pacemaker, the fanatics were eliminated.

When he returned to the New York Temple again, Gu Yi and Modu had arrived.

The London Temple was destroyed, and Gu Yi hoped that Strange would guard the New York Temple. But Strange only wanted to heal his hands and become a doctor again. He hoped that he was saving people rather than killing.

Strange also talked about Gu Yi's absorption of dark dimensional energy to maintain his immortality.

Gu Yi didn't tell Strange the real situation, she had to strengthen the dimension array.

However, soon after Gu Yi left the New York Temple, Casillas led the zealots to the New York Temple again in an attempt to destroy the Temple.

Strange had to be forced to cast the mirror space, fighting Casillas and the zealots in the mirror space.

However, Casillas connected the dark dimension in the mirror space, which greatly increased his strength. Strange and Mordor were not rivals at all.

Just when Strange was about to die, Gu Yi appeared, and both Mordo and Strange saw the dark energy in Gu Yi.

Like the plot in the movie, Casillas badly injured Gu Yi, and Strange sent the badly injured Gu Yi to Christine’s meaning, but Gu Yi had a deadly heart. No longer use magic to extend life.

"You must return to your body, or you will run out of time." Strange followed Gu Yi's soul to the balcony.

"Time is relative. You are not yet used to your identity as a mage. I have spent many years looking into the future. Now that the future has changed, I may not be able to survive it. I have stopped terrifying countless times. But bad things always follow."

"If you are in trouble, you know who you can go to for help, he will be back soon." Gu Yi pulled Strange Hands.

"Can he deal with Domam?" Strange knew that Gu Yi was talking about Luke Kirk.

"He is an unpredictable person. He can't see his silhouette in the long river. Only when you see him can you know his existence."

"Death gives life to life. Meaning, let you know that time is short and there are not many days to go. I am ready to meet death, but I want to extend this moment indefinitely and go here to enjoy the last beauty." Gu Yi looked at the sky in the distance and let go Strange's hand.

When Strange looked towards his side again, Gu Yi's soul could not disappear.


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